All Rights reserved. We are a non-profit organization Additionally, 96 per cent of expats said they felt safe in Taipei. Once you’ve been here for a while, you’ll realize how connected everyone is, so if you’re willing to put yourself out there, you’ll be able to quite quickly expand your network through friends of friends and other connections. Thanks for reading, and for leaving such a considered response! Many people have come to work and then fallen in love with what this small island can off, and it surely can offer all the conveniences one would expect for living comfortably as well as enjoy the variety it has. Thanks for sharing your own experience! Since then the outcome of the Chinese civil war resulted in a long running political dispute as to whether the tiny island of Taiwan is, or should I say isn’t, under the jurisdiction of the ROC or the People’s Republic of China (mainland China). Dear Taipei, I was recently asked by the BBC to share my thoughts on what makes Taiwan one of the best countries for expats in their article, Want to Move Abroad?Try Here.. It was the Japanese who were responsible for the remarkable and extensive program of advanced urban planning that features in the modern day Taipei. I am hoping to move to Taiwan this Summer after my graduation to be an English teacher (with Hess). To be honest, I totally agree with your post as I’ve been to Taiwan four times. It’s obviously impossible to properly convey what makes Taiwan a great place to live in just a few short paragraphs. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I hope you will continue you blog! In terms of practical considerations, I think the main attributes which stand out for foreigners living in Taipei are: Taiwan also offers world-class, affordable health care, which is a huge advantage when moving abroad. I think one example is fruit. The expat community in Taipei is very active – there’s always numerous events organized every week where you can pick up or continue a hobby, make personal and professional connections, and even start a language exchange. Taiwan’s problem is that it’s surrounded and overshadowed by Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, and even Singapore, the go-to places of Asia. As an example, I went to a yoga studio that offered free baby-sitting whilst I attended a class. Hope this helps add a little more perspective and someone finds it useful. is your go-to guide for everything Taipei-related. Taiwan is a sub-tropical island and even calls itself the “banana kingdom” – yet bananas are more expensive than many Western countries. Taiwan’s TransAsia which had two plane crashes in two years (just went bankrupt thankfully). I hope they’ll shed a bit of light on why so many expats are satisfied living here!


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