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climate change, Teach Licensed premises and public authorities within our city remain the responsibility of the NSW Environment Protection Agency (EPA). The reservoir is situated on the corner of Hume Highway and Stacey Street in the northeastern periphery of Bankstown, bordering Greenacre.

Bankstown City Council (02) 9780 5900. Find the Best Sewage & Waste Water Treatment Near You, BANKSTOWN COUNCIL, NSW 231 Results found - Show results for Local Businesses only Now Open. Instead of a handrail at the top, the reservoir has a concrete rectangular paneled parapet wall.

You can save money and help protect our environment by making a few changes at home. ​​​​For more information, contact Council's Works and Projects Unit ​on 9707 9000​.

Road work on Canterbury Road, Bankstown - Sunday 16 August to Thursday 26 November 2020, Road Improvements - Raw Avenue, Ban​kstown, Bankstown Line metro upgrade - Monthly n​otification Sydenham to Campsie - June 2020​, Bankstown Line metro upgrade - June/​July 2020​, Station Design and Precinct Plan - Campsie Station​ - April 2020​, Notification – Bankstown Line metro upgrade - May 2020, Monthly notification – Power supply cable installation - May 2020, Notification – Bankstown Line metro upgrade - April 2020, T3 Bankstown Line - Buses replace trains between Bankstown and Sydenham - Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 March 2020 (weekend), Notification - cultural heritage, Animals

If you find any errors or Council. For information about water restrictions in other regions, contact the local water … Conservation Construction aggregate was used for the concrete in the elevated tank and its columns and sandstone conglomeration for the bowed encirclement and ground foundations at the bottom. parks passes and permits, For teachers, schools and community educators, National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council, A family and community friendly workplace, Requesting a review or lodging a complaint, Environmental Restoration and Rehabilitation, Landfill Consolidation and Environmental Improvements, Resource Recovery Facility Expansion and Enhancement, Lat: -33.9055332066 Long: 151.0394851390. Animal shelter opening hours and location, Waste in apartment blocks - Building Manager, Aboriginal history and places of significance, Welcome to and Acknowledgement of Country, 2019 CALD Water Safety Photography Exhibition, Disability standards (access to buildings, premises), Volunteer at our library and knowledge centres, Canterbury Bankstown Workers with Youth Network, Morris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre multipurpose room, Canterbury Earlwood Caring Community Centre, Community directory, networks and interagencies, Multicultural services and community languages, Chester Hill Library and Knowledge Centre, Joining our Library and Knowledge Centres, Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan, Community Safety and Crime Prevention initiatives, Local Safety Sessions (Outreach & Pop-ups), Saltmarsh Monitoring at Gough Whitlam Park, The Crest Sustainable Stormwater Management Project, Beauty salons, hairdressers and skin penetration premises, Resources for child care centres and schools, Bankstown Arts Centre School holiday workshops, Morris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre (MIISC), View a DA (Canterbury and Roselands Wards finalised prior to 19 April 2019), Determining Development Applications in Canterbury-Bankstown, Canterbury Bankstown Local Planning Panel, Canterbury Development Control Plan 2012 prior to 30 January 2017, Canterbury-Bankstown Enforcement and Compliance Levy, Smart City Smart Business Grants - Round 2: Cafe and Restaurant Business, Smart City Smart Business Grants - Round 3: Retail, services and eateries, Economic Development and Employment Strategy, Industrial and commercial property and real estate, Procurement, Contracts & Doing Business with Council, Latest news, updates and subscribe to our Business Newsletter, Members of Council’s Advisory Committees and Reference Groups, Other Committees and External Bodies, Enforcement and compliance applications forms, 5 Metropolitan Directions for Connective City 2036, 5 City Directions for Connective City 2036, 10 Evolutions to achieve Connective City 2036, Sydenham to Bankstown Metro Upgrade Project, Sydenham to Bankstown Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy, Policies (former Canterbury City Council), South West Voices Community Choir commevent, Event Volunteer Expression of Interest form, Ramadan Nights Lakemba stallholder application form, Expressions of Interest for Membership of Canterbury Bankstown's Floodplain Management Committee, Illegal dumping declines following campaign, Man fined after illegally dumping car parts, Make connections this Mental Health Month, More jobs and better transport under Connective City 2036 Plan, Planning underway for Leisure and Aquatic Projects, Revised unit proposal a better fit for Ashbury, Water safety message key for multicultural community, CBCity loves to celebrate NSW Seniors Festival, CBCity welcomes Year of the Rat in Bankstown, Gold Logie winner thrives on local stand-up, CBCity offers to help bushfire-affected communities, Campaign transforms illegal dumping behaviour, Young volunteer first responder recognised, Community urge motorist to drive safe in school zones, Bestselling author to give inspiring talk at Library, Bankstown Arts Centre awarded best program, Giving time to improve Environment's timeline, Wurridjal Festival launches with activity-filled program, Trolley Day of Action rolled out across CBCity, Strengthening North-South transport links, Free film screening highlights climate change, CBCity Cares Relief Package to Address Coronavirus, Mayor Asfour answers call to support Healtcare workers, Opportunity for local artists to be part of a legacy, Young CBCity Planner wins prestigious award, Stand with our Sergeant, our Hero.

