Hello everyone, Welcome to Thread It Thursday!!!! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 1 3/8 yard of (oil cloth, laminated cotton and/or light-medium weight vinyl ) Waterproof, hardwearing, cheap and made from recycled materials this bag is ideal for outdoor use, such as carrying climbing gear and ropes. 3) To go round the join you will need to make a small hole in either side and bring the shoelace out then back in again. You will need: 1) 1x Ikea bag and part of a second one 2) An old backpack - only the back and handles need to be in good shape, I used one where the bottom of the bag had fallen out 3) A pair of shoelaces 4) 2x small toggles 5) sewing thread Equipment: 1) sewing needle, 2) scissors. You may find it helps to attach the shoelace to a pen or similar to push it around the seam. 1)  Cut a length from the second ikea bag and sew it onto the bottom of the main bag, just above the backpack straps  - sew through the back of the backpack as well, to keep it in place. 1) Tie the two shoelaces together using a double fishermans knot. 4) Thread the handles through and attach them back together again on the outside of the bag. Lol…..yes we will!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!! 1) Cut around your backpack so you only have the padded back and handles. 5) Cut off the large blue ikea branded handles leaving only the smaller ones. Adorable bag! This tutorial was inspired by another wonderful blogger. A big thank you to the blog Sewchet for such a great tutorial. The recent news of luxury fashion house Balenciaga creating a pop knock-off bag (with a price tag of $2145) seems to have sent cheeky fashionistas and IKEA fans into a DIY … ( Log Out /  Mar 25, 2019 - Explore Gena Faith's board "Ikea bag diy" on Pinterest. ☺. Recycled Ikea-bag Backpack: Waterproof, hardwearing, cheap and made from recycled materials this bag is ideal for outdoor use, such as carrying climbing gear and ropes. 6) Now you can pull the shoelaces tight to close the bag, tying the small handles together to give extra security. Thank you for the tutorial….I couldn’t have done this without you!!! Thank you so much for stopping by, it’s truly appreciated. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I sew new little shopping bags in miniature size, about 10x10x10 cm, on each side, I add something to hang. Savory Chickpea Flour Drop Biscuits (GF) With A Vegan Option, Annie's - Celebrating home, family and the creative spirit. Try the woven (polyester?) 2) Undo the handles and lay the backpack inside the bottom of the ikea bag, handles down. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 4) When the shoelaces go all the way round the seam, add two toggles to them, then tie the shoelaces together above the toggles.Two toggles gives extra strength compared to one. Such a great bag – would love to give this a go sometime, looks a relatively easy one to tackle too!!! You can be inventive and adapt/swap materials to what you have available. [&hellip, 410 Likes, 75 Comments - Paul Ruffles (@pruffs) on Instagram: “Too good not to pt 2 Re-gram from @a_l_c_h_ #tbt #Ikea #BucketHatForLife”, 650 Likes, 20 Comments - STUDIO ALCH LTD (@studioalch) on Instagram: “IKEA WALLET”. From face masks and baseball caps to backpacks and thongs (no, really), there seems to be no limit to what people can make from IKEA's polypropylene tote bag. Laundry, beach, travel and more. At the ceiling, I fixed chains and I hung up the little bags with small hooks, you can use paperclips as well. To make this bag visit Sewchet’s blog, which also has other great tutorials. This bag is so “Easy” to make and you can make it in 1 hour or less. So much easier to carry than as the big bag :). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. You had me at “no pattern”… I love easy projects! (แม่ค้าใจดีม๊าก)Line: @glur.studio (มี@)#ikeahack #ikeacase #custom #อิเกีย #กระเป๋าอิเกีย #remake, DIY 6 plant pockets 0.59 USD from IKEA shopping bag FRAKTA, free material make for donations to childrens hospitals and shoebox xmas==IKEA bag pencil case-YES you CAN sew on plastics, Materials: FRAKTA On my balcony, I tried to built a hanging garden wall. See more ideas about Ikea, Ikea diy, Blue bags. This bag is so “Easy” to make and you can make it in 1 hour or less. Posted in DIY, Sewing & Refashioning Tutorials by sewloveable. This tutorial was inspired by another wonderful blogger. 3) carefully cut four holes in the bottom of the bag, for the top and bottom of each handle. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Enjoy using your bag :), Participated in the Instructables Green Design Contest. ( Log Out /  on Introduction, Very nice! 14 DIY Accessories Made From IKEA Bags That Will Blow Your Mind. Who would have thought that the Balenciaga bag, which is based off of the iconic blue IKEA bag, would create s…, WEBSTA @ glur.studio - มาจ้า ทรงนี้มาแรงเลยจัดให้ทุกไซส์ไปเลย กระเป๋าตังค์ กระเป๋าปากกา A4 หรือ A5 จะคล้องมือหรือถือธรรมดาสั่งมา ทำให้ได้หม๊ดดดด#นี่ขายกระเป๋าหรืออาหารตามสั่ง #ตามใจลูกค้าขนาดนี้ไม่มีอีกแล้ว-----------ใครสนใจสั่งได้ 24 ชม. Great bag for the beach too! By Rachel Torgerson. Share it with us! Ever since Balenciaga dropped a large blue bag … DIY Ikea Bag No Pattern Needed. Quick and easy. 3) Optionally you can also make a small pocket from more of the second ikea bag and sew it inside the bag, just below the seam, to hold your keys, phone etc. Karen x, This is so cute and looks like something I could do.


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