newspapers, television and radio are examples of what kind of media? Evaluating the Problem. Two major factors are changing the face of today's communications. The specialized part of corporate public relations that interacts with shareholders and the financial community is which of the following? "Transparency" a term business people are prone to use as a result of the fallout from many unethical business dealings in the early 21st century, refers to: organisations, particularly their management, increasing their efforts to be more open to their various constituencies, Making accounting procedures even more understandable to the SEC, CEOs committing to share profits with employees and shareowners, Renewed efforts to publish corporate codes of ethics. a. send as many press releases as possible to as many people. Which of the following best describes those two types of communications? One of these factors is the fact that: mass markets are fragmented and marketers are shifting away from mass marketing, global communications are not growing rapidly enough, marcom managers have achieved more power and control, __________ combines sight, sound, and motion, appeals to the senses, and has a low cost per exposure as advantages. Which one of the following explains why the text refers to public relations as a "staff function"? What is the most common name of public relations in the government sectors (other than "political lobbying")? 12 terms. Gravity. Public Relations Exam Questions. c. planned and continuous communication to provide information about an organization, issue or product to the public. Public relations professionals often deal with either internal or external communications. Effective public relations practitioners first. Besides public relations roles, which one of the following is likely to have the greatest impact on whether or not public relations is part of the management team? Benefits of this media include high credibility and transparency. Please focus your answer on the appropriate model of public relations. Who was the first corporate vice president of public relations, insisting that he have a voice in policy and that the company's performance would determine its public reputation? b. Spell. Explain what aspects of public relations are best reflected/demonstrated in the Tylenol crisis case. T/F, The number of women in public relations has increased steadily. Multiple Choice Quiz ... Public relations professionals should send news well in advance of the publication date because. The PRSA Detroit Ethics Quiz was created by the PRSA-Detroit Chapter Ethics Committee as a way for members to test their knowledge and show their commitment for upholding the ethical standards of PRSA and the public relations profession. c. Internal communications always are carried out by e-mail, and external communications always are carried out through the mass media. c. has limited interest, describes contrived events or is written to inform the public. For which one of the following, should you include only one side of an argument? T/F, Ivy Lee headed the Committee of Public Information during WWI. guerilla tactis are which of the following? when selecting a company spokesperson, what matters most is that persons ability to add ______ to the brand, the first task of inventor relations is to __________, file and distribute paperwork to various stock exchanges, meet with company financial officers to strategise, Jobs of the Future and What to Study for them, RE Keywords - Paper 1 - Religion and life, Quick tips to improve your Exam Preparation, {"ad_unit_id":"App_Resource_Leaderboard","width":728,"height":90,"rtype":"Quiz","rmode":"canonical","placement":2,"sizes":"[[[0, 0], [[970, 250], [970, 90], [728, 90]]]]","custom":[{"key":"env","value":"production"},{"key":"rtype","value":"Quiz"},{"key":"rmode","value":"canonical"},{"key":"placement","value":2},{"key":"uauth","value":"f"},{"key":"uadmin","value":"f"},{"key":"ulang","value":"en_us"},{"key":"ucurrency","value":"usd"}]}, Multiple choice exam for Public relations. T/F, The Toyota case (on James Olson's practice) is a good example of the role of public relations at the senior level to provide business consulting advice. Staff functions advise those who set policy and oversee operations. elements of issues management include all the following except: anticipated issues that are a year or more away. Corporate social responsibility boils down to: Providing safe products that perform well and do not harm the environment, providing employees a safe, healthy work environment, avoiding discrimination in hiring, promoting and retaining the best people for your organisation. What is incorrect about brand journalism? Created by. youtube, flickr and facebook are examples of what kind of collaborative media? Quiz … Public relations Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the flow of information between an organization and its public. b. a collection of techniques for persuading news organizations to give space or time to people or products that are not inherently newsworthy. mheberden. The Rotary float in the Rose Parade is seen by between 250-million and 1-billion people every year. d. find out which media have been most friendly to their client in the past. 1. Two-Way Symmetrical public relations model. d. send it back to whomever it came from and ask that it be rewritten. What is the correct name of this practice? Become a part of our community of millions and ask any question that you do not find in our Public Relations Q&A library. d. a release received too close to a deadline is less likely to be published. S-Organization Strengths W- Organizational Weakness O-Opportunities T-Threats. Internal communications always flow from the top of the organization down, and external communications always flow from the bottom to the top. The release is little more than a blatant advertisement. 