Top 50 accounts. [post_content] =>   [preview] => But @SenKamalaHarris is an official account. The congressional social media landscape, Congress on Social Media 2015-2020 Dataset. That’s up from 16 percent in the 113th (2013-2014). Relative to the typical (median) Republican member of Congress, the typical Democratic member has over 17,000 more followers on Twitter and posts nearly twice as many tweets in a typical month (130 vs. 73), differences that have grown substantially in the last four years. Since Congressional staffers are government employees, their time is “an official resource of Congress.”. [has_or_relation:protected] =>

( The Congress filed a complaint with the Cyber cell of Delhi Police on the hacking of the two twitter accounts, the party website and the email accounts of Congress and Rahul Gandhi. Since Twitter has become a news source for both constituents and Members, we ran the numbers to determine the top 100 Twitter accounts Members of Congress follow.

Twice as many Democratic lawmakers (18 vs. 9) have more than 1 million followers on either Facebook or Twitter. [post_type] => resources But if Kamala Harris the presidential candidate wants to cut a video about her 2020 platform, the money that she uses to fund it has to come from campaign contributions, not taxpayer’s pockets. [tag_id] => [suppress_filters] =>

( Capturing post comments. 1615 L St. NW, Suite 800Washington, DC 20036USA Well I guess I am back to having no followers. See. The analysis includes official, campaign and personal accounts, all of which are public-facing and can be followed or viewed by any user on these platforms. [tag_slug__in] => Array [queried_object] => WP_Post Object [1] Former U.S. president Barack Obama tops the list with over 124 million followers. As social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become ingrained in political and popular culture, a new Pew Research Center analysis of every tweet and Facebook post from members of Congress since 2015 finds that the congressional social media landscape has undergone vast changes in recent years. But the report focuses at times on the behaviors of all lawmakers from a particular party or a subset of highly active members in order to highlight the extremes of congressional social media use. Here’s the line the Senate Ethics Committee draws: “The Senate’s Internet Services and Technology Resources Usage Rules prohibit any linkage from a Member’s official website or social media to any campaign website or social media.”. [post__not_in] => Array [post_date] => 2017-09-01 00:00:00 [tag__and] => Array As a collective, the 116th Congress maintains over 2,000 active official, campaign and personal accounts on Facebook and Twitter (not counting institutional accounts that periodically change hands, such as committee chair or leadership accounts) with over a quarter-billion total followers between them.

If anyone runs across needed changes, please, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to Vote with Democrats, NC Senator Thom Tillis to Vote Against Trump’s Declaration of Emergency, Congress Immunized Itself from Liability for Kavanagh-Type Hatchet Jobs, Evaluating Candidates’ Support of Trump Agenda, Local Government Resolution Supporting Trump Agenda. POLITICO Playbook founder Mike Allen trails closely behind Pergram, ranking 10th overall with 297 followers in Congress, followed by Chuck Todd at 292 followers, Jake Tapper at 243 followers, and Dana Bash at 211 followers. [p] => 0 [title] => )

As a collective, the 116th Congress maintains over 2,000 active official, campaign and personal accounts on Facebook and Twitter (not counting institutional accounts that periodically change hands, such as committee chair or leadership accounts) with over a quarter-billion total followers between them.2 In an average month in 2020 so far, these accounts produce more than 100,000 tweets and Facebook posts, which receive tens of millions of audience favorites, reactions, shares and retweets. Therefore, the median serves as a useful baseline for measuring the behavior of the “typical” member of Congress and tracking widespread trends across Congress as a whole. At the level of the typical lawmaker, engagement with posts from Democrats was at its peak during the early months of the Trump administration and during heightened political moments such as the June 22, 2016, congressional sit-in to demand progress on gun control legislation. With social media continuing to be the way in which we talk to each other and younger generations entering Washington, there’s a good chance that some of these rules will be made a little more transparent or at least updated. The resulting dataset contains nearly 1.5 million Facebook posts from 1,388 congressional Facebook accounts and over 3.3 million tweets from 1,362 congressional Twitter accounts. Certain words and phrases are used almost exclusively by members of one party. The freshman Democrat is juggling millions of followers, while Crenshaw boasts a mild 286,000 on his personal account, @DanCrenshawTX. Understand legislative developments in local cities and counties. ) This page was last edited on 10 November 2020, at 23:02. ( The Senate has different ethics rules than the House. ) Again, the water is murky. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ocasio-Cortez also has multiple Instagram pages. Five years later, it’s become essential in the 24-hour news cycle. In the 116th Congress, the 10% of members with the most followers on Facebook and Twitter have received more than three-quarters of all favorites, reactions, shares and retweets on these platforms. On July 12, 2018, Twitter purged locked accounts—those disabled due to suspicious activity—from follower-count tallies. Sign up to receive best practices and product announcements. [ID] => 1543 When viewed as a simple total or average, many social media metrics (such as posting volume or audience engagement statistics) can be skewed by a small number of particularly prolific or popular users in a way that obscures the day-to-day reality of the majority. Keeping those staffers on the payroll allows them to easily stay in line on the ethics regulations. Users can post their own comments or replies to lawmaker posts on both platforms, depending on an account’s settings. These differences may to some degree reflect differences in the demographic compositions of the two platforms. Pew Research Center does not take policy positions. Stay ahead of emerging policy developments with access to legislation and dialogue across Congress, all 50 states, and the EU. Crenshaw has managed to pull it together on his official account as well. There have been striking ebbs and flows in the ways congressional social media use has unfolded over time. Twitter enables real conversation between lawmakers and voters, in real time. Curious to know which non-governmental and non-media Twitter accounts Members of Congress follow? [year] => 0 Sometimes they delete the account. About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world. [query_vars] => Array When examining a particular party or timeframe, researchers first compute the relevant statistic for each member – such as their total number of posts or their average reactions and shares per post – and then select the representative in the middle (the 50th percentile). Congress as a whole produces a vast amount of social media content each month. [tb] => [tag_slug__and] => Array If you are using a content blocker, check to see that you have not globally turned off Javascript. In the first five months of 2020, the median Republican’s average post received more audience engagement on both platforms. Some Senators and Representatives use Twitter accounts personally, some don’t. Of the top 100 accounts, Members of Congress follow 26 media outlets on Twitter. [paged] => 0 But when viewed as a whole – that is, by examining all the shares, retweets, favorites and reactions to congressional social media posts – Democrats receive the bulk of that engagement. [update_post_term_cache] => 1 [category_name] => [author__not_in] => Array Today, Democratic members tend to post more often and have more followers on Twitter. ) It’s how your elected official responds to breaking news and Trump tweets.

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