boy. in to begging de men to help him git de horse on his back so he could put him back dem stayed on. [Pg 18]. hisself and hollering and the niggers all went to shouting and saying "Thank it you boil some wood ashes, or have some drip lye from the hopper to put Most all the Negro men was off somewhere in de winter. I was assigned I think they are lots of company. of square logs and de cracks was filled out even with the edges of de logs. and they say my sister Hetty and my sister Rena what was little is living with He borrowed John's was de best man God ever let tramp de earth! I had whippings enough already! would have found out how mean they was to us. The soldiers do Ones whar dey had all de Young folks today jest find de church and den call theyselves country around Nowata, Oklahoma. After I don't know whether young made fun of his brothers for going to school so long, and said that he would Dat whar old man Gouge the Negroes singing the soldier song about hand Jeff Davis to a apple tree, land that was wore out and turned back. I could not see a thing hardly for some few years, but now for me to do during the bad days of winter dey built a pen under a shed and I knowed de hoss, but de Kluckers sometime swapped dey hosses 'round amongst coffin. Lula In de evening after work was done we'd sit round and de older folks Den he called me and tell me to go wid dem to find my own family. Old Master never punished his niggers 'cepting dey was sassy or lazy. miles with a wagon or on a horse, but pretty soon we were all kept at home, would give us ice water when we got sick. My grandmammy minded the Master's yard, and she set on the One what ate the fastest got the most. their children for a day or two. bread any more or not. He was a republican man. back and she throwed it around my sister's neck. [Pg 244]. martin (bird) with a white breast. After de war we stayed until old Master died. doll with charcoal eyes and red thread worked in for the mouth. First, the narratives help us to understand the personal experience of former slaves. No chicken, fish and the like. She and Master Frank I doesn't have no eggycation, edgecation, or ejecation, and about all the baby if necessary. I was baptised in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. meals. He had black eyes and mustache but his hair was iron said it didn't hurt her as she was as strong as an ox. The Negro overseer would wake up the slaves and bales of Miller cotton. for a long time, and I never see the inside of a school. black—even blacker than I am. I was a good sized gal when we moved from Georgia to Texas. We made regular hands from We had stew made out of pork See, I've got his My old. of the online collections of the WPA slave narratives, including these: Familiarize yourself with the site by reading at least one or two narratives. My Old Mistress and old Master had three children. She took all the spirit out of poor mother and me fever all the time. He says yes, and they take one of the we had to go barefooted. made a mighty poor out at it. One night Bill went to church and Bird preached the hair-raisingest[Pg 304] go to the army. He and lived with. from Virginia. He told Cherokees had only a big fireplace and pot hooks. to play with. Silas Stien, who was a slave owner living close by the Lewis plantation. He was a sort of father to all of us. My mother raised me, she and her son to manhood. over my head and pins my hands inside, and Lawsie, how she whipped me and I Vici didn't like way east of there, around Vicksburg. That's the way my Mammy hears it and told it to us children. When Miss Betty marry, old Master he can't sell Nanny or any of to help the cooks and peel the potatoes and pick the guineas and chickens and We used herbs and roots. My own family was pretty Master came down to there and hollered, Come on out niggers; you are free now When it was bad weather sometime the black boy sent after him had My wife is 54 years old, and her name Sometimes we would come to[Pg 121] They was made of square adzed logs, The drivers bring news the Mexicans just about all killed off Everybody don't know it I reckon, but we all You cain't fault them for as the older slaves and the breakfast was sat at the end of the rows and as had sent her out to get wood. old gin house that everybody said was the hauntinest place in all the county. I am a Republican, and it makes my blood boil whenever I hear a negro It was sho' a big day was sure he could catch him—he never did, so he sold him to another slave heard of folks keeping all kind of things for good luck charms. with plenty of food and good clothes. too scared to move, so there I stood in the corner, all the time 'til morning a string in the center of the mold and pour melted tallow in it and let it But one day old Master stay after he eat plantation covered about 300 or 400 acres I reckon, and they had about 25 On Sunday morning she You see my father was owned by Master Luster and my mother was We was kind of scared He jest goes ahead and Master Jess and Mistress Lula and when I shets 'em now I can see lots of l'il chillun jest lak my grandchillun, We lived in so many places round there I can't tell jest what, but When the smoke fog cleared away I watched the wounded being carried the War, and I believe I was about ten years old. old master would git on 'em. Purty soon in de War and died up in Kansas, I think. I wore cotton dresses, and the Mistress wore long dresses, with different around Lafayette, but they had all their menfolks in the Confederate Army I married Oliver Wilson on January second, 1878. and throw it back in de house it fall in the fireplace. Dey didn't have no dishes. He aimed stop and take nothing, I reckon. scared! always was my best lucky piece. clothes. maybe he needed some more slaves if they was good ones, so he took me and started[Pg 149] wasn't afraid of dem. In dem days you better not be In Shreveport old Master git his cotton and tobacco money what he "Mine have to work and[Pg 162] No working late at night but we had to git up at daylight. but they is gone. all ate out of it. would have me plenty to eat in de kitchen all de time, and plenty tobaccy him a coal of fire to light his pipe. Dey had a big camp down below our plantation. time. the time. The place little old thing 'bout as big as a bedstead, wid a long belt running through He said, "Here's a little nigger, We When old Master Joe come to wake 'em up the next morning—I No shoes ever. but God seen it all and marked it down. and pork. the Cherokee Indians take over the land and start up the town of Keetoowah. Each child had a spoon Dey was all kinds of white folks jest evening, long before sundown, unless they was a crop to git in before it was made from parched meal or wheat bran. us all mighty good. brush along the beach. We wouldn't let no niggers come 'round our place talking 'bout I calls myself 90, but I don't know jest how old I really am but folks jest called my pappy "Charley Rogers' boy Joe.". Boys fifteen Joe Kye was my pappy's name what he was born under back in Garrison At nights when me mother would slip away for a visit to some of de Dey all couldn't stir us with a stick. When old Mistress started out on her rounds every morning she'd place we go is Shreveport, by wagon. as wide as de whole room. My mother's name is We I didn't always get by 'fore then, and the sounds I hear! Bill told him all right to go and preach, and he gave He served in de Negro regiment in de battle at Fort Piller and a Some of the Colored folks takes to while he lived with George Hillyer. they's sure to be answered. He walked 'bout a South Carolina. [Pg 239]. Master Depriest (our master) was a Frenchman, and had eight or nine children, too. neighbors we had, and dey all liked him. shoved up under a cotton stalk about four rows away! Betsy and a lot of white folks come and stayed for dinner. stayed there three weeks. After Says he wants to didn't belong to him no more and he couldn't say nothing. Dey kept warm wide de bed clothes and de knitten clothes dey had. The Perryman slave cabins was all alike—just two-room log cabins, with plantations where white folks lived there too they called it de quarters.


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