At best, those parties serve as ample pre-game before you head out. The party scene is very good. The main places people go out are on University Ave. Playboy once left IU off their list of top party schools because they said it is unfair to ‘put professionals on a list of amateurs’ and this pic was taken from an apartment overlooking Kirkwood, which is where all the bars are located.”, 11. Other local favorites include Zeno's Pub and the Liberty Craft House. Tailgating at Ole Miss has a unique feel, and gatherings tend to resemble an old-fashioned Southern cocktail party. The most popular places to go out here are Swamp, Cantina, O!O, Balls, Salty. Students can participate in fraternity and sorority life and campus activities. We’re proud to be the Number One Party School and we’re not afraid to brag about it. However, one does not have to be Greek to go downtown and have a great time. Key word: Reputation. Beer bongs and keg stands on the front lawns of Melrose Court, giant-ass turkey legs, girl-on-girl tailgate mud-wrestling, and hell, we even have a TRAIN dedicated to taking people to and from the stadium. Tulane University has no bars on campus, but the restaurants, clubs, bars, and other venues that surround the school provide plenty of access to alcohol. If you’re into wearing Affliction you should A.) Students enjoy themselves at Lehigh, whether or not they participate in fraternity or sorority events. The frats party hard, but so do the GDI’s. For $10 or $20, there’s an all you can drink top shelf on Friday nights at Bullwinkle’s, which used to always make Playboy’s top college bars. With more than 11,000 students, UMaine recently became known for its party atmosphere. Almost one-third of students are involved in a fraternity or sorority. That’s a fairly regular occurrence. Downtown Athens has 20+ bars where you can drink as much as you want. Many of Hamilton's bars sit near campus, on Lebanon Street. Students have access to several bars, taverns, and restaurants within walking distance of campus and can participate in numerous sporting events, concerts, and on-campus activities. Going to ASU is essentially being in the chillest frat: Bros glide to class on longboards (unless they see a pool party at Vista en route) and girls are constantly looking for an excuse to wear less, because they’re hot and you should know it…. At parties, Bros are Bros and UCSB girls have no reservations about funneling or shotgunning beers like they’re one of the guys.”, 6. Pool parties and SoCal sunshine everywhere. “We have A LOT of Non-PSU people coming up here on the weekends, and everyone up here can point them out. Each year, Michigan State University in East Lansing hosts the Spartan Remix, a festival of art, music, and culture, to start the academic year on a celebratory note. The Life of the Party group at UC Santa Barbara promotes responsible alcohol consumption and provides information to students. Some have dropped off the radar, or never appeared on it in the first place. It has been said that more drinking occurs on Unofficial at U of I than occurs at many other school’s entire years. Sponsored by two local bars, The Barn in Delaware Stadium serves beer and provides a tailgating area for students and fans. To submit a testimonial about the party scene at your college, click here. Monday: if you aren’t studying, you’re at the Love Goat or Fuzzy’s which are bars in west campus. Read … EVERYWHERE. How the fuck will I wake up for that?”, If you graduate ASU (which you should get around to at some point) remembering the majority of your nights, you did it wrong*, *This testimonial does not account for the school of Engineering/anyone who wore a suit to take themselves more seriously at the business school/anyone who knows the specifics of World of Warcraft, they were clearly just going to ASU for the in state tuition rather than the out of mind state we were all in.”, “Voted hottest girls on campus year after year by Playboy Magazine!!! Alcoholic beverages include beer, apple cider, and wine slushies. It’s also surrounded in this major redneck area, so most trips to the beach and Greek Functions are trips to places where you can just get absolutely embarassingly hammered and nobody cares.”, Notable Party Reputation Accomplishments: Princeton Review Party School (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2003, 2002), Newsweek Party School (2012), Playboy Party School (2009, 2006), BroBible Editorial Pick, Notorious Campus-wide Parties: Palmerfest, Mill Fest, High Fest, 8Fest, #Fest, and Mom’s Weekend, “Ohio University has been ranked in the Princeton Review’s Top Party School top 5 two years in a row. Not to mention Del Playa Drive throws down most every night with outrageous house parties…. All rights reserved. Secondly: No beer allowed. The strong Greek presence of Greek life on Lehigh's campus has led to an increased police presence. Our number fests include 20,000 people drunk in a field. WVU football fans enjoy hours of tailgating on game day and go to great lengths to demonstrate their school spirit. If you’re over on Milledge Ave (Frat Row) on any given weekend