The Kenya police force was established as a British colonial police force in 1907. The objectives and functions of the National Police Service are under Article 244 of the Kenyan Constitution. Consiquently, the number of commanders were reduced from 168 to 56 Commanders. PART IV – CONSTITUTION, ADMINISTRATION, POWERS AND FUNCTIONS OF THE ADMINISTRATION POLICE SERVICE 25. Kenya Police is divided into Service Headquarters in Nairobi, Formations, General Duty Commands and … Following Kenya's independence, the British officers were replaced with local Kenyan members. Kenya Police is headed by Deputy Inspector General. Administration Police Service is commanded through a hierarchy separate from that of the Kenya Police. Officer Commanding Station (OCS) is in charge of a Police Station in a Ward and oversees all its Police Posts and Patrol Bases (Ward Commander). Kenya National Police Service Code Of Conduct And Ethics. From 1906 to 1964 the force was headed by British officers. Investigation related duties and jobs 2. Extortion and bribery are not unknown practices and the Kenyan people rank the police among the most corrupt bodies in the country. 3. This has made them very susceptible to corruption and crime. 7 Cessna aircraft, the latest (2011) being a, This page was last edited on 31 December 2020, at 19:14. The functions of the National Police Service in Kenya. 27. Functions of the Deputy Inspector-General, Administration Police. (2) For purposes of Article 246 (2) (a) (ii) of the Constitution, the President shall appoint two retired senior police officers, one each from the Kenya Police Service and the Administration Police Service, and who shall be … var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; Kenya Police is divided into General Duty and Formations. What are the functions of the National Police Service? The Kenya Police Service is a national body in charge of law enforcement in Kenya.It is subordinate to National Police Service which is headed by Inspector General of Police who exercises independent command over the Service. KPS Officer Commanding Police Divisions, 11.District Administration Police Commander. After 1902 the Kenya-Uganda Railway introduced their own police units.[8]. Hence called The Kenya Police Service, it is now headed by a Deputy Inspector-General and the division of its functions are organised to take into account the devolved structure of government in Kenya. Office of The Director of Public Prosecutions. We wish to clarify to the public that the incident had nothing to do with the enforcement of curfew orders. Kenya National Police Service Form. The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) is one of the independent commissions established under Chapter Fifteen of the Constitution 2010. (d) is not, and has not previously been a member of the National Police Service. One of the units is The General Service Unit. When wearing a ceremonial dress, a silver/gold collar badge (collar dog) which is a lion with a scroll below inscribed the respective Service names (Administration Police/Kenya Police) worn on a black/maroon background. In line with the ongoing reforms, the uniforms committee is also working on new insignia for the revised rank structure, which will have to be approved by the National Police Service Commission. Article 243(1) establishes the National Police Service (NPS) which consists of the Kenya Police Service and the Administration Police Service. Copyright © 2021. Presently, outsourcing by Kenya police is in the infancy stage while in the developed world, most of the police forces have already outsourced several of their non-critical functions. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (2) For purposes of Article 246(2)(a)(ii) of the Constitution, the President shall appoint two retired senior police officers, one each from the Kenya Police Service and the Administration Police Service, and who shall be … Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. [22] Kenyan policemen are poorly paid and have to make use with archaic housing that has not been expanded or renovated since the 1970s. addy5d663a42664add9a8f129e09c25b4c8c = addy5d663a42664add9a8f129e09c25b4c8c + 'nationalpolice' + '.' + 'go' + '.' + 'ke'; The order of Kenya Police ranks is as follows:[11], Former Kenya Police ranks and Kenya Police - Ranks and Insignia can be found at this reference.[12]. the police service, with special emphasis on outsourcing non-critical functions and its impact on their operational performance. As outlined in Part III, section 24 of the National Police Service Act, the functions of the Kenya Police are: • Provide assistance to the public when in need. 11.Senior Sergeant Functions of the Kenya Police Service. In 2012, the position of Inspector General was introduced to head the newly created National Police Service. DCI will focus on criminal investigations; There shall be one county commander and one sub-county commander.


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