Step 3 – Identify Yourself To The State Of Wisconsin, Section 2 of this paperwork, labeled “Your Name,” requests that you self-report your identity. En Español. The national form also contains voter registration rules and regulations for each state and territory. Open this form with the compatible software on your machine. • affiliate with a political party or change your status to unaffiliated. Our support agents are standing by to assist you. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. This page provides the Adobe PDF file version Wisconsin Voter Registration Application for your use. OR Naturally, some validation as to your identity must accompany this submission. Step 8 – Deliver Prior Registration Information To The State Of Wisconsin. Please be aware that our agents are not licensed attorneys and cannot address legal questions. i have a montana driver’s license or montana id and that number is . Idaho Voter Registration Form You can use this form to: • register to vote in the state of Idaho. For assistance completing this form… If you can provide a Wisconsin State Driver License or Wisconsin Department of Transportation State ID, then mark the checkbox corresponding to the phrase “I Have An Unexpired And Valid…”  If you have marked the first checkbox as an indication that you possess a Wisconsin State ID or Drivers License then you must enter the ID number of your License Or Non-Driver’s State ID on the blank line preceding the label “Expiration Date” then transcribe the calendar date when it first becomes invalid on the blank line after this label. Please do not include any personally identifiable information (PII) such as Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, dates of birth, and mailing addresses. If you live in an apartment, unit, or room then record its designation on the “Apt/Room” number line. y��-��T�^9�� �-_?��g^�tqؙH㘽M[�C4C��x\�whyx����N�A�VA���N��Tn6 Mf`� �YD|�t(E60����iDx���%1�i�@I���4#0 � �O Keystone State. your city/township clerk. the affirmation on this application for voter registration must be signed by the applicant – failure to do so will prevent application from being processed. Do not enter an undocumented or unofficial nickname in this section, report your full “First” and “Middle” names. 8'�2l`8����`̨���s��A��@�l`��������y����g��M�}9i�"�z�p00������� ���7�m� • Keep in mind, this must be your legal name as it appears on your Driver’s License, State I.D., etc. Part “10. This contact information area is optional however your birthday is a mandatory report for this section. a library) to show you live in the State of Wisconsin then attach it. H�Ԕ�n�0��} If you mail this form, it must be postmarked by that date. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please contact the Lobbying Disclosure Department by email or call 717-787-5280 for assistance. The decision whether to seek or accept help is yours. The next section, “Prior Registration Information,” is also conditional upon your situation. After filling out this form, you must sign your name where indicated and send it to your state or local election office for processing. The Wisconsin voter registration form, officially referred to as “Form EL-131,” can be completed for the purposes of voter registration or to change any outdated personal information. If your mailing address is in a different Municipality then the one you listed above on the “City/Town/Village Of” line, then produce your “Mailing Municipality (If Different)” on the next line down. Step 11 – Execute This Paperwork As The Registrant, The final part of this document, “Signature And Certification,” requires your signature on the “Voter Signature” line and the current calendar date reported on the line labeled “Today’s Date.”, Step 12 – Any Agent Participating Or Completing This Form Must Self-Identify. Thus, draw a map containing the street names and preferably a landmark (i.e. Alternatively, applicants may register at the polls on election day. We recommend that you enclose the downloaded voter registration application in an envelope, as the US Postal Service cannot guarantee the intact delivery of a form printed on standard office paper. Phoenix AZ 85007 . Step 6 – Further Define Your Address And Standing. If you are a “Permanent Overseas” voter then mark the second checkbox of this section. Box)” and bears this label. The EAC's Testing and Certification program is the critical first step in the process of maintaining the reliability and security of the voting systems used in our nation's elections. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Be sure you mail it in an envelope with the proper amount of postage. this form by mail or through a voter registration drive, review the instructions on page 1. 20200417_AZ_Voter_Registration_Form_Printable.pdf. Voter ID (§ 5.02(6m) and § 6.79(2)(a)) – A valid Wisconsin driver’s license or Wisconsin state ID card are required to vote at the polls. Fillable and printable Voter Registration Form 2020. Note: If you wish to vote absentee and are a uniformed service member or family member or a citizen living outside the U.S., contact the Federal Voting Assistance Program to register to vote. If, as the Registrant, you do not have a home address but reside in the State of Wisconsin, you may still complete this required portion of the form by drawing a map of where you currently stay then attaching it. The first section names itself in the left margin “Qualifications.” This box contains four checkboxes requiring a mark in each one. H�ܒQK�0���+.y+B��"�)RaӂO容��� m�!��n[�d]{�1�|9�s���}Z2�t6���BIe��)�U$}C`u! Colorado Voter Registration Form. 2 * Last Name * First Name. Middle Name Suffix. The EAC provides timely and useful information to American voters, who deserve accessible, accurate and secure elections. 1 * Are you a citizen of the United States? I certify that: Please enable scripts and reload this page. For more information about registering to vote, contact your state election office. Note, if you do not have a suffix in your name, then leave this second item blank. If you must prove your residence using additional documents, then mark the checkbox in section 8 (“Proof Of Residence”). )SI�{ 0�B�O�|cE�s}O�q��""��TV�}c��`���◾��u�-�h����Sòw��i�8J�"����,� Form 100 [Article 2, Title 1, C.R.S.] H��S]O�0}�_q��d_T�IL�����л�Xʲv���]��@O.KӦ�{�=�̃��p�>�� �X���1�Ԃ�R�)��MD*u 7p�\��y ��D���2�a��\&���bh�1��h�q{�.���u��Nj������`�)��9���T@*�pU&�T!��B�z�� ��$�2T�o�W���ԈI�G�����tߺ�f�����N���.�[�4y��7�Ĺ����n�1����M��D�P��0��j=��g�*ðE���ڬ��^�� Xˍ2S�Y�Js�OJ=�����I�!J]�D]�K�RihmO�S-����ʆf���܄�&nR����#��wa{�:f�$��f���ٸ�? Step 1 – Acquire The Wisconsin Registration Application. Satisfy this line with the first line in your mailing address. If you do not receive your Voter Registration Card within 7-10 days, contact your county voter registration office. Every two years, EAC reports to Congress on the impact of National Voter Registration Act on the administration of Federal elections and provides information to states on their responsibilities under that law.


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