Whilst I, the single parent with care, cannot afford oil to heat my house or hot water to bath the children in. I got stopped from seeing my kids when.i remarried £150 isn’t much to ask for and is better than nothing as far as I’m concerned but they can’t even enforce him paying that! I left him as he was abusive and violent. And we are paying for this service now too, I am a bus driver who have paid doubled of the due maintenance for last year. I have a ltd company and the cms take my dividends in to account. So unfair that 5 years later and owing over £16,000 to the children…….. still nothing because he is allowed to work oversea’s, come and as he pleases.. WOW and still nothing to stop him. What can we do? Good luck to everyone in the midst of this – whatever your situation you will need it . The money paid for child support contributes to all sorts of areas concerning the child. I take your comments on board, however you mentioned that the receivers income should be taken into account. !can pay the rent!! I actually laughed at the woman who I spoke to- it’s not her fault and when I explained why she had obviously heard this before but it is a ridiculous situation where it has probably cost almost as much to deal with this ‘claim’ as the ‘debt’ itself. It is meant to be that ‘the working non-residential parent’ is ‘better off’ and so has to contribute to the other residential parent. This principle is immortalised in our … I called back a week later to find out an update and was told that they had now asked for his sick note and were waiting for it so that would stop the maintenance owed. The data shows: He abuser has a small business and it is not a lot what he is stealing, however giving £5 a week when somebody charges £125 a day it is criminal. Until i get this i am not permitted to apply for a mandatory reconsideration. If you have children you should be responsible for them in all aspects- and that goes to mothers and fathers – and yes that should not just cover the financial aspects. I refuse to be bitter in my situation but can appreciate that others are less fortunate in their circumstances. He has made a number of misleading omissions, since he denied financial obligations to my daughter (he’s step daughter) as a way to decrease CMS payments after he was advised that there are arrears of £16,000, the particulars of this request are a desperate attempt to write of the arrears owed to the children on the residence order . Punish those that don’t care. Any parent which does not want to see or look after their child in that agreement will have to pay the other to look after them at a cost per day put in place by the court.It’s that simple. The system is broke. This still cost money! They agreed when he paid it that any child maintenance he was due to pay once he started a job again was to be taken out of this huge lump sum- this should have lasted well over 3 years based on CMS calculations. Couldn’t agree more Jackson. He always has hand -me downs off his step-brother. So judging by your statement then,wouldn’t it be fairer to take into account the income from both parents,benefits and outsourced income ? with teeth, not unpaid work, i.e. My ex partner has gone to e traorxinary lengrhs to avoid paying the £11000 he owes me. Let’s not give in as individuals let’s fight as a group. I’m supporting my son through the same process. If my children’s father says he earns less than £5 per week, it’s believed with no investigation, believe me I’ve tried. And when not allowed then dont Forgive me for speaking out of turn but an income of 250000 would never have just been assumed. Unbelievable. I had the agreement endorsed as part of our divorce settlement but this only lasts a year. I have been separated from an abusive and controllling man (the word man is too good for him) for 9 years now and I have two beautiful children that this waste of fresh air refuses to pay to. Benefits, tax credits and universal credit, Covid-19 – supporting single parent families through the crisis, https://www.gingerbread.org.uk/what-we-do/contact-us/helpline/, SavvyWoman's wish list for 2019 | SavvyWoman, Ways to tackle child maintenance avoidance, including reintroducing the ‘assets variation’, making it easier to include paying parents’ unearned taxable income and increasing staff numbers in its Financial Investigation Unit, New powers to tackle unpaid maintenance, including new ways to deduct maintenance from income and a new power to remove passports from parents who fail to pay what they owe. The government, in admission to the failings of the CSA could and should pay a percentage of the debt as a whole to all those who should have received it and then they can by all means right it off if they choose to. Your DH is paying 18% of his salary. Karl clearly states he has his children nearly 50% of the time. It’s a choice of pay CSA and not have enough money for petrol to go to work and earn an income. WAKE UP JUDGE!!!!!! Paying a woman hundreds a month to spend on boyfriends which should be for my daughters and backed by the government it a total and utter disgrace.


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