Here's a video for further assistance: Have a guard incapacitate 3 civilians while he's poisoned. The name of this sequence is “Alter Egos”. Assassin’s Tombs are available to you once you complete the memory ‘Novella’s Secret’ in DNA Sequence 4 (refer to “Undertaker” for more information). Kill a target being chased by your teammate. Note that the trophy popped while I was adding the bombs through the quick inventory selection by holding  and heading to the bomb to add. A cut scene will occur, once the scene is done you will find yourself blended in with some guards, wait until you see 3 guards walking by to blend in with them. 3) Play through all 7 memories of The Lost Archive, gathering all 20 decipher fragments. Here you will want to learn the Unarmed Combat ability. Afterward, you will see whatever is remaining to complete such as sequences and challenges that were introduced to you during stage 1.Now head to each sequence and look at whatever is missing from the optional missions through each and every sequence in order to get  Fond Memories.During the game, you will be introduced to side-missions called the Mediterranean Defense where you can send your assassins to "Reclaim cities" to achieve  Armchair General by reclaiming each and every city out there. Select it, then choose any Sequence you have played before. If you stick to trying to level up a whole level each mission you will have an easier time. You can replay memories by pressing  and going to DNA. He will glow yellow. Subduing a pickpocket will not unlock this achievement. This will "break the loop" and lead to the end credits. They are mainly located in towers that you have to ascend, and not all are available to you when you first enter a particular city; more unlock as the story progresses. Open the sarcophagus and retrieve the seal. You do not have to do it all at once, but you might end up doing that anyways while going for "Lightning Strikes" achievement. None of them are hard, they are basically tutorials to show you how to use the all the different types of bombs. This is story related and cannot be missed. Sadly, the bombs aren't available here so you need to play it smart by moving around without being hit here as all you will be doing here countering. Lightning Strikes This achievement requires you to obtain 100% on every sequence. There are 8 Missions in this DLC. Remember to use Eagle Sense while you do missions so that the Data Fragments appear. They glow white so are visible to the naked eye. When the training is over and you have learned the move, while traveling in any city, locate a brute guard with a spear (Venice is the best as there is a guard with a spear walking near the fast travel station in the San Marco district). This guide will provide you the required support and directions to obtain the platinum trophy for Ezio's final story in his main trilogy, which is primarily based in Constantinople. Then place the wager to roll the dice. You can even just go buy them if you can't manage to make them. Here is a video for the mission to help: Climb Hagia Sofia, from the ground to the pinnacle, in under 25 seconds. Make sure you climb fast and not lose the boat. Turn around when you enter the island and you'll see 5 pillars. To get the achievement, hold down  and  and press up on the  to perform a swan dive into the bale of hay below. As you walk inside, you will find a man sitting next to 4 boards which will provide missions to complete. Along with the main story memories, there are a number of side missions, or events, that you can complete to raise your synchronization percentage, earn florins and unlock achievements. Be in possession of the artifact at the end of a Steal the Artifact. Once there, scan the surrounding area for a zipline. This trophy is likely to happen naturally as when you progress through the game, you will eventually kill 50 guards with the hidden blade, especially if you use the hidden blade as your primary weapon. Search for the remaining decipher fragments if you haven't found all of them before. - Approximate amount of time to 3000: 100-120 hours The goal of this memory is to infiltrate the catacombs underneath the church to spy on the Templars’ meeting. Get your money back from a Templar tax collector. Pick the book up to complete the quest. Just find one of the viewpoint towers and climb to the top. Upon completing Sequence 6, you will be able to locate the final Borgia Tower. They are easy to get to, because once on your map if you put them as your target marker, a beam of light will show on them. Only 4 to rescue. Have 10 guards poisoned at the same time. Collect all flags and you’ll earn "Capture the Flag", collect all feathers and you'll earn "In Memoriam", burn all towers and you'll earn "Tower Offense", and complete all puzzles to get ".. .- -- .- .-.. .. ...- .".


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