Non-O will surely follow. I will still need a Reentry Permit? The advantage of the OA is that for the second year you can avoid the financial requirements by leaving and re-entering prior to your visa expiring. TD Ameritrade, Inc. and Accretive Capital LLC are separate, unaffiliated companies and are not responsible for each other’s services and products. Your recent update mentions transferring 65,000 baht per month as the requirement to meet the O-A visa requirement. How to Obtain a Retirement Visa in Thailand: STEP 1: OBTAIN A NON-IMMIGRANT VISA Requirements: Passport (at least one year remaining before expiration) You must be holding nationality or permanent residence of the country of application; Proof of Funds; STEP 2: OBTAIN A ONE-YEAR RETIREMENT VISA Requirements: Must be 50 years old and above Also, I have a Doctor's letter stating the drugs are not narcotics and are only address my lung disease and other such problems. As you note, they are really pushing this and squeezing everyone onto the 800k requirement. Funny that they let you draw one. The way you suggest will also work but check through the comments for recent direct experiences. You may want to liquidate some of your assets, too at this time in your life. The one way ticket is not a problem for the airline. You can also get one in Thailand. If a Thai citizen gets a US visa it can be good for 10 years and allow multiple entries and it only costs a couple of hundred dollars. It will be interesting to see how Immigration deals with this. You can apply for a 1-year Thai retirement visa at the immigration office in Bangkok. Among a diverse population of 40,000 people, they have established a large community with several social venues and interest groups. Cannot transfer in excess of 12 x 65k annually hoping to skip a month or two. Hi Jonathan, thanks for the update.A map? That can only produce letters retroactively 6 months. Advice greatly appreciated. But when I am sitting at the immgration at the "retirement counter" I witness very often younger ladies or boys with a bundle of passports, papers and a bigger bundle of cash. Thailand. Sure, it's annoying to have to report every 90 days and it could be made easier by simply checking in at a local police station instead, or having online reporting that actually works, but up until now, in general, it has kind of worked. you may be best to just put the funds needed in a Thai bank in Thai Bahts. Benzinga's experts detail what you need to know about opening a Roth IRA in 2020. All necessary documents stated above must be submitted to the Thai embassy or consulate in your country. And next time be sure and reply to the correct post. (You can use it as an excuse to return home. Never 2 transfers one month and none next month. I have opted for the 65,000/month option and have a few questions: That's a better solution. Here’s what you need to know about how to retire in Thailand. It seems if one does not meet the requirements for retirement in Thailand then the other way is to do the 30 days option and leave to a neighbouring country for a day and do this monthly. Thank you. > Watch EPL & CL Football FREE. These are the Thai retirement visa 2020 rules. You can also keep all of your money in a savings account,that's up to you. That's a new requirement from March 1. I hope not! If it is possible, will we need to travel to Bangkok? It is mute if you are a US citizen as your only option is to deposit 800,000 baht as any verification of monthly income is not possible. The certificate is normally an "open Sesame" at Bangkok Bank. I changed my address due to medical reasons which required a handwritten explanation as to why I was not renewing my visa in the same District office. please advise if the insurance is required. Several imm.offices don't like the extra paperwork and are to lazy/stupid doing the math combining income with money in the bank. 5 months in a row? If after a few months I wish to return to Thailand, what is going to be the most expedient way to reapply for an O-A visa? Having spoken with an agent in Thailand (Pattaya) they advised that I come to them as soon as possible after my entry into Thailand (on a 30 day visa waiver) to begin the process of obtaining a retirement visa. One page says Yes! Both ways have benefits and drawbacks. Two of my farang friends have renewed within the last 2 months "with no need of this proof" and got the renewal.Another problem is I'm 78 yo and Thai Ins. I got a quote from Cigna through the link you provided and they quoted me a silver policy which seems much more than I need. It depends on where you're staying.


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