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As an isopropyl group linked to a hydroxyl group, it is the simplest example of a secondary alcohol, where the alcohol carbon atom is attached to two other carbon atoms. The global chemicals industry faces economic and environmental pressures, that's why many of our suppliers like Isopropyl Alcohol factory are always innovating to provide more effective, environmentally sustainable, and safer solutions. ≤0.005 Electronic industry. Colorless transparent liquid, with a smell like a mixture of ethanol and acetone. Product Categories: Organics;Analytical Chemistry;Solvents for HPLC & Spectrophotometry;Solvents for CAS: 67-63-0  If you want to inquire Isopropyl alcohol price or find reputed Isopropyl alcohol suppliers, please feel free to contact sales@tnjchem.com. Based on the oil refining chemical plant of CNPC and Sinopec which distributed around of China,we product Glacial acetic acid, Formic acid, Nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide, and we produce sodium hydroxide,potassium hydroxide,sodium sulfide, potassium sulfate based on salt, potassium, magnesium, coal resources from the lop nurand the Qinghai lake .Reduplicating distillation the acids and the solvents and improving the product purity is to reach each field application, textile ,reagent and medical level etc. Density 20°C

PHTHALIDE;2-propanol absolute over molecular sieve (H2O <0.005%);2-PROPANOL ULTRA RESI-ANALYZED;

It will dissolve ethylcellulose, polyvinyl butyral, many oils, alkaloids, gumsand natural resins. Its other uses can be determined depending on its concentration.

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MF: C3H8O  Post sourcing requests and get quotations quickly.

Properties of Isopropyl Alcohol.

Acidity(CH3COOH) ppm Isopropyl alcohol(C3H8O;(CH3)2CHOH) is miscible in water, alcohol,ether, and chloroform.

High Quality and Right Price for Propanol, CAS No: 67-63-0, Has a Disinfecting Effect as Organic Raw Material and Solvent, CAS No. The colorless liquid chemical compound is flammable and has a pungent, musty odor. Mol File: 67-63-0.mol   

- A - B - Honeywell: Isopropyl Alcohol, 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, 16 oz Bottle . in Tuscaloosa, Alabama .

The above is the search results for Chinese Isopropyl Alcohol, click for more recommended manufacturers & suppliers listings such as ipa, isopropanol, isopropyl alcohol price. Once receive your question, the supplier will answer you as soon as possible. Color( Pt-Co)                                     ≤10, Density 20°C                                     0.784-0.785, Content,%                                        â‰¥99.7, Moisture,%                                       ≤0.20, Acidity(CH3COOH) ppm                     ≤0.002, Evaporation residue,%                       â‰¤0.005, Hydroxyl content,%                           â‰¤0.02, S, ppm                                             â‰¤1. Product Name: Isopropanol 

Factory Supply High Quality Isopropanol Cas 67-63-0 , Find Complete Details about Factory Supply High Quality Isopropanol Cas 67-63-0,Isopropyl Alcohol,67-63-0 from Alcohol & Hydroxybenzene & Ether Supplier or Manufacturer-Shanghai Ruizheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. <10 CAS 67-63-0 is colorless, transparent liquid, like the smell of a mixture of ethanol and acetone.Soluble in water, alcohol, ether, benzene, chloroform and other most organic solvents. - Terms of Use

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Isopropyl Alcohol Alternative Names: Rubbing Alcohol, Isopropanol, 2 Propanol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Surgical Spirit, IPA, Petrohol.
- Products Directory- Hot Catalogs China Factory Supply Isopropyl Alcohol Isopropanol Ipa 99.9%, Find details about China Ipa, Isopropyl Alcohol from Factory Supply Isopropyl Alcohol Isopropanol Ipa 99.9% - Qingdao Hisea Chem Co., Ltd.

It should be kept away from heat and open flame Isopropyl alcohol has beenreported to form peroxides which may explode upon concentration.Isopropyl alcohol is a skin irritant.ToxicologyIsopropyl alcohol and its metabolite, acetone, act as central nervous system (CNS) depressants.Symptomsof isopropyl alcohol poisoning include flushing, headache,dizziness,CNS depression, nausea,vomiting,anesthesia,hypothermia,hypotension,shock, respiratorydepression, and coma.

Unlike ethanolor methanol,isopropyl alcohol can be separated from aqueoussolutions by adding a salt such as sodiumchloride, sodium sulfate, or any of several otherinorganic salts, since the alcohol is much less soluble in saline solutionsthan in salt-free water.


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