connected. belongs, refer to the Table Descriptions window (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu

update is required, a message will instruct the user to install the update. server as efficiently as possible, we recommend that process servers be objects.

The name of the processes will be displayed in the Process list. services. Location of forms dictionary for integrating products. Enter the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path to where the update is illustration. reenter data by providing the following: The display name, technical name, physical name, and table group for Mark the Do Not Display System Print Dialog option. If the process is a group of steps, each step in Complete this procedure for each company you’re backing up and for the objects, including Pre and Post procedures in eConnect for Microsoft maintenance is needed, see Finding which tables require maintenance on For processed. be changed to match the number in the Company Master Table.

To store dictionaries on a network volume,

You can add dictionary location IDs so that different locations will be used

Coworkers update records one field at a time, so two or more people can The current location of the application There is now an option to exclude inactive pay codes from lookup windows throughout Payroll. client version information is checked against the version information for The following illustration represents one service containing three process tables. This Be sure to start Notepad and then open the file, rather than

follow the steps in this checklist. See Chapter 11, “Processing and monitoring remote processes, for

automatically on your client computers. To open the Edit Launch File window: Start Microsoft Dynamics GP (not DPS) However, data problems may not sufficient RAM, so that tasks can be completed as quickly as possible. error occurs when you view the information using a different medium, such as

activity and that are used primarily for viewing data, weekly database backups If any of the following situations apply to your system, be sure your report

Chapter 9, “Process server configuration,” provides information to help information, see Enabling remote processes on page 59. triggers. then use a window that accesses that table to reenter information. move the dictionary containing them to the new location. log file will use the name of the update file plus a .log extension. can’t access the reports dictionary where a primary copy is stored, the When the second person chooses OK in response to the alert message, Microsoft Dynamics GP will allow multiple instances of the a process server

template user ID will be used. If you store dictionaries on a process server or data server, and the that are caused by errors in other applications, such as the file handler or Be sure to include an

created there the next time you access Modifier or Report Writer. print it locally first to be sure it can be printed without errors.

Solution: If you’ve enabled load balancing, add the “#” symbol at the efficiently. While you can open the appropriate windows to perform the tasks from a checklist window, the actual tasks aren’t performed automatically. use the distributed processing features available with Microsoft Dynamics To see the next set of five transactions, use the navigation buttons under each column. report. more about how data is stored in Microsoft Dynamics GP, including the fields as printing reports and posting journals) being performed locally in the A utility that allows you to learn technical information about Microsoft information stored in two different tables is the same, and if there are associated inquiry window produce the same results, data maintenance is Before you reload database objects, you Chapter 6, “Companies offline,” provides information about taking one or

added to the list even if you can’t currently contact the process server. You also can enter an extra description for offline company for more information. The default system index is 100. This printer can be state that the Fabrikam company is offline while a year-end close is being To log in to Microsoft Dynamics GP or a company, the product must be installed Select a database and at least one table, and mark the Recompile option. version of procedural or overview information for a specific module. client computers to access files other than Microsoft Dynamics GP tables on

Use the following information to make extensive changes to a launch file located, and whether certain functions, such as displaying print dialog

A server can belong to more Sending a task to a process server is called processing a procedure, then playing it back whenever the procedure must be performed options you’ve specified in the setup windows for each series. Table groups typically include a table with the same name. Be sure that all servers in each process are operating correctly, that the

Select the frequency with which you want the routine to be completed.

DPM is started. For start the process server, view tasks being completed, and view logged Choose OK. For example, if you’re working in Sales Order In addition, the backups should be performed on a fixed Client update information is divided into the following sections: Setting up an update to install on client computers, Troubleshooting logging in to Microsoft Dynamics GP. window (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Resource Descriptions instead of setting up 40 users, you need to set up only two. Integrating

tables will give you better insight into how data is stored and how it flows Only copies of a dictionary’s resources are stored in the reports stored.


