It’s what we all believe, and it’s a good thing. I don’t plan to vote, but I think that Bernie Sanders is far less likely than Trump to start a war against Iran or Russia or anyone else and also less likely to try to overthrow governments that the CIA and Israel dislike. [14] In the 1960s, Soviet dissidents frequently declared that the rights the government of the Soviet Union denied them were universal rights, possessed by everyone regardless of race, religion and nationality. Ren Wanding (* 1944 in der Provinz Jiangxi) ist ein chinesischer Dissident, der mehrmals wegen seines Pro-Demokratie-Aktivismus inhaftiert wurde.Ren ist Begründer der China Human Rights League (Menschenrechtsliga Chinas). The ‘weak’ drug addict (Heroin or Opioid, it matters little) who are drains on the system, not working, nor taking care of themselves or their families? Having lived through the George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump administrations, I can definitively say that those who predicted that a Trump victory would put the Republican base to sleep were correct. Reality, yes. I don’t understand why people who want to hold down whites aren’t ecstatic about Republicans because if Whites actually started to stand up for each other in the labor force, that would majorly remove their ability to divide and conquer by using employers as the black mail quid pro quo agents.
The morality of our position is easy. The GOP will either invent or help foster another anti-pc crusader. Take a breath, but get ready to do your part: We all knew this was coming. Just the opposite is true. They thought they could break the taboos against fascism by irreverently breaking the taboo, but instead they simply ended up playing a well-known role in the Left’s morality play. Well, get used to... Mahathir Fucker!

He may agree with us on some things, but he comes about his opinions from a very different starting point. Why would an organization dedicated for decades to a sane immigration system do that? This is America. They’re wrong. I guess you also want more communist Jews and blacks on the court and far more refugees and more millions of illegals? [57], The Lithuanian Helsinki Group saw its members subjected to two waves of imprisonment for anti-Soviet activities and "organization of religious processions": Viktoras Petkus was sentenced in 1978; others followed in 1980-1981: Algirdas Statkevičius, Vytautas Skuodys, Mečislovas Jurevičius, and Vytautas Vaičiūnas. It acted as a conduit for information on repression in the Soviet Union, and lobbied policy-makers in the United States to continue to press the issue with Soviet leaders. Just because he will bring in healthcare for everyone which won’t even happen because Republicans will stop him on a 30 or 40 trillion dollar plan, or student loan forgiveness costing what billions or trillions? Fellow dissident and one of the founders of the Moscow Helsinki Group Lyudmila Alexeyeva wrote: What would happen if citizens acted on the assumption that they have rights?
Pamphlets, shot videos, booklets explaining key parts of the platform.

Plus big money donors give to Democrats all the time; not just Republicans. We can’t discount the very real asymmetrical nature of power in the country (i.e., we have practically none). There is no imaginary border wall only a very real corporate tax cut. The “Right” has no rhetorical skills.

If Bernie soaked the rich and tried to impose communism on the Boomers, it might not be a bad thing. This GOP anti-pc movements HAS to cannibalise themselves. He is down on UBI and/or antitrust as viable solutions (I disagree as to UBI, based on my USA Sovereign Wealth Fund/ Social Security for All proposal on these pages, but that is just me. Rape and nepotism are not the best examples, again from my understanding of HBD. However, he does agree with some posters here as to the need for local solutions, to act as a catalyst to change, and his description of the takeover of civil society by professional class phonies and selfish parasites seems accurate (that the controllers of the propaganda machinery are almost exclusively jewish cannot be denied, although I view them as tools for the Oligarchs, not the controllers themselves. (The conformist suck-ups on the Left, etc.).

From the recent treatment of Dr. James Watson (see NYT’s Amy Harmon) it’s easy to see that any science findings relating to race differences will be silenced by the mainstream media. : les années 1950–1980 – objet d'étude, sources, problèmes de méthode (Colloque de Moscou, 24–26 août 1992)", "El fenómeno de la disidencia en la U.R.S.S. Courage becomes madness, and deviance disease", "Appendix B. With Drumpf. Recall that Bernie Sanders allowed a group of people to take over his own microphone and his own rally and stood there in the background like an impotent cuck while this group bashed him on his own microphone in front of his own supporters at his own rally. A Christian does not persecute and torment the weak and the innocent or give aid and comfort to those would do. Ultimately, increasing white racial consciousness is all that matters, not student loans or tax rates or foreign policy or whatever.

"[73] On 14 November 1988, he held a meeting with Andrei Sakharov at the White House and said that Soviet human rights abuses are impeding progress and would continue to do so until the problem is "completely eliminated. 10.) Is it disagreeing with the Belt Way “right” of the National Review? What he meant by “equality” is rather different than the current usage. Nick Fuentes shared his thoughts on the 2020 election tonight on his show and argued that the Dissident Right should reelect Donald Trump and the GOP. New America,

The unofficial newsletter reported violations of civil rights and judicial procedure by the Soviet government and responses to those violations by citizens across the USSR. The great Neo-Con Wars of the early 21st century. Instead of playing around with “what do we call ourselves” ? And that is the small world that low IQ individuals such as Kleist inhabit. It has stayed at about the same level through the Obama and Trump administrations.

“Who is this guy? My suggestion: A New Renaissance. Is it a disagreeing with leftist socialist?

Citizen: If pointing out the logical inconsistencies in left wing views worked, Dinesh D’Sousa would be emperor of Earth. I’m not trying to win a debate but to change their perception of reality. Wow, I’m so shocked that the “dissident right” which in the case of Fuentes is nothing more than a gay edgy paleoconservative would want us to get back on board for Trump in 2020. “Nationalist Right” is the most accurate and appealing label for what we want, which is a nation of people who are on the same wavelength generally….The fact that we had that when the country was 90% white is apparent, but need not be put front and center…. They could be lying, but that’s the official answer.

You see that in this post over at Counter-Currents by someone using the name Eordred. We want to preserve all the things that have made the West great. It’s labels you as the Right, which many people associate with small government, anti-abortion and sort of religious, none of which grow out of being a race realist and two of which really put off a lot of women.

Proof of empty trump cheerleading will prematurely kill the movement is just how low quality the grifting has become. (Btw, I’m not in sales, though, again, in a way, we’re all in sales.). Neither biology nor statistics would be the same today without the work Ronald Fisher did — and that is a huge understatement. I think ‘American’ is a pretty good word to hang on to, especially since the other side seems increasingly willing to abandon it. This shitshow immediately led to Doolittle's "movement" imploding and disappearing in a puff of libertarian smoke, with even the slavishly loyal John Mark denouncing his guru and deleting all the videos he had made promoting Propertarianism and prophesying the imminent boogaloo. Now the alt right grifters aren’t even talented in anyway. They’re very wrong. As with most things, it is highly unlikely that it is either biology or philosophy that completely determines the culture of any grouping of humans, but rather it is the result of a combination of both. The neocons are the subversives and invaders. Which is it?


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