Worryingly, many people do not even realize that parental abduction is a crime. has tried to harm you, the child or him/herself, shows hostility or resentment towards you or your family, tries to come between you and the child or tries to turn the child against you, is angry about the breakdown of your relationship, has citizenship of, or strong ties to, another country, shows an interest in moving or returning to another country, has made major life changes such as selling a house or quitting a job, has liquidated their assets and/or closed bank accounts, is financially independent or financially supported by relatives, lacks emotional or financial ties to the country you reside in, has applied for a passport or visa for themselves and/or the child, has tried to obtain documents pertaining to the child, such as medical and school records. When we think of child kidnapping, we usually think of stereotypical kidnappings in which children are snatched by total strangers.

The odds that a parental child abduction will result in the murder of the child: 1 in 347,000. The sad reality is that, even with the existence of The Hague Convention, it can still take years for international child abduction cases to be resolved. By doing so, hopefully more children can be found safe and returned home. The reasons a parent might want to abduct their own child are manyfold, yet in every case it is an act born out of desperation. Due to the detrimental effects on children, parental abduction is considered a form of child abuse by many experts. Family abducted children account for only 7% of all children reported missing. However, parents who are going through a bitter breakup or are in the midst of a custody battle should be especially vigilant.

Most children who are kidnapped today aren’t kidnapped by strangers. 34. Just because a majority of family abductions end up resolving themselves over time does not mean that anyone can assume that there are benign circumstances involved that can simply be ignored.
Other common misconceptions are that fathers are more likely to abduct their children and that, in cases of international child abduction, the child is mostly taken to Asia or the Middle East. Yet, as in most parental disputes, it is often the abducted child who is the ultimate victim. Here are some of the things you can do to prevent your child being taken against your wishes: If the worst should happen and your child is taken by the other parent, you should take immediate action: As with all cases of kidnapping, the goal should be the timely return of the abducted child. The third purpose is for extortion. 39. 17% of the children abducted by the non-custodial parent were living with one parent and that parent’s partner. Most importantly: make sure your child knows that you love them and would never abandon them. This is done for a wide variety of reasons, but usually occurs when a custodial order is not viewed as being “fair” by one of the parents. Furthermore, if the situation can be quickly resolved, both the child and the left behind parent will be spared weeks, months or years of anguish. On 20 May 1819, Margaret Pool was kidnapped by Nancy Gamble. National Child Kidnapping Facts 99.8% of the children who go missing do come home. In her article Parental Kidnapping: a New Form of Child Abuse, Dr Dorothy Huntington asserts that parental child abduction is a form of child abuse and lists some of the detrimental effects on the child as: depression; loss of community; loss of stability, security, and trust; excessive fearfulness, even of ordinary occurrences; loneliness; anger; helplessness; disruption in identity formation; and fear of abandonment. 23% of the parental child abduction cases on record last less than 24 hours. 3. According to survey data, 74% of parents believe that it is the father who will kidnap a child, but it is … Some kids choose to become runaways because they’ve just had enough. The total number of cases that have been reduced in the study period for international parental child abductions: 140. About 2,000 children in the US are reported missing daily.

Other abductions are caused by strangers. It simply means that a parent is so emotionally out of control that they see no other option but to abduct their child. Our secure and easy to use monitoring service help hundreds of parents keep their children safe. Only 6% of children who are abducted by a parent are not returned at some point in time.

However, parents who are going through a bitter breakup or are in the midst of a custody battle should be especially vigilant.

Children below the age of 8 tend to take people at their word, so a parent saying that it is necessary to stay away from the other parent will believe those words, even if it creates internal conflicts. Leaving the area doesn’t necessarily mean they leave the state. In many cases where the mother is the perpetrator, taking the child and fleeing is seen as the only way out of an abusive relationship. They are taken by their parents. Parents should be aware that (child abduction) can occur at any time and to anybody. The abduction can be conducted by the strangers or the abduction is conducted by the family of the child. 9. Facts about Child Abduction 7: the third purpose.


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