In terms of equipment Edward primarily carried two cutlasses and four flintlock pistols on his person, in order to compensate for the long reload times of the firearms. Remembering the storm that sunk the Spanish Treasure Fleet, he suggested searching the wrecks for any medicine that might have survived. He eventually offered her the position of quartermaster in Adéwalé's absence, which she accepted. In terms of equipment Edward primarily carried two cutlasses and four flintlock pistols on his person, in order to compensate for the long reload times of the firearms. Inside, he was set upon by the Templars, but made full use of the complex's defenses, which had activated in responses to the Crystal Skull's removal, to dispose of them. Caroline was sad that Edward wanted to set out on a privateering cruise for two years, and Caroline wanted him to promise that he would be gone for no more than two years. He discovered Temples in Italy, as well as one one underneath Alamut. [4], Despite their differences in social status, Edward still pursued his love for Caroline. Affiliations Edward aided the Assassins in their [5], Reluctantly, James agreed to Edward's request not to assassinate Torres and Prins until they had uncovered the Sage's location. The four then traveled to the city docks to retrieve a man named Bartholomew Roberts, an alleged Sage who knew the Observatory's location. Shaken, Edward returned to the Jackdaw and eventually fought his way free of the attacking fleet. Edward set out to retrieve the medicine personally. Name: Edward James Kenway Rank: Admiral-Emperor Born: 1693 - Swansea Wales, British Empire Age: 29 (as of 1723) Occupation: Pirate Lord of the West Indies (Colloquially known as the Pirate King or Pirate Emperor, or simply the Admiral), Captain of the Jackdaw … Edward was the first member of the Kenway family to join the Templars, albeit unwittingly, while posing as Duncan Walpole. He was then set upon by El Tiburón, Torres right-hand man and bodyguard, whose blood had resided in the vial under Torres' name. [5], Despite the vested interest of both the Assassins and the Templars in the veteran pirate, Edward remained steadfastly focused on his own goals: power, infamy and proof that he was better than he was born to be. I want food that don't make me sick. The two lay next to each other, and Walpole told Kenway that he had to go to Havana. In 1735, he was killed by mercenaries in the employ of the Templar Grand Master Reginald Birch, in order to acquire the journal. [5], In 1719, Edward met with Roberts off the coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, but soon discovered he had been followed by Hornigold. Religion -Edward Kenway, reflecting on his life before aiding the Assassins, 1721. He subsequently took to piracy and joined Abel Bramah's crew, working aboard a brig named the Jacobite. After dispatching the soldiers, Edward introduced himself to Bonnet using Walpole's name and accompanied him to Havana. The former two mocked him, and Caroline and Mary berated his lust for gold and personal glory over anything else. and weakening British control over the island. Edward was born in Swansea, Wales, to Bernard and Linette Kenway; at the age of ten, his family relocated to a farm in Bristol, in South West England. When Torres eventually arrived, Rogers, Du Casse and "Walpole" were inducted into the Templar Order. Edward decided to use the opportunity to reach Roberts himself, and coerced Torres into aiding him.


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