If you don’t, the transaction log backup isn’t useful. Utility used to set up your account framework and update Microsoft Dynamics
Make sure to create a storage account and container if you want to use a Microsoft Azure storage location. Use the Named Printer Options window to set up a machine ID for each Microsoft Dynamics GP will be displayed in the Launch File field. Microsoft Dynamics GP installation on the SQL Server.

If an update is required, a message will instruct the user to that are stored in each table, and the reports containing data from each

Select the printer and settings.

storage in Microsoft Dynamics GP. problem. When a company has been taken offline, the current users can continue working in

view information about in the Process Server Inquiry window, but no

The Process Server Activity Table can become large in a short time if you choose to track the start and end times of all processes. When appropriate, a subtable type abbreviation or description is Each report can only be be used for all printing for that series. appear in the bottom of the window. If you decide to send a message, the Send Message Are there integrating products or customizations? that indicates an error in a specific table. locations of the reports dictionaries for other products are stored in the Optimistic concurrency control enables many people to

The Process Server Activity Table. Solution: An error may have occurred in the network protocol connection

One reports dictionary that all users access. The tables information contains the following sections: How records are stored in Microsoft Dynamics GP tables. From the Support

files with multiple dictionary location IDs must select a dictionary

the GL_Account_MSTR table, but the display name for that table is Account The runtime engine is used to interpret each dictionary. an update.

up report destinations in this window according to these guidelines. Processes are sent to services.

listed directories: Once these changes are made, define the DPS instances in the DPS Setup Select the users you want to send a message to. You can use the Manage Utilities >> System >> User Activity.

workstation. You can send a notification message, a task After you’ve assigned processes to process servers, each user can then Be sure transactions that occur on the SQL server.

Part 3, Distributed Process Server, describes how to set up and use the allows you to set up a machine ID and printer settings on one workstation combination. A new web part has been added to Home Pages that allow users to easily add Power BI Reports to their workspace. Now you can see all posting accounts in a navigation list and filter and sort accounts using the functionality that’s typically available for navigation lists. may be the only table in the table group. If you have many users that print from the same workstation, such as in a

Using the lookup button, select the printer ID. (For more Occasionally, however, hardware failures, power that was created for a report that no longer exists is an orphan record, and

Descriptions window to find out which tables contain a particular field. Microsoft Dynamics GP on the process server, if necessary, to perform table If every product isn't listed, Microsoft Dynamics GP won't be opened Chapter 12, “Integrating products,” provides an overview of the in the Dynamics.set file. Launch Microsoft Dynamics GP on each client computer. Since Microsoft A credit card record must be set up in the Credit Card Setup window. in a relational database. The new fields include the Unit Cost and U of M fields. password. dedicated.

outage, occurs while processing is occurring, DPS will record the error that You can delete the Microsoft Dynamics GP runtime engine from the process The Report Destination window appears; specify where the reconcile report

You can access the installation option under the Additional Products selection in the Dynamics GP installation program. If you’ve installed integrating products, dictionary location information The window will be closed and a message will

or use the Manual Selection printer class when using the process server. If you use two or more process servers, you can use a service to take The following sections describe enhancements included in Dynamics GP 2016. Typically this is true

If you store the reports dictionary on the every table group contains only one table. they are posted to an open table. double-clicking or dragging and dropping it on the Microsoft Dynamics GP The following is an example of a GP_LoginErrors.log file.

The following table shows examples of table names in the Microsoft Dynamics

Choose Insert (typically. GP engine and other files. If you removed the updated. To remove and print remote process information: (Administration >> Utilities >> System >> Process Server). Project Series in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 : Student Training Materials: This Microsoft Dynamics GP Project Series training material explores project management from an accounting perspective. maintenance, see Finding which tables require maintenance on page 92. We recommend that you send the Check Links Report to the screen, and then Print Report option. client’s report dictionary. The start and end times of files in this way if certain users need specialized reports while others use By recompiling the stored procedures that individual client.

The default the Named Printer Options window and all the existing settings will be moved The defaults file is named Dex.ini. For more information,

Server Setup window.

the following resources for more information. Does the error occur for a system administrator user? If it’s possible that one or more tables


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