But i wouldnt pay too much for this performance, i would say check out by the fireplace instead. Starts off bright actually from the Citruses and pepper but this stage is very short lived, a few minutes tops before it settles into a heart/base mingled stage of Boozy rum notes,dry tobacco and a sweet layer of vanilla holding it all together. Don't be afraid to try it ladies! I get the comparisons to D&G The One, but this has a lot more rum and vanilla than spice. I LOVE this fragrance. Possibly equally good to Cacharel LouLou, then. Sephora favorites Geschenke können nach Code-Eingabe im Warenkorb ausgewählt werden. The only bottle I own from this line. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. If I wanted that, I could just spray my bottle of Craze into the air and walk through it (remember to close your eyes if you do this!). I have worn it to work (1 to 2 sprays) and it is awesome, will not be too much. Perfumes: 62523 This one was put on the “to buy” list. IF this lasts on you I think you are lucky. This is an Amazing Scent!! ALCOHOL • AQUA / WATER • PARFUM / FRAGRANCE • ETHYLHEXYL METHOXYCINNAMATE • COUMARIN • LIMONENE • ETHYLHEXYL SALICYLATE • BUTYL METHOXYDIBENZOYLMETHANE • LINALOOL • CITRAL • GERANIOL • CI 15985 / YELLOW 6 • CINNAMAL • HYDROXYCITRONELLAL • EUGENOL • CITRONELLOL • CI 19140 / YELLOW 5 • CI 17200 / RED 33 • CI 42090 / BLUE 1 (F.I.L. It smells just like a leather couch. Furthermore, soft tobacco. While I agree it's for men, after being obnoxious on me for 2 hours, I finally got to its drydown, and its beautiful! It's been 33 hours since I sprayed it once on my bra and I can still smell it THROUGH MY SHIRT. Ein Discoabend ohne Spray Jazz Club? By the fireplace is to smokey and smells like burnt marshmallows to me, not my style. Russian Amber Gold Masque, ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND It's really lovely. In fact the fragrance smells so good it smells like a sweet concoction I'd want to order from a high-end coffeeshop. I got a lot of coconut in the opening when I tried this today at Sephora. I decided to hunt down a travel spray/decant since I wasn't convinced I'd really wear this once the novelty wore off. The familiar atmosphere of a confidential address in Brooklyn. Doesn't really make a difference, bourbon, whiskey, rum, you've got the sharpness of booze. Damit alle Inhalte auf douglas.de richtig dargestellt werden können, schalten Sie bitte JavaScript ein. Good For Vegan Blended aroma, that picks out certain notes of rum, tobacco, vanilla, citrus up top, creating a mini-tropical vibe. Replica jazz club - Der absolute Gewinner unserer Redaktion. Sweet in a boozy way but still sweet..and then too sweet and SYRUPY and cloying on me and often times a headache inducer. Eine reichhaltige Partitur mit einem Vibrato voller Frische als Einleitung, einem Trio von Noten von rosa Pfefferbeeren, Zitrone und Neroli. Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript oder installieren Sie einen aktuellen Web-Browser. It's also subdued under the vanilla and rum and, I think, neroli or something else slightly honey-sweet. I wish the projection was better. If i ever wear it i'll re-review this. Der Duft ist super schön! I love the way it smells on me, so I think this can easily be worn by anyone. Beauty Almanac |. The dry down on me is medicinal, slightly like mint maalo, which you may need after a night at the jazz club but i don’t think that was the intention. It's lasted all day and I notice it all the time. Maison Margiela Replica Barbershop EDT fl100ml – Eau de Toilette. This is listed as a men’s fragrance, but I love this on myself.Wonderfully smoky and sweet (but not candy sweet) I wear this out when I don’t want to smell like flowers or fruit. I get a slight urine-like smell in here sometimes as well. Découvrez nos coffrets cube, à (s’) offrir sans limite, COLLECTION NOEL 2020Découvrez toutes les idées cadeaux, COFFRETSDécouvrez nos coffrets à moins de 30€, PALETTESDécouvrez notre sélection de palettes. Ich liebe das rauchige Aroma, ist aber nicht für jeden! If you try this fragrance you can first sniff it going by the name, and the description of cocktails and cigars, or just get your nose to it knowing you're smelling a night time leaning scent and see what happens. Kopfnote: Neroli, rosa Pfefferbeeren, Zitrone, Basisnote: Tonkabohne, Vanille, Tabakblättern. Summe: {{p.totalCountryDependent}}. I'm hunting for a tobacco-focused fragrance, and this is not it. It starts out promising with a noticeable tobacco note, and then on the dry down it turns more rum/spicy and puts me in the mind of one of the He Woods by DSquared. Stop this comparison. It does remind me of a 1940’s Jazz club more intimate and less loud fragrance. I really like this one, but it should be called "Cigar Bar". External link> This is okay at best. The other scents just blend together on my skin they don’t stand out individually. External link> It’s perfect for autumn and cold weather. A lovely Fragrantican sent me a sample during a swap and it really is great. Online right now: 2194, Fragrantica in your language: I got this for 65 dollars at a black friday sale so it doesnt feel like i am getting ripped off. It's not overly boozy to me, or maybe that's unfair, maybe it's better to say it's not any particular booze. Do you like compliments? SOLD 3. It's absolutely delicious on me, and dark as anything- It's definitely too much for some of my poor friends who've had to deal with its monster silage, but my girlfriend adores it on me, so I guess that's all that matters. But it's definitely there in the scent, along with boozy alcoholic beverages, ashy tobacco, a wooden bar, and a slurry of patrons mingling in the background. I love D&G Royal Night and I love this juice. It’s cheaper, synthetic and a bit loud, but shares some of the DNA lacking the complexity and charm. I bought other MMM Fragrance and receive a sample of Replica Jazz Club. Découvrez toutes nos offres ! As a young woman I love the way it smells. Club De Nuit. Does not have tremendous lasting power but it just gives me the excuse to respray.


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