But when the government of the United States along with other governments from around the world started looking for alternatives that were more energy-efficient, there wasn’t much time spent in assessing the impact that the new alternatives would have on human health. There are even some that you can find in Amazon. So let’s get to the basic things that you need to know about the different types of light bulbs that you can find in the market at present: This is the first one that we’re going to talk about and it’s also the oldest type of light bulb that you will find in the market. Best Infrared Garage Heater – Electric, Gas & Propane Reviewed! We will also see what other people are using and as well as discuss the ones that I recommend you should buy. Designers don’t recommend painting bedroom walls in red or buying red furniture. To encourage better sleep, swap nightlights in your bedroom to pink or red bulbs to prevent sleep disruption, and replace your standard bulbs with a red spectrum bulb. Harth Sleep-Shift Light Bulb. LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode which relies on diodes to produce its light. Blue Blocking Light Bulbs & Sleep Lighting. It’s a fairly simple design that has been widely used for over 150 years. Red LED Light Bulbs Are Best For Sleep . Over the years, advances in technology have led to one the fastest shifts in human history: the adoption of light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. Red light has the least power to shift sleep quality and suppress melatonin levels. This helps protect you against the leak of mercury that may happen with ordinary CFL in case the CFL bulb itself drops. Best Anti Radiation Phone Case – Cellphone Case to Protect yourself! Incandescent bulbs are highly inefficient, and while their light is gentle on the eyes and doesn’t affect brain chemistry, they burn out quickly and are bad for the environment. It’s also important to note that halogen bulbs burn incredibly hot that they can cause burns. First, let me discuss the impact that UV light on the human body. Halogen lights are a blue-spectrum light bulb that offer a white, bright light that mimics daylight. Flicker has both physiological and neurological effects on our bodies, such as eye strain, fatigue, headaches, and difficulty concentrating. The red spectrum stimulates melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland that aids in falling asleep while cancelling sleep disrupting blue light that may be emitted from electronic devices. Some Harvard recommendations for protecting yourself and getting a good night’s sleep: Use dim red lights for night lights. Avoid the daylight in your home, especially in the evening to reduce melatonin disruption. Expert in EMF radiation, Dr. Magda Havas has published in her paper the following statement: “The energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights that are commercially available generate radiofrequency radiation and ultraviolet radiation, they contain mercury—a known neurotoxin, and they are making some people ill. Light emitting diodes, or LED lighting has become the most common option for home light bulbs due to their efficiency. Red LED bulbs contain high amounts of lead, while white LEDs contain high amounts of nickel. LED light bulbs pose two types of dangers and they are as follows: LED light bulbs belong to the fluorescent light category which contains a driver, a fluorescent sheet, and blue light. In fact, this new bulb is uniquely inspired by the patent-pending sunset gradient lenses used in select TrueDark® Twilights blue light blocking eyewear. Using our proprietary spectrum technology we can deliver flicker free LED light that has no sleep distrusting blue or green light ensuring optional deep and restful sleep.The bedtime bulb is the ideal light source to be used when your ready to wind down and prepare your body for sleep. But since the wirings in most homes were installed during the time when the only available lighting was incandescent bulbs, they’re only designed to perform that. Unlike conventional lighting solutions that emit, bulb is uniquely inspired by the patent-pending sunset gradient lenses used in select, TrueDark® Twilights blue light blocking eyewear. Red spectrum doesn’t refer to the physical appearance of the light and they give of a “normal” glow while still stimulating melatonin production. Choosing a safe light bulb can be tough especially if you want to stick to the ones that are energy-efficient. NO HEADACHES, NO EYESTRAIN:The Twilight Bedtime Bulb is engineered to provide more a comfortable night-time light. It produces the perfect amount of light for evening activities prior to bed: not too bright, not too dim. Alpha Emerged - Longevity in Peak Performance - Health Coaching - Executive Physicals - Epigenetics Coach, (304) 808-1405 | 130 Professional Place Bridgeport, WV 26330. This means that blue light does not only affect sleep but also your overall health. And it does not only come from the light bulb itself but also from the dirty electricity that is being created within the wirings. The wirings that we have at home are mostly on the 50 to 60 Hz range depending on which country you live in. But sunlight that can have plenty of health benefits which includes vitamin D and it is something that can’t be produced by artificial light. Color: Orange/Amber. The BlockBlueLight Twilight Bulb is 100% blue and green light free, has zero flicker, and is low EMF. However, there are health concerns that are coming to light regarding LED bulbs. They still provide plenty of light to read and see and give off a sunset-deep orange to red glow. LOHAS Sleep Aid Light Bulbs have a 2500k color temperature that falls between normal Bright White and Soft White colored bulbs. , which is great for daytime, but counterproductive at night. Also, it’s best to not use halogen bulbs after dusk because the blue light spectrum can keep your brain awake and inhibit the production of melatonin. If you decide to buy through a link on this page, we may earn an affiliate commission. Just like LED type bulbs, the wiring that we have at home is not designed to serve the demands of CFLs which is why dirty electricity is produced. These bulbs may be old but they are still used even up to now. Not sure you’ll be a fan of a rosy-hued room? Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more…, © 2020 BlockBlueLight UK. To sum up. Blue light is something that you’d want to avoid especially a few hours before bedtime and this is because blue light like the one that comes from your laptop, smartphone or the LED bulbs that you see everywhere is capable of suppressing melatonin which is the hormone that regulates the quality of your sleep and wakefulness. Unlike conventional light bulbs that emit melatonin-suppressing blue-green light, red light bulbs won’t alter your internal clock and inhibit your sleep. They are also less expensive compared to most LED bulbs. Mixing these appliances, gadgets, and other electrical stuff at home produces unusable electricity that then gets trapped within the wiring of your home. So be sure to purchase some and stock them up while you still have the chance. The older style of bulbs would actually emit orange or yellow which contained less of the blue light compared to the new bulbs. The instant you switch it on, you'll feel the muscles in your eyes relax. The restorative abilities of your eyes are also affected by blue light and it also has negative effects on the balancing of blue and red light that we receive from the spectrum of the normal source of light which is the sun. It’s on your smartphone’s screen, the monitor on your computer at work, and the television that you have at home. This process isn’t that efficient. S. harp cost reductions, improvements in performance, and policy support have been driving forces for this revolution. They will actually produce dirty electricity and as well as EMF radiation. As you will see later on, there are newer light bulbs that are more energy-efficient which definitely would change the electricity in our homes. The TrueLight Luna Red™ Sunset Sleep Light Bulb is designed to help people fall and stay asleep faster, naturally, at nighttime. Research shows green light also has an impact on our melatonin production and overall sleep quality. Low-lumen (less than 4W) fixtures are preferable for night lights. - Wavelengths blocked – 100% between 380-580nm, - Brightness: 200lm (20-40 Watt Equivalent). If you’re ready to invest in wellness solutions that lead you to achieving peak performance, experiencing energy, and having the mental clarity to create strategies and solutions that transform your life, schedule a consultation. Home lighting solutions have seen a huge transformation over the past several decades, the biggest shift being the adoption of LEDs. I recommend using the frosted or clear. s – and it still may not be enough to induce sleep. Compact fluorescent bulbs were the first energy efficient bulbs to replace incandescent light bulbs. Auto On/Off Night Light: … It’s important to wear gloves and a mask if you have to clean up a broken LED bulb. These provide sufficient brightness and colour, all while removing 100% of the harmful blue light. These bulbs can increase risk of macular degeneration, a disease of the eye that leads to blindness. They’re the standard and simple type of light bulbs which we used to put in every lamp and bulb sockets at home. All BlockBlueLight lights have been designed to be flicker-free. It simulates natural, relaxing light from sources like candles and fireplaces, which helps induce relaxation and sleep onset. For optimal sleep, use red spectrum light bulbs in your bedroom in the evening. , but artificial blue light – especially too much of it – can throw off your body’s. is designed to help people fall and stay asleep faster, 3000K (equivalent to evening dusk), and 1000K (a warm red for late at night). This also helps the body in maintaining its internal clock more efficiently. These bulbs are white colored but have a yellow tint when turned on. These are just a few of the reasons why LEDs are found almost everywhere. Everyone used to have incandescent light bulbs before and they looked very similar to the ones that Thomas Edison had invented back in 1878. Conversely, red and amber light bulbs provide a much healthier option for those that want the ability to move around their home or do other nightly activities in the evening without disrupting their internal clock. You may be surprised to find that the light bulbs you use can play a role in how you sleep, how you wake up, and even your overall health. Red is a color often associated with passion, power, aggression, anger, even fear. We developed the SweetDreams Bulb to be a more general purpose bulb for use throughout the home  to replace most 40w and 60w bulbs. – Marika Sboros(4). This is exactly the case that we’ve seen with incandescent bulbs as we compared it with the other artificial sources of light that are found in the market at present. alter your internal clock and inhibit your sleep. Let’s get started by talking about the basics. The BlockBlueLight Twilight Bulb has been specially designed to remove 100% of blue AND 100% of green light. Powered by Shopify. (1)  With that said, energy efficiency does not account for the health impacts of artificial junk light on the mind and body. If you are serious about your sleep, these are the bulbs for you! Their light does not contain any blue spectrum components that will make it hard for you to fall asleep. Premium supplier of blue and artificial light blocking products. I really hope that that this guide has somehow helped you in choosing the safest type of light bulb for your home. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? If that wasn’t bad enough, CFL bulbs also give off UVB lighting and high levels of blue light, which, as we’ve mentioned can disrupt sleep and cause insomnia. Over the years, advances in technology have led to one the fastest shifts in human history: the adoption of light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. While these bulbs are efficient, they are rapidly falling out of favor, with good reason. and Receive 10% off your first order! As technology improves, so will the health issues that we need to consider over the comfort that we can get. This has the ability to get your brain fooled thinking that it’s a type of natural light but it does not help in protecting you against the dangers that can come as a result of exposure to blue light, especially during the night.


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