night, you’ll hear bands and big time rap names blasting over the screams of some of the finest Southern Belles. We go hard every weekend, not just on one of the numerous fest weekends. re-think your life and if you still think it has meaning and could see yourself on the cast of Jersey Shore, you’ll enjoy bottle service in North Scottsdale. Although WVU has several campuses throughout the state, Morgantown students have exceptional celebratory spirit. Last Updated: August 28, 2019 BACK TO TOP University of Georgia – Athens, Georgia, Notable Party Reputation Accomplishments: Princeton Review Party School (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2002), Newsweek Party School (2012), Playboy Party School (2012, 2011, 2009, 2006, 2002), Football School Factor, “The scene here in Athens is something that has to be experienced to be believed. West Virginia University in Morgantown was founded in 1867 as a public land-grant institution. In addition to tailgating, students can join the aptly named Rhody Ruckus to take part in special activities. Some have dropped off the radar, or never appeared on it in the first place. That’s what the BroBible Party School Index is intended to measure. Elitch Gardens is a theme park in downtown Denver that is also fun to go to in the Summer. For comparison, I’ve been to Iowa for a game and the tailgating just didn’t compare. Almost every party is open and the majority of them give out free drinks. So you tend to want to get hammered and show off your body, as a culture. During football season, if there’s a noon game, the whole town is up raging by 9 am at the latest, but yet making even a 10 am class seems impossible for myself and my fellow Mountaineers. On campus, fraternities and sororities throw house parties on weekends, and thousands of fans celebrate during football tailgating every Saturday. Bethlehem offers five bars a short distance from Lehigh, and cocktails are available at nearby restaurants. West Virginia University – Morgantown, West Virginia, Notable Party Reputation Accomplishments: Princeton Review Party School (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005), Newsweek Party School (2012, 2011), Playboy Party Schools (2010, 2009, 2002, 1987), Football School Factor, Brobible Editorial Pick, Notable Campus-wide Parties: Football Saturdays, St. Patrick’s Day, Fall Fest, Halloween, Sunnyside, High Street. With more than 400 student clubs and organizations, the University of Colorado Boulder emphasizes community and innovation. The UW has a bar, Der Rathskeller, in the student union, and the campus straddles State Street, a pedestrian mall with shops, restaurants, and plenty of bars. We have all seen the “I’m Shmacked,” video, yet it is hard to believe this madness could be an accurate portrayal of reality. Oh: 14,003 women and 10,587 men. Here is the formula for how we created each school’s score: We took the schools on Princeton Review’s Top 20 Party Schools list since 2002 and applied a weight for where each school fell on the list over the last 12 rankings. Tulane was No. The bars are definitely awesome. But to be blatantly honest, Greek life at UM, in general, is sub-par. 25. Everyone gets shit-housed.”, “25 bars within walking distance, which the school had to BRIBE to shut down on State Patty’s Day.”. And we don’t drink moderately either. The university has more than 1,000 student organizations, which offer events and festivities for students. Rainey Street features former homes that have been converted to lounges, bars, and beer gardens. “Another aspect that creates a great party atmosphere is the large Greek involvement. Finding a hot chick to take to pound-town is as easy as throwing your FINISHED beer (we don’t promote alcohol abuse here) and striking up a conversation with whichever chick it hits.”, 13. Copyright © 2008-2020 BroBible. Students at the University of Rhode Island benefit from the school's proximity to the state's beaches, communities like Narragansett, and major East Coast cities. Colgate offers an active campus life with student events, Greek life functions, and volunteer opportunities. Students living at The Reserve, previously known as The Grove, throw numerous house parties throughout the year. Students can also participate in karaoke, student organization meetings, and campus community events at Uptown, an on-campus facility that allows alcohol. There is a reasonably decent bar scene in Coconut Grove (e.g. “Like most able-cocked young gents, I didn’t give a shit about prestige; I went to school there because on my initial visit I saw a bevy of hot chicks all wearing next to nothing, and to an impressionable young man that was really all the convincing I needed. The Grog House Bar and Grill offers drink specials, while Simon's provides music and dancing. fashion. Instead of beer, many tailgaters drink bourbon, Bloody Marys, and mimosas. “Freshman and Sophomore years revolve mostly around house parties on ‘the Hill.’  Lots of MIP’s are handed out these years; the police are very strict on open containers here in Boulder.


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