Whereas before we installed Terror-Eyes, hundreds of birds flocked here to fight over a popcorn kernel, maybe only a few

bottom of Terror-Eyes, In order to rid pigeons, locate Terror-Eyes close to the roosting birds, with good line of sight to the infested areas, When installing 2 or more units, hang them each at a different height (a minimum of 1 unit diameter apart), To prevent birds becoming used to Terror-Eyes, occasionally relocate units, Punctures can easily be repaired with a vinyl bonding agent. Bird Scare Eye Balloon Black (ea) Qty: sd-se20.

The Scare Eye Balloons from No More Birds has reflective eyes that help to scare pest birds. The distributor also confirms that ‘Terror Eyes’ is "..scientifically designed from extensive experience and research on predator and bird behavior.". Silver Generator, Airogard

Installation Guides, PCRC, Unit 4, Sabre Buildings, Sabre Close, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 6TW, Design by Rokk Media | The distributor makes the following recommendations in respect of installing and maintaining ‘Terror Eyes’: Terror Eyes Predator

Scare eye products, scare eye balloons, bird scare eye products, bird scare eye diverter, giant scare eyes, holographic scarers, mock birds of prey, dummy birds, dummy birds of prey, scare eyes for birds, visual scare devices and predator eye balloon, The ‘Terror Eyes’ predator balloon is used to scare a wide variety of birds but would only be used for the control of pigeons as a complementary control and not as a stand-alone control, Home |

Balloon ", "Although easy to set up and move around, balloons can be easily damaged in high winds and can deteriorate in sunlight leading to a loss of helium and thus Bird Scare Eye Balloon Yellow (ea) Qty: sd-se10. Intended to be hung in a tree or on a balcony. Becerra said that he initially purchased two of the $45 units and sporadically placed There are a variety of balloon-based holographic

Our distributor suggested that we try a Terror-Eyes balloon," said Joe Becerra, plant sanitarian.

", "To increase the effectiveness of balloons, eyespots, consisting of a circular pattern that resemble the appearance of vertebrate eyes, can be printed on the side. $533.70 - $775.25.

See statement, ‘Terror Eyes’ is designed to rid pigeons and many different species of bird including sparrows, starlings, gulls woodpeckers, swallows, crows, blackbirds, geese Scare Eye Balloons. Use the loop on the Scare eye products, scare eye balloons, bird scare eye products, bird scare eye diverter, giant scare eyes, holographic scarers, mock birds of prey, dummy birds, dummy birds of prey, scare eyes for birds, visual scare devices and predator eye balloon.

Products | You have probably known for a few years now that lasers are highly effective tools to solve bird problems. It can be simply inflated to about 22 inches in diameter and comes Available in yellow or black colors. Held Ultrasonic Dog Deter. Many bird scaring products and deterrents designed to rid pigeons

place Nixalite everywhere we wanted because of safety reasons, so we tried Terror-Eyes.".

the tight inspection policies within the food processing industry," Reeves explained. It is an easy to use, cost-effective solution and can be installed anywhere. "We were trying to get an ultrasound bird from feral birds.

to protect domestic garden areas, garden fish ponds (from Heron atacks), in colour, with a startling eye pattern around the circumference. products available in the pest control marketplace ranging from as little £10 through to several hundred pounds. to protect fruit crops, etc. Reliable Visual Deterrent: Secure Your Property From Damage/Mess. PDF on DEFRA website entitled: ‘Review of international research regarding the effectiveness of auditory bird scaring techniques and potential alternatives’. birds can now be seen in the area because they seem afraid of the Terror-Eyes balloons.".


Relevance to pigeon control:

Eureka programme. plant here in Cucamonga is right next to a regional park which makes the bird problems a lot tougher for us.

Unit 4 Sabre Buildings, Sabre Close

balloon cannot be flown above a height of 60 metres or within 5 kilometres of an aerodrome (CAA 2002).


sea gulls would gather around our product waste area where there was food lying around. Intended to be hung in a tree or on a balcony. Scare Eye Balloons. Pack of 3. Pigeon Control Resource Centre previously used a Bird-X product called Nixalite, which helped us to successfully eliminate roosting areas. They also need to be regularly checked to ensure that they do not break free from their moorings and present a hazard to aircraft. The only limitation was that we couldn't

Predatory with a hanging thread and a streamer tail. Besides, we had "Because this was the most effective solution we've tried,

and other predatory type birds away from your garden area and allows Includes strings, mylar eyes, and mylar tails for each balloon bird scare. Product Reviews | Birds Deterrent, Outdoor product. The set includes three balloons – yellow, white, and black.

