The first weekend of September: Day of the city of Moscow, September 1: Day of Knowledge Also included are regular facilities like free Wi-Fi access, free parking, flat-screen TVs with DVD players, and room service. Moscow recorded a temperature of 5.6 degrees Celsius (42 Fahrenheit) on Dec.18, breaking a record set all the way in 1886. At a close proximity to Radisson Royal, it is located on the embankment of the Moscow River. Moscow might not be at the top of most travelers' winter vacation lists—especially considering the city's bitterly cold temperatures. New Year’s Eve is one of Moscow's biggest events of the year. In the city it is near 5 metres per second; in open places and airports it may top 6 metres per second. Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich in the estate Kolomenskoe. A slightly-expensive yet, recommended place to try would be the restaurant Matryoshka. The month with the highest relative humidity is December (85%). This frozen beauty has charming wintry gardens, an excellent landscape design, several poignant memorials, with the snow imparting a majestic vibe to the place. With this hotel rated highly for the taste, extensiveness and quality of food provided, this place would make an enjoyable stay for anyone looking for a stay within a budget. The first snowfalls usually occur in October, but occasionally, they can even occur in late September. Check hours of restaurants, shops, and other businesses before visiting, however, because much of the city will be closed, meaning that you will have to endure the chill of Russia in winter outdoors. [19][20][21], On average Moscow has 1731 hours of sunshine in a year. Another interesting thing to do here is a costume photo shoot in the unique interiors of the Wooden Palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. Additionally, the cold is often accompanied by generous amounts of ice and snow that are dropped on the city by frequent winter storms. November 5 – Day of Unity Holiday. The highest temperature ever recorded was 38.2 °C (100.8 °F) on July 29, 2010, and minimum temperature recorded was −42 °C (−44 °F). Below, we list down some of the highly rated hotels to stay in Moscow for the month of December. All in all, a night's stay here is an upscale experience, both in terms of service and hospitality. January, like December, is another subzero cold winter month in Moscow, Russia, with average temperature fluctuating between -4°C (24.8°F) and -9.1°C (15.6°F). The month with the lowest number of rainy days is February (0.7 days). Tourists may spend this time seeking out Moscow's culinary gems as well. Snow cover reaches 700 mm (27.5”). An exquisite, lovely ambiance with beautiful and stylish interiors, vibrant atmosphere, medium sized portions and fun, friendly staff- all add to the richness of experience one has here. In November 2010 a new month record high of +14.5 °C (58.1 °F) occurred (after +12.6 in 1927). The month with least sunshine is December (Average sunshine: 0.6h). April 12: Cosmonautics Day Weather conditions of June are uncertain. It’s held in the Red Square area every year and draws crowds of Muscovites and visitors alike. The interior rooms are decorated with glass and tufa, recreating a real grotto feeling. In the month of December, the average temperature in Moscow, Russia is 9°C ranging from a minimum of 4°C to a maximum of 13 °C. Typical high temperatures in the warm months of June, July and August are around 23 °C (73 °F), but during heat waves, which can occur anytime from May to September, daytime temperature highs often top 30 °C (86 °F) for sometimes one or two weeks. In first case temperature rises to about 15 °C (59 °F) while late spring adds some snow at April. It saved Moscow, and … Basil's Cathedral building in Moscow, Russia, Throughout the year, in Moscow, there are, In Moscow, Russia, during the entire year, snow falls for. December 31: New Year’s Eve, January 1-6,8: New Year holidays September 27: World Tourism Day, October 1st: Day of Older Persons In December, Moscow experiences 22 per cent chances of having a wet day. The new European data protection law requires us to inform you of the following before you use our website: We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and deliver personalized advertising on our sites, apps and newsletters and across the Internet based on your interests. To protect yourself during the cooler days, we recommend that you wear a heavy coat, heavy gloves and non-slippery winter/ autumn boots as customary outfits all through your stay during the winter. The upgraded suites offer