Request Quote. The reservoir is surrounded by brush box, coral tree, poplar and fig trees.[7]. It has several features which distinguish it from other elevated reservoirs of this type, including; the central concrete access tower; the concrete footbridge connecting the tower to the walkway and which encircles the perimeter of the top bank; and the mercury U-shaped tube depth gauge. Developing roles for government - administration of land-, Developing roles for government - conserving cultural and natural heritage-, Developing roles for government - providing reticulated water-. air quality data, Air

Environment - naturally evolved-Activities associated with the physical surroundings that support human life and influence or shape human cultures. Am I eligible for rebates or other assistance? Owners of UPSS are required to comply with relevant provisions of the UPSS Regulation 2019, the POEO Act 1997 and relevant Australian Standards. Sydney Water Heritage Program leader Phil Bennett stated the Bankstown reservoir has "the highest level of heritage protection because it is the oldest of the class of elevated reinforced concrete reservoirs". and manage, Search to country, Protect At the time of its construction it was the largest elevated reinforced concrete reservoir, and symbolised the technological advancements of the time. heritage places, Cultures Standard features include: davit, trigonometric station and inlet and outlet valve chambers.

species, Wildlife [4] As part of Cr Najjar's plan, the area would also be embellished with fencing, landscaping and Australian native gardens, with interpretative signage, including a stone monument revealing the site's history. forecast, Air After immediate danger has passed, notify Council within 7 days using the Leak Notification Form. The Sydenham to Bankstown Corridor Urban Renewal Strategy provides a planned approach to growth, with infrastructure delivery and development co-ordinated along the corridor.. quality monitoring The information for this entry comes from the following source. Located 22 kilometres (14 mi) west of Sydney CBD, the reservoir is elevated and was built on reinforced concrete piers, which is one of the oldest of this type that is still in use. Instead of a handrail at the top, the reservoir has a concrete rectangular panelled parapet wall. Bankstown Reservoir is a heritage-protected water tower and a local landmark situated in the suburb of Bankstown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. councils, For state The design of Bankstown Reservoir exemplifies the Victorian and neoclassical architectural of the early 20th century. Furthermore, the structure was restrengthened to abide to the earthquake code in 2009. [1], In 1826, the reservoir was once a hanging site for bushrangers. What is an Underground Petroleum Storage System (UPSS)?A UPSS is the entire system of underground tanks, pipes, valves and other equipment designed to store and handle petroleum products. ​.

Climate Change Fund, Policy The Federal Government has developed an online tool to help you compare electricity and gas offers, understand your energy bills and learn about energy consumer rights. Do you want to find out a bit more about solar PV and battery storage installations in CBCity? This includes residents, businesses, local councils and government agencies. [2], Bankstown Reservoir supplies drinking water to households as far west as Villawood and Condell Park in the southwest, Croydon in the east, and Auburn and North Strathfield in the north. activities in parks, Development licences, Native ... During a tour in 2001, Bankstown Council delegates met with Korean officials to discuss ways of promoting Bankstown companies with a view to creating new export markets.

Established in Sydney in the 1980's by Mr Vincent Russell, a founder of the healthy food industry in Australia, The Water Shop has evolved as the leader in our field, offering an efficient, effective, economic and hygienic alternative to bottled water. and soil information, Soil

Bankstown Customer Service Centre: Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm Campsie Customer Service Centre: Monday to Friday, 9am -4pm. About the Solar for Low Income Households Trial program. If you would like Council to investigate an water pollution incident, or for further information, ​contact Council's Environmental Health and Compliance Unit on 9707 9000. When it rains, the stormwater collects any material or pollutant on the ground which enters the closest stormwater drain and then discharges to a river or creek. and heritage, Visit Located 22 kilometres west of Sydney CBD, the reservoir is elevated and was built on reinforced concrete piers, which is one of the oldest of this type that is still in use.

3. Its structure is mostly intact and has sustained minor alterations thus retaining its integrity. At the time of its construction it was the largest elevated reinforced concrete reservoir, and symbolised the technological advancements of the time. As of 1 September 2019, the City of Canterbury Bankstown is responsible for more than 100 UPSS sites in our city, most of which are service stations with a small number of depots and golf courses.

In Australia, 90 per cent of electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels, mainly coal. How do I find out if I'm on the best deal? licences, Heritage permits and

​. Don't let detergents go down the stormwater drain; Picking up rubbish around your property and street; Collecting lawn clippings and leaves from the road or footpath an putting them in the green bin; Storing liquids and chemicals under cover and in a bunded (contained) area; Carrying out work involving oils and fluids indoors and in a contained area; Ensuring that you have approval from Sydney Water to discharge commercial or industrial waste to the sewer; Maintaining all pollution control devices (for example grease traps); and. Install efficient lighting and turn lights off when not needed; Turn off your appliances at the wall, which can reduce standby energy usage by more than 10 per cent; For hot water systems, adjust the thermostat to 60 degrees for a storage and 50 for an instantaneous system; Ensure you have installed adequate insulation and draft proofing (R4.1 for ceilings; R2.8 for wall and sub-floor); Reduce shower times and install a low-flow shower head; Set central heating to between 18 degrees and 21 degrees in winter or 23 degrees and 25 degrees in summer; Where possible, use fans with air conditioners (or better yet, instead of A/C) to circulate warm air in winter and cold air in summer; and. Delivered in partnership with the Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON), Sydney Water and the City of Canterbury Bankstown. degradation, Land park closures, fire and safety Community workers and others assisting low income and vulnerable consumers in the Canterbury Bankstown area are invited to this free webinar on energy and water consumption issues. The Solar for Low Income Households Trial program is available for up to 3,000 eligible households that live in one of the following regions: The program aims to improve energy affordability by helping households unlock long term savings on their electricity bills.


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