Certifications & Examinations Choose a Certification or Examination from the list of buttons below. And my online SAR courses are laser-focused to do just that.

After Completion

I offer two (2) levels of engagement for those wanting to advance their Search and Rescue knowledge: If you're not sure if you're ready to commit to search and rescue yet, this introductory course is delivered via email over 2 weeks. These cookies are required to provide the functionality on the site, such as for user authentication, securing the system or saving cookie preferences. Even when passing an initial screening, the time it takes for a dog to be deemed 'mission ready' can range from 6 monthes to 2 years. Click below to learn more and to enroll at no cost or obligation.

The courses available in the SAR Responder Membership cover the majority of material needed for a new SAR responder, regardless of where they go with their certifications.

Search & Rescue FundamentalsManaging a Crime SceneMedical response including Bloodborne PathogensTeam CommunicationsResponding to a Disaster & Assessing DamageResponding to a Flood. How Can I Become a Certified SAR Instructor? Prospective search dogs should be evaluated by an experienced working-dog evaluator who will look for strengths and weaknesses in the dog's genetic nerve strength, drives, etc. For national level courses, like FEMA courses that also involve a certification at the end, a much more stringent process is in place. Available in convenient monthly and annual plans, Exclusively for enrolled students of TEAM Solutions, active SAR Responder members have, Enter your team name (you can change this at any time), Select the number of members you want on your team (reserved spots for members are called 'seats'), Select and pay for your subscription preference (monthly or annual), Enter your member's name and email to invite them to your new online team.

Learn more here or download below.

Generally, pups should be at least 10-12 months old before officially screening them for search work. They each are a good place to start asking what expectations or requirements they have in order to approve of you (or your organization) as an official response partner. The course is based around rural and wilderness environments but the material is recommended as a base of knowledge for all SAR environments. Prerequisites

If you go that route, be sure to start with a desired outcome in mind to avoid wasting time reviewing material that may not add value to you actually becoming operational as a SAR team member.

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Search & Rescue Volunteer? If or when they have follow-up questions, send them to this page and/or have them contact me.

The System’s 28 US&R task forces can be deployed by FEMA to a disaster area to provide assistance in structural collapse rescue… Please stay tuned. Everest S&R climbers lead rescue expeditions and rescue other climbers on the mountain! and many states follow their lead when establishing standards for urban response. Click below to access some of the most common terms and phrases used in Search and Rescue (opens in new tab): Still curious but not ready to make a commitment?


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