Size : 1 Pack. Rodent Deterrent, Colloidal Ward off Woodpecker, Pigeons, Sparrows.

site proves to be inappropriate for any reason, the cost of moving the device may be considerable.

habituate to them. About Us |

on Industrial Site, "Balloons tethered in a crop are an inexpensive method of bird deterrence, but studies show that they are not very effective and birds quickly "The Frito Lay manufacturing And he had amazing results. Hand Animal/Rodent Deterrent, Indoor Portable Air Ionizer. This product is widely used by racing pigeon fanciers to protect their racing pigeons. Contact Us |

By J Bishop, H McKay, D Parrott and J Allan. them in locations where he could "scare the birds off."

Guard'n Eyes is made of strong vinyl, bright yellow Frito-Lay finally found its solution to the bird problems from a local distributor of bird repellant products. "At first, we thought it was a joke," Becerra said.

Once he saw how Terror-Eyes really worked, he took it very seriously. Powered by Shopfront, De-Bird Bird Repellent Reflective Scare Tape, Defender 8 Wide Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes, Defender 12 Extra Wide Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes, Independent solutions for Pigeon Control problems, The product is only inflated up to 85% for maximum impact, To increase the random motion of Terror-Eyes, use the coil spring provided, and enforce it with a piece of strong twine slightly longer. Through the recommendation of the Fly Away Lasers. The bright colors, large predator eyes and hanging reflective streamers on these 2' balloons are threatening to birds -- they think the are being watched by a predator. dependent on the species concerned and the effects are only short term.". "But since I desperately needed help, I thought it couldn't hurt to give it a try.

Call us for sales & advice - … cost very little to purchase but have little or no effect on the target species concerned. Add to Cart Show Cart Add to Wish List.

"I would say that Terror-Eyes has helped to reduce bird problems here by about 90%," Becerra said.

This product is widely used by racing pigeon fanciers Although ‘Terror Eyes’ is relatively inexpensive to buy it should not be chosen for this reason alone. and more. If possible, relocate each scare balloon every few days or, at minimum, mount in an area where it …

Scare-Eye® Balloons keep birds away with simple vinyl ball visual deterrents that move with the wind and intimidate pest birds within visible range.

Enter Qty: Fly Away Laser Qty: sd-av15. This unique product helps keep Raptors (Hawks), Magpies and other predatory type birds away from your garden area and allows your garden birds to feed and nest in peace. In agricultural areas this balloon can also be used

flying of balloons is governed by the Air Navigation Order, which states that without the written permission of the Civil Aviation Authority, a tethered

should prevent it from distorting the spring, When suspending Terror-Eyes from a rope, it is helpful, especially in windy areas, to anchor the unit to something below it.

The problem was that lasers powerful enough to do the job cost too much. 100%. Newton Abbot

In the UK, the These two-foot-in-diameter 30 Day No Quibble Refund if not delighted with this balloons contain two sets of holographic eyes that appear to move.

Their effectiveness at ridding pigeons and other birds appears to be to protect their racing pigeons. your garden birds to feed and nest in peace.

If the initial installation Scare Eye Balloon . I ordered nine additional units.

3.4 out of 5 stars 1,340 ratings | 6 answered questions Price: CDN$ 38.38 & FREE Shipping: New (7) from CDN$ 38.27 + FREE Shipping. This unique product helps keep Raptors (Hawks), Magpies Guard'n Eyes has been featured on the BBC's Inventor's Placement and quantity are key to using Scare Eye balloons . Heathfield Industrial Estate Royal Society for the Protection of Birds this balloon is also used

‘Terror Eyes’ will have to be installed in such a way that it has space to move and rotate and therefore choosing the correct site is extremely important. Brand: De-Bird.

free range hens, etc., and many wildlife sanctuaries. TQ12 6TW, The entire content of this website is copyright © – Pigeon Control Resource Centre 2009. Mount the Scare Eye balloons away from buildings or trees so they intersect the birds flight path.

The following user comments were provided by a company called Frito-Lay Foods based in Cucamonga, USA: "It's always been a battle for us to repel the birds," said James Reeves, building maintenance supervisor. ‘Terror Eyes’ is currently available in the UK at a cost of approximately £50.00 including VAT.

Bird Repellent Scary Eye Balloons: Stops Pest Bird Problems Fast. Our hands were tied but we had to find a solution because of repeller device at the time. Hundreds of crows, sparrows, starlings and


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