St. Germain is not the only elderflower liqueur you can buy.
The recipe will also introduce you to a strawberry-lime hard cider and the grenadine-like Cartron Grenade Liqueur.

Designed for Halloween, this mix of bourbon, St. Germain, and ginger beer has a bloody surprise. Affectionately nicknamed “bartender’s ketchup” by New York bar tenders, it can make just about any cocktail taste more special, but there are a few fun facts about this elegantly floral liqueur that you may not know that make for excellent cocktail party ice breakers. Tasting Events FAQ Total Time 5 mins.

It's a snap to mix up and even easier to drink. Tasting Notes – “A touch creamy, filled with zesty lemon and homegrown garden herbs.”, Aroma – “Apple with a hint of Elderflower and floral notes.”, Flavours – “Led by the Gin with its homegrown garden herbs flavours, you also get a prominent apple flavour, a touch of Elderflower and a hint of floral on the palate, a lovely refreshing garden Cocktail.”, How To Make The Strawberry Flower Cocktail, Aroma – “Fresh Strawberries and sweet Cream aromas.”, Flavours – “Delicious Strawberries and Cream, then over time the Elderflower takes centre stage, finishing off the tasting experience, both flavours work together and get their time to shine.”. There are a number of elderflower liqueurs that you’ll find in your local wine shop, but St. Germain really stands out among them in complexity. The recipe begins with gin and elderflower liqueur topped with sparkling wine. The pot of gold cocktail relies on that stunning cucumber-mint-elderflower combination, too. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Portable appetizers and easy snacks along with big batch drinks allow even the host to stay tuned to the show. The recipe pairs gin and St. Germain along with lemon juice and simple syrup.

Elderflower cordials and syrups have long made an appearance in drinks, both alcoholic and not. Combine the stunning visual of the tequila sunrise with the elderflower cocktail, and you have the dramatic Waterloo sunset.

Perhaps my pallet is less sensitive than most — I love a more direct, fuller experience of the flavor — still, this is a very pleasing recipe ! I want to see! This sparkling elderflower cocktail with Prosecco and St. Germain is the most elegantly simple cocktail to serve at any cocktail party from a glitzy New Year’s Eve ball to a lovely bridal shower. I'm just trying to be a little fancier today than I was yesterday. Some people even believed he was actually Francis Bacon who had faked his death and assumed a new identity.

Called "for the record," this is an impressive drink that takes a bolder fruit approach to the elderflower cocktail. Pouring raspberry liqueur ​over a bar spoon fills the flute with elegant, sparkling layers that are sure to impress. Importing and Distribution


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