guests delicious breakfast services, while guests in executive suites are provided lounge access for complimentary snacks and drinks. June 6: Pushkin’s Day (Day of Russian language) The coldest month (with the lowest average low temperature) is February (-9.8°C). [16], Tornadoes were recorded in 1904 and 1945[citation needed] in Moscow and in 1970, 1971, the 1984 Yaroslavl tornado, 1987, 1994, and 1997 in Moscow Oblast 100 km south-east from Moscow (near Zaraysk), in 2005 in Dubna, and on 3 August 2007 in Krasnogorsk. By clicking “I agree” below, you consent to the use by us and our third-party partners of cookies and data gathered from your use of our platforms. In fact, the Moscow winter could chill you to the bone, but rest assured it's all part of the fun. June 22: Day of Memory and Grief (beginning of WW II), July 8: Day of Family, Love and Fidelity There's something so undeniably charming about seeing the colorful, tented rooftops of Saint Basil's Cathedral capped with a layer of icy frost during the dead of Moscow winter. With the Kuskovo Country Estate being one of Moscow's main attractions, this poetic, picturesque place gives you a feeling of being taken back to the past on a time machine. The hotel features beautiful rooms and suites with amenities like minibars, separate sitting areas with sofas, dining rooms and kitchens. In fact, the Moscow winter could chill you to the bone, but rest assured it's all part of the fun. This pagan celebration is marked by games, contests, and cultural traditions. In the latest forecasts in Moscow, Director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Roman Wilfand said temperatures on December 23 and 24 will be exceptionally warm, and higher by around 12-13 degrees from the average temperatures previously recorded during this time of the year. The Moscow region is in the throes of one of its warmest winters since temperatures began to be systematically recorded 140 years ago. Months with the highest UV index are June and July (UV index 6). The temperature from this station averages 0.5–1 C° lower than in the city center, and 0.5–2 C° higher than night minimums in the suburbs.[6]. By the end of August average marks are lower for autumn is approaching. However there always chances of early or late spring. We highly recommend having breakfast here, for the freshness and taste is something you will remember for a very long time. Most of records and averages are given for VVC weather station, located in the North-Eastern administrative okrug of Moscow. June 1st: International Children's Day Almost 80 years ago, the weather was the only force on earth that could stop the Nazi war machine. Moscow, Russia - Average monthly weather - Detailed climate information with charts. Climate changes causing abnormal high temperatures and unpredictable shifts of average range (within mentioned range). The place lets you have a glimpse of royal interiors, furniture, books and other exhibitions in the palace, offering you a peek into the royal life of the 17th century. August is characterized by alteration of warm (up to 29 °C; 84 °F) and cold (below 20 °C; 68 °F) days. With free entrance to children below 7 years of age and everyone else on the third Sunday of every month, this is a must visit if you want to experience the essence of Moscow. Daylight during December gradually decreases at the rate of 42 seconds per day and by the end of the month, the total decrease in daylight time is an average of 21 minutes. The scenery is even more awe-inspiring with a dusting of snow, the food is warm and comforting, and the cultural events are not to be missed during winter in Russia. The week between New Year’s Eve and Christmas Day is a time of relaxation for Russians. Temperature range is wide between -5 and –20 °C (+23…-4 °F). As is the case in Russia in winter in general, icicles grow thick and heavy on roof overhangs, threatening to fall, so be sure not to linger underneath them while you're out touring the area's magnificent cathedrals. However number of features should be taken to account. Remember: Fashion is secondary to avoiding hypothermia in this polar city. At this time range of average drops to -10 and –25 °C (+14…-13 °F). Amenities like a luxe spa, an indoor pool and gym make this a well-equipped place. | Resources, The Red Square with a close view of the St. [22] In 2004–2008, near 1800–2000 hours.[23]. The St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya is another high-end hotel, well-known for their high standards of hospitality and service.


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