15. Which statement below meets the criteria of useful program objectives? effective public relations practitioners first, send as many press releases as possible to as many people, determine which media outlets best serve their purposes, ask editors to promise to use their press releases, find out which media have been most friendly to their client in the past. which of the following is NOT among the reasons often cited by journalists for rejecting news releases? public relations professionals interact with which groups? b. a release received close to a deadline is likely to be thrown away. Public relations Interview Guide will tell us that gains an organization or individual exposure to their audiences using topics of public … Study smarter with our online flashcards. Which of the following is not one of core principles from the PRSA Code of Ethics? Public relations professionals should not represent any organizational interests to assure the objectivity of communication. Which of the following arguments is not a reason for retaining an outside public relations firm? By the late 1980s, females became a majority. d. They fail to include important information. a. According to the PRSA Code of Ethics, "loyalty" should be made only toward the client, instead of dual loyalty -- professionals being faithful to the client, while serving the public interest. Please name the answer among the four models of public relations. a. news organizations move slowly and need plenty of time to rewrite the … the internet has changed public relations in what way? Which one of the following best describes a "secondary analysis" approach to gathering information? they fail to include important information, public relations professionals should send news well in advance of the publication date because, news organisations move slowly and need plenty of time to rewrite the release, a release received close to a deadline is likely to be thrown away, a release received close to a deadline leaves news organisations with too little time to plan special coverage, a release received too close to a deadline is less likely to be published, if a news release contains a statement such as "parents are worried about the amount of violence in our society", that release is of questionable news value because it is, Public relations is defined as a _____ within an organisation, public relations practitioners develop, execute and evaluate organisational programs that promote the exchange of influence and understanding _____________, among an organisations constituent parts and publics, in an attempt to make sure organisational secrets are not leaked, when initial attempts to cover up negative news fail, organising social events to benefit a non-profit agency, joining social groups to promote an organisation, working on behalf of a social cause that benefits society as a whole, marketing an organisation to specific social groups, as part of its management function, public relations practitioners might, assist in influecning or changing public policy, a public is defined as a group of individuals or organisations who, a group can become one of an organisations _____ when it recognises an issue related to an organisation, understands its relevance to the groups members and begins to talk about or organise to take action on the issue, public relations, advertising and marketing are _____ terms, decision making in an organisation should include PR practitioners because, theyre the only ones who know how to communicate the decisions with appropriate publics and audiences, they are in charge of the social responsibility of the organisation, they are at the highest levels of organisational leadership with the organisation, their interaction with the organisations publics gives them insight into valid issues that may influence decisions, public relations practitioners should be involved in management's decision making _____, only if key publics will oppose the decision, which of the following is secondary research, using company or public records and contacts, reviewing previously published or broadcast information. Planning and Programming 3.Taking Action and Communicating 4. d. has limited interest, describes contrived events or is written to please the company’s bosses. a. a collection of techniques for persuading people to buy products they don’t need. a. psychological as well as geographical closeness. Which of the following is NOT among the reasons journalists complain about a lack of objectivity in news releases? PLAY. b. publish the release as it was written. public relations professionals often deal with either internal or external communications. Please name what the acronym of S.W.O.T analysis stands for. a. has limited interest, describes important events or is written to inform the public. To evaluate the public relations program, in the Cedar Springs Community Hospital case, the Public Relations Department conducted evaluation research, which was modified from the earlier research (conducted before the program was implemented) in order to address more timely-relevant matters. b. has wide interest, describes contrived events or is written to please the company’s bosses. a. rewrite the release to put the news in the lead. Public Relations Interview Questions: The interview question for specific positions in PR that is public relation varies on the kind of job and the office you have a scheduled interview with.


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