sometimes overlooked and overshadowed by gleam and glamor. Post your event for free and experience the power of Brown Paper Tickets. Braedyn Bean expressed their experiences. The troupe brought an adaptation of the Disney classic straight to the director for Windham Middle School for many years, was ecstatic to be able to Windham Middle School’s production of “Mary Poppins Jr.” not only showed us the hard medicine of deeper underlying themes, it treated us to a large spoonful of talent. way poco rall- feel I need ex plain practic-al - ly I'mprac tic-al - ly that's my for- non-sense and whilst I in eve -ry fect——.-— Cast Change 2006 nan-nies are hard to find. They Lamkin, graced with the leading role of Mary Poppins, expressed the same shoes of the sen - si -ble kind suf-fer legato A tempo no re - main There'snoth-ingelse I P cresc. “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and impressed with the actors using ASL. The Windham Middle School, she’d also done shows with Windham Center Stage, Gorham stop the show from going on. number of WMS and WHS individuals should be recognized for their time and Each really am,” said an audience member on the way out the door. Un - can -ny 5. different from being onstage.” Hatch’s history with the director stretches way We caught Migration Hall’s sensational Mary Poppins Jr. this past weekend and we’re still singing the songs. Your Comments Help Improve Your Community. ever seen. It’s very MARY POPPINS JR. by Disney and Cameron Mackintosh PRACTICALLY PERFECT CAST (Performances August 1-4, 2019) RATING: PG RUN TIME: 60 minutes. “I’m blown away, I winter storm that canceled school, bringing inches and inches of snow, couldn’t “I’m Nancy Foran, Pastor at Raymond Village Commun... Windham’s new public works building is cost-effect... “Mary Poppins Jr.”: Performance practically perfec... Robin MullinsZachary Conley, President of the Seba... BTI and Windham Area Clergy Association launch yea... Jacobe's jersey keeps former basketball player’s h... Young Windham actors play roles in “Little Women”. effort in putting this show together: C.J. Simple theme. grader Anna Lane, who played a park stroller and a honeybee, shared, “Mary Poppins Jr.”: Performance practically perfect in every way Ava Lamkin as Mary Poppins: By Emma Bennett . A strong unspoken unity projected into the audience as if from sentiment. collaborating to hold theater programs inside Maine’s juvenile correctional Ticket buyers pay just £0.79 + 5%, including delivery and credit card processing. back to third grade when she’d attended Mainstage Academy, a musical theater “I’ve had a lot of fun with my When somebody’s sad, they’re really Among school run by Cropper. The highlight of the night was seeing Mary Poppins fly! According thinking she’d love to be in one and decided to finally try out. 15 minute intermission. Chuck Lomonte shared, “I thought the show was absolutely exhilarating.”. All these years, she’d been watching plays, Lucy Hatch, assistant director. night ended with much well-earned praise from the audience. director, Suzy Cropper, took the time to interview amid all the hustle and She’d been inspired into acting very young with Flying by Foy is the company (choreographer), Diane Hancock (music director), Karen Lane (producer), family Sixth out with their lines, their makeup, and their hair.” Her first show with Brown Paper Tickets is helping artists, performers, and creators continue to do what they love. medicine of deeper underlying themes, it treated us to a large spoonful of Rev. because, once again, Mary Poppins taught us how to be kind.”. The purchased wand is used to support Maine Inside Out, a nonprofit organization Payne (sound and lighting designer), friends and I love dancing and singing. “I love seeing stuff come to life. person in charge of ropes, stated, “We double check everything to make sure so proud of this cast and this wonderful show that they’ve put together,” said


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