I didn’t include Slovakia because not many people visit and even in Bratislava it’s hard to find cheap beer. Arusha, Orlando, Valletta Venezuela Cambodia is fortunate enough to be home to the entire region's best attraction, the temples of Angkor Wat. And I kind of lazily mentioned that all of Central America was cheap except for Costa Rica and Belize, and that includes Nicaragua. You can buy a bottle of either for around US$3 in a 7-Eleven, or find cocktails poured with the local stuff for under US$2 each in most bars. Reykjavik It does not constitute financial advice. Obviously the country is known for its cerveza and tequila, and if you are on the main resort strip in Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, you'll be paying American prices for the most part. Egypt Pattaya, Germany Apparently production of Bia Hoi is largely unregulated, and we noticed some really strange egg smells coming of a brew we were drinking. Punta Cana, If you are already settling on cheap alcohol, you mine as well add the taste of the beach. Look for happy hour deals and you can find ice-cold bottles of the stuff for under US$1 each, even on the gorgeous beaches on Boracay Island. I have always wanted to visit Poland. Taipei Hong Kong BuzzFeed … The best thing about pre-drinks (apart from the cheap alcohol) is getting to be your own DJ. Delhi, As soon as you know how many people are coming, get the call in or pre-book via your favourite ride hailing app. Martinique In Budapest it's a similar situation, where places with English-language menus will charge US$2.50 or more for a beer, while the “ruin pubs” and other local joints still charge US$1.50 per pint or less. So I’m not sure Japan would qualify, though it’s good to hear that they still have those 2-hour all you can drink deals going. I have a cousin who studied there, and I have heard great things about it. Finland Kiev Split, Tallinn If that sounds too slow for you then you'll be happy to know they also produce (and consume great quantities of) gin and rum. Long story short, you can get a half-liter of really good local beer for about US$1.50 almost anywhere you go, and spirits cost only a bit more. Moscow, Italy Barbados In Nepal in 2005 I came across Tongba – a hot millet-based alcoholic drink that is about as tasty as it sounds. Brisbane, Lima I’d include Japan on the next list of cheap places to drink – especially if Thailand is considered cheap. Its one of the perks of living and travelling overseas. Bonaire, Wonky eyeliner and odd shoes are never a good look. Rio de Janeiro, Tenerife, Beer, for example, will cost about US$1 for a small can in a 7-Eleven, and usually about US$3 or even more in a bar or restaurant. Sure, some of it might be fairly tasteless and reasonably well distilled, but you never know if you are getting a good batch. Ask us a question or share your thoughts! I personally like sambuca or wine to get drunk. Budapest Santorini Dubai, Canada I live in north italy and can buy a Birra Moretti 660mtill europe is getting cheaper and other ‘cheaper’ places are on the increase in prices.l for .90 euro from the supermarket…ok its not from a bar but from a small town supemarket but still europe is getting cheaper and other ‘cheaper’ places are on the increase in prices. After five minutes, the brew can be drunk through a metal straw. To make the punch, simply mix a white spirit such as rum, gin, vodka or Schnapps in a bowl with plenty of fruit juice and lemonade. Antigua and Barbuda Philippines Boracay Island, I know this is an old article, but c’mon, where’s china? Copenhagen Marrakech Belgium Samaná Monaco Shanghai, Saint Lucia You could even create a shared Spotify playlist with all your mates so everyone can add their own songs. The usual warnings apply, but for some of us it's nice to know that a hangover can still come with a modest price tag. The UAE has some of the world’s most expensive alcohol. Choose the right destination and you can get completely trashed for less than the price of one beer in Oslo or Abu Dhabi. Tanzania Sure, you can always find locally-brewed brain-killing alcohol in just about every country for the price of a chocolate bar, but its nasty stuff. Bahamas You can make sure that every single song that comes on is one that everyone loves – well, almost everyone. Also when you want to get drunk fast the best way is the Tequila way, period, and it is a good drunk not a puke drunk, for me anyway. Save yourself the hassle by booking taxis in advance. Its like a ever ending mug of hot, millety beer – the problem is, most people would struggle to get through one mug. Spain Not having smoked for 10 years I am out of touch. Netherlands Los Angeles, Hanoi, A bottle of any of the local beers can be US$1 or even less, with tequila drinks (including margaritas) for not much more. Prague in particular had long been known for some of the world's best beer at some of the world's cheapest prices, but the influx of mass tourism is among the factors that have driven prices up. Aruba Also, in stores prices are far lower, with beer and wine in plastic bottles for almost nothing, and local vodkas starting at around US$3 per bottle. In Tibet I was introduced to Chaang, a similar but more refined millet based drink. Luang Prabang, -Roger. All Rights Reserved. Puerto Rico Getting a few beers or cocktails in at home before going out will not only get you warmed up for the dance floor, but it'll also save you a considerable amount of dosh in the process. Galway Bia Hoi draught sells for around 15 cents a glass – and its not too bad. At about five glasses per bottle, this adds up to a £20 saving! Abu Dhabi, These super cheap brews aren’t all that great – but they are the ancestors to modern beer. Switzerland Again, not a shock that another neighbor is on the cheap list here. Latvia Lyon, We know that pre-drinks is all about quality conversation time with your mates, but drinking games are a good way to break the ice (if it needs breaking) or ensure everyone gets equally merry. For that reason I'll just list the countries and discuss what you'll find in each one. Are you trolling me? Roatán Island Still, if you avoid the touristy places and the touristy parts of town, you can still find a pint of beer for under US$1, though usually a bit more than that. Nairobi Knock up some punch beforehand with enough mixer to balance out the alcohol. Trinidad and Tobago I didn’t include China on the list when I wrote this because I didn’t have the prices that you mention, but you are right and I will add China to the article soon. Vienna Saint Barthélemy Turkey El Salvador Osaka, In the past we've uncovered the cheapest beer in the world, and the cheapest liquor in the world (Vietnam and Laos, respectively), but when looking at the whole subject it's impossible to rank countries with any accuracy. Slovenia San Juan Cusco, We've previously reported that Sofia in Bulgaria is Europe's cheapest major city, but Belgrade and Sarajevo are right behind it, all with good news for fans of cheap booze. Ever tried brewing your own beer at home? Cambodia has such cheap alcohol. What's the secret to a cheap night out? Fez, Only a few parts of Laos are popular with tourists, and almost everything, including alcohol, is weirdly cheap. Monaco Sharm el-Sheikh Honolulu, The article is about bar prices rather than retail prices for the most part. I lived in a few places there and was able to find bargains without much effort. Xian The country is home to San Miguel Beer, and often it will be the only lager choice, so fortunately it's usually quite cheap as well. This is a very ezpenaive country for alcohol. Senegal Santiago, Necessity is the mother of some ingeniously trashy beverages. (2.66 usd or so) at a reataurant. Antalya, Common sense should never be neglected! Getting ready with your friends and housemates can be the most fun part of the night, but make sure you leave enough time to actually do it – especially if you know you're the kind of person to try on 100 different outfits. A super important way to avoid drinking too much during pre-drinks is to stay mindful of how much spirit and mixer you have in your drink.


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