. If you are unable to find an elderflower cordial you can make it at home (or you may simply like the flavor of a homemade cordial over something purchased at the store). Unlike vodka, which doesn’t have any real flavor, every gin brand is itself unique and allows for all kinds of experimentation. 55ml gin30ml elderflower liqueur30ml lemon juiceProsecco, to top upLemon peel twists, to garnish. Strain into a pre-chilled Coupe glass and garnish with an orange twist. Elderflower Collins Sharing Cocktail. 25 ml gin25 ml lavender simple syrup25 ml elderflower liqueurProseccoLavender sprig, to garnish. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we feature our favorite cocktails, drinking tips and more. If you want to go with the Tom Collins variation, you’ll remove the elderflower and focus on lemongrass. Remember, keep your eye out for your discount code! Oh how festive! Serve in Collins glasses. Add your gin and elderflower liqueur directly to your balloon glass, already filled with ice. 2. 1. Slap the mint against your skin (this opens the mint up and allows it to release its flavor without damaging the mint) and insert it into the drink (you can push it down into the cocktail with a straw or mixer), then complete the garnish with a lemon slice. 1. The Elderflower & Mint Cooler Ingredients: • 25ml The Lakes Gin • 25ml The Lakes Elderflower Gin Liqueur • 25ml Lemon juice • 25ml Dry white wine • Soda water, tonic water, lemonade or any kind of … Pour into a container and you now have the elderflower cordial. Next, add large ice cubes to fill your highball and top with your choice of bubbles. My mom and I loved this!!! Shake and fine strain into an ice filled hi-ball & top up with soda. This is a non-carbonated version that brings a hint of apple to the apple and elderflower Collins cocktail. The sugar rim is key to this cocktail and the sugar will be gone before the drink with a flute.Don't have a matching set of martini glasses for a party? That will overpower and weigh down the clean, refreshing aroma of the elderflower and gin. However, the lemongrass does blend well with the floral aroma and taste of elderflower. 2. Looking for the party? Lime wedges and a sugared rim.Usually, garnishes are just for looks, but this is one drink where the garnishes really complete the cocktail.That sparkly sip of sugar makes this cocktail extra fancy and the lime juice is the only part of the cocktail that isn't alcohol.So please don't skimp on it. Some of this is because of the ingredients, while other drinks receive the name because of the Collins. This Gin, Elderflower Prosecco Cocktail is a smooth sipper that is perfect to celebrate any occasion! Place the sugar on a small plate. Elderflower gin cocktails are often paired with Prosecco for the ultimate celebratory drink, but that’s not all it can do – why not try one of these recipes and see for yourself. Try our top savoury gin cocktails when you need a sugar break! https://ginobserver.com/gin-cocktails/elderflower-collins-the-perfect-recipe In a cocktail shaker, combine the first three ingredients over ice and fine strain into a chilled champagne flute. The elderflower is the jewel in the crown for many foragers – white gold growing on hedgerows and in woodland that is destined to become, among other things, elegant elderflower gin cocktails. Short, tall, stemless, oversize. Need easy, delicious party food and drinks for your next shindig? If you don’t have Prosecco to hand, however, not to worry, you can still create cocktail magic by using dry white wine that might be in the back of your cupboard. Grapefruit blends beautifully with gin, especially if you enjoy a juniper strong option. Add the lavender syrup, gin and elderflower liqueur to a shaker with ice and combine, Pour into a champagne flute or coupe and top up with chilled prosecco. Garnish with apple for best flavour pairing. Fill a shaker with ice and add the Gin and Elderflower Liqueur. You may be able to find a flavored gooseberry gin, or you might need to make it yourself. This is what allows you to bring apple into the mix here. I've never had elderflower before! There are some recipe versions of this that take the elderflower out, but in those instances, the cocktail becomes a Tom Collins variant and not an elderflower Collins variant. Nothing beats Prosecco for festivities, and I LOVE Elderflower, so this sounds wonderful! 5 of the best gin cocktails with elderflower. This cocktail has a bit of an East Asian flair to it. The taste was unique and amazing. Lemongrass is an underutilized flavor that brings a burst of freshness without using an overpowering lemon taste to it. Shake and strain into your glass, then top up with elderflower pressé (we like to use Belvoir Elderflower Pressé) and garnish with raspberries. So go with what you enjoy the most here with the lemongrass elderflower Collins. That and a seriously good cocktail. Merry Christmas . Garnish with lemon swirls and serve immediately. In a cocktail shaker packed with ice, combine your gin and lime juice. 2. Ittai Aminoff is a gin enthusiast from Israel. https://ginobserver.com/gin-cocktails/elderflower-collins-the-perfect-recipe If you’re feeling like really experimenting you can try an apple cider as well, which brings in some tartness to the cocktail (but only go with the apple cider if you’re able to find a fresh option, otherwise the non-fresh cider usually is packed with sugar that takes away from the sour-tart flavor). There are a number of elderflower cordials available, so you should be able to find one at a local liquor store. One of the other differences here is that it uses not only an elderflower cordial but an elderflower liqueur.


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