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For a handful of years now I’ve been experimenting with some essential oil combinations for perfume. On these sheets you will write how many drops of each oil you placed in which numbered bottle, this way when you find a combination you like you will know exactly what’s inside and can calculate what is needed to make the final perfume.

I’ve done that and it seems to work just fine. Before we move on to the recipe, here are 5 of my favorite essential oil perfume blends: Filed Under: DIY Tagged With: diy essential oil roll on perfume, diy roll on essential oil perfume, roll on essential oil perfume recipe, roll on perfume with essential oil. As a woman, I am glad that the creator of this recipe decided to put in the “manly” part. Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate moms.

This will smell a little differently than straight out of the bottle. Play around with these and HAVE FUN! I would hate to hear all these oils going to waste if you decide you don’t like the scent! If you have a hard time finding your happy place then try this blend.

It can be a lot of fun to come up with your own combinations and I do recommend experimenting!

36 0 obj <> endobj Our next recipe follows the rules of using notes. (I buy my oils from Rocky Mountain Oils – free shipping, pure and high quality, and great service!) The base, or fixative, notes are what will give your essential oil perfume the longevity and staying power.

Essential oils, especially some of the most fragrant oils like jasmine, neroli, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang, have long been used in perfume-making. Essential Oil Perfume Blends. $xRA\E ��� N2012lq�D�g\� � �� If you are an avid bath and body DIY enthusiast, or even if you are a beginner in this field, I have got the homemade recipe for you today.

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Also that size roller bottles are you using? As a general rule different scents within the same category typically blend well together. What might be a perfect blend for one person, could be one of the worst smelling blends to the next person. Apply Perfume To The Back Of The Neck, Clothing And Hair – You may also apply to pulse points as you traditionally would, but applying to hair and clothing makes the scent last much longer. Here are a few homemade perfume recipes (based on a 2 oz. You know those stinky, overpowering department store perfumes? I’ve never been much of a perfume gal but I have a couple that I love and I am definitely glad they are natural.

Cover and shake, and then let it sit for infusion.

We suggest having a notebook for your blends you try so that you can make notes as you go through the blending, then refer back to them the next time and try something a little different until you come up with your perfect signature scent. �``�[

Homemade solid perfumes have a shelf life, depending on the carrier oil you decide to use. I will definitely try these fragrances !

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%PDF-1.5 %���� How these scents combine to create the same scent as an ocean breeze isn’t clear, but the creator claims it does. Disclaimer . The benefit of this solid perfume is that there’s no chance of it leaking. Thanks u.

You will see that these totals add up to the 255 drops (or 254 when we rounded down) that we came up with at the start for how much of our essential oils we needed.

To help with this process you can print off my Perfume Making Worksheet /PDF that I have included at the bottom of this post. Put a drop of your base note into a bottle and smell. Disclosure . If you’re just getting started with making perfume recipes using essential oils, there are a few things to consider. HEY!

Diffusing essential oil blends is refreshing for your mind, body, and soul.

Here are a few homemade perfume recipes (based on a 2 oz. This means that you will get the full scent very quickly and then the scent will dissipate very quickly. 3 tablespoons (50 ml) carrier oil (jojoba or fractionated coconut), 5-8 tablespoons 91% isopropyl alcohol (you can go higher in % but not lower), 3 tablespoons carrier oil besides coconut, Add the extracts together in a bowl and set aside. container however you can use any size just adjust ratios accordingly), 5-8 Teaspoons of 91% (or higher) Isopropyl Alcohol.

Top off with alcohol, put the cap on, and let sit for a full day for infusion. Essential oils are volatile and naturally-occurring compounds that are found in fruits, roots, seeds, stems, etc.

Simply use your mini funnel to add your essential oils to your container.

I have not tried that yet!

Arabian Nights, an exotic perfume Add 6 mL of Jojoba oil or alcohol to a small vial.

These essential oils have the characteristic of being very volatile (they evaporate very quickly). I honestly never thought of using oils for perfumes!


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