The mechanism of urine formation in nephron involves :-, This phenomenon of filtration of glomerular blood through the filtration slits is called as glomerular filtration. Free download of step by step solutions for class 10 Science (Biology) chapter 8 - The Excretory System (Elimination Of Body Wastes) of ICSE Board (Concise - Selina Publishers). Q.1. The process of micturition consists of two phases — Storage phase and Voiding phase. Excretion ,Life Processes - Get topics notes, Online test, Video lectures, Doubts and Solutions for CBSE Class 10 on TopperLearning. Class 10 Biology Life Processes: Excretion: Excretion. Adult frog is ureotelic because urea is far less toxic than ammonia and can be concentrated in the urine and excreted at slower rate. The corpuscles are part of a filtering system through which nonprotein components of blood plasma enter the tubules for urinary excretion. 10. Access all new questions- tracking exam pattern and syllabus. ADVERTISEMENTS: Here is a compilation of important objective type and fill in the blanks questions on Excretion. Animals accumulate ammonia, urea, uric acid, carbon dioxide, water and ions like Na+, K+, Cl, phosphate, sulphate, etc., either by metabolic activities or by other means like excess ingestion. Green plants utilize CO2 for photosynthesis which is the metabolic waste product of respiration. Ultrafiltration, selective reabsorption, and passive absorption all occur in the kidneys during the process of urine formation specifically in the nephron. Answer and Explanation: ADVERTISEMENTS: 1. The cells lining the proximal convoluted tubule are well adapted for reabsorption of materials from the filtrate. Chemical Properties of Metals and Non-Metals, Previous Year Questions - Metals and Non-metals, Test: Excretion In Animals And Plants - 1, Test: Excretion In Animals And Plants - 2, Test: Transportation In Animals And Plants - 1, Almost every segment of the earthworm has a pair of excretory organs, known as. Blood enters the kidney via the renal artery. The cells reabsorb entire glucose, amino acids, most of the inorganic ions (Na+, K+, Cl ), much of the water as well as some urea from the filtrate. In cockroach, the excretory product is :-. Which blood vessel contains the least amount of urea? Answered Write a note on Excretion in plants. Animals are categorised on the basis of their nitrogenous waste products. Question 6 what are the vital functions of kidneys? 400.00Add to Cart -OR- Subscribe Now! Malpighian corpuscles average about 0.2 mm in diameter. View the complete topic-wise distribution of questions. During catabolism, proteins break up into amino acids. Which excretory material is least toxic :-, Ammonia is the most toxic form and requires large amount of water for its elimination, whereas uric acid, being the least toxic, Correct order of excretory organs in cockroach, earthworm and rabbit respectively :–, The yellow colour of urine of the vertebrates is due to :-.


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