Ever since the first time that we met, I know right there and then that we we’re made for each other. Fear not! Puppy is from French poupée, meaning "doll," and it is etymologically connected to both puppet and pupil. Here you can find the best love words to say in order to win the heart of the girl that you love. Besides referring to, in an illogical manner, a somersault or being upside down topsy-turvy, "head over heels" can mean "very much," "deeply," or "very much or deeply in love" which, in turn, led to phrases like "He is head over heels in love," "He fell head over heels for her," or "She went head over heels for him. All Rights Reserved, Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. An amigo or involvement between two pas. Below, you’ll find a list of romantic words and phrases that just might spark the proverbial fires. Amie the pas for a sensual evening. Perhaps you need to dress it up a little. It dates to the early 19th century, but puppy-lover used in similar context has been traced to the 17th century: Harrigo: See, there they go; halt a little, and give them law enough; the Course will be the fairer. In early 20th-century American English, heartthrob named a person or thing that aroused romantic feelings or with whom one was infatuated; nowadays, it is chiefly applied to an attractive and usually young, famous man. If you are far away from each other then tell him/her how much you miss him/her. This means “I love you” in English. There’s no denying the weight of the three most romantic words, "I love you." The noun and verb shack are both 19th-century American slang. If he/she is feeling lonely then send him/her some funny quotes. Day and night, you are always on my mind. 3. Saying these words of love to your boyfriend/girlfriend can truly melt his/her heart. Still as she stood, she heard with grievous throb / Him grone, as if his hart were peeces made, / And with most painefull pangs to sigh and sob…. -, You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. At this time you may be thinking that you don’t know what word best describes your spouse. This means “I adore you” in English. The term heartthrob originally referred, unsurprisingly, to the pulsation of the heart in the 18th century and later to sentimental emotion. Back to Main List . Another way to tell someone "I love you" is to say it in another language. The English word date in its temporal sense, in spite of semantic and phonetic similarity, has nothing to do etymologically with day but is descended from Latin dare, meaning "to give." Early uses imply cohabiting with another or just spending the night, say, at your mom's house: I'm better off shacking up at my mum's. The use of the term turtle in this pigeon's name is derived from the echoic sound of its plaintive cooing, which sounds like "turr, turr, turr." The extended sense of "a person with whom one has a romantic date or appointment" is a 20th-century extension. Since the pupil is essential to vision, it was held to be something very precious. Are you inspired by these love words? ", This could be anything: tea and coffee, cider, hot chocolate, mulled wine or whatever warms the cockles of your heart. Sweet love words which can make your partner happy.


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