so as the example take a reaction, aA+ bB- cC. Type of substance Composition: mono-constituent substance Origin: inorganic Total tonnage band Total range: Intermediate Use … Synonyms & Trade Names Pentachlorophosphorus, Phosphoric chloride, Phosphorus perchloride CAS No. Related Pages. 2-8°C Assuming that there is a metal named in the compound (i.e. Boiling point 160 °C density 1.6 vapor pressure 0.016 hPa (20 °C) storage temp. 1806 137. Phosphorus pentachloride; CAS Number: 10026-13-8; Synonym: Phosphorus pentachloride, Phosphorus(V) chloride; Linear Formula: Cl5P; find Sigma-Aldrich-8.45138 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich. in the same way PCL5 IS the chemical formula of phosphorus pentachloride. Here valency of phosphorus=5. Phosphorus pentachloride) the formula is simply the metal symbol followed by Cl5 (i.e. IUPAC name : Phosphorus pentachloride Phosphorus(V) chloride Other names Pentachlorophosphorane Identifiers CAS number 10026-13-8 PubChem 24819 EC number 233-060-3 UN number 1806 RTECS number TB6125000 Jmol-3D images Image 1 SMILES Properties Molecular formula PCl5 Molar mass 208.24 g/mol Appearance colourless crystals Density 2.1 g/cm3 Melting point 166.8 °C, 440.0 K, 332.2 … Phosphorus pentachloride. PCl ₅. TB6125000. Purity: 98.5% min Melting point 179-181°C (subl.) Phosphorus pentachloride phosphorus chloride(pcl5); Phosphorus V chloride; Light yellow crystal or powder CAS: 10026-13-8 Molecular formular: PCl5 Molecular weight: 208.24 EINECS: 233-060-3. and that of chlorine=1. Phosphorus pentachloride is the chemical compound with the formula PCl 5.It is one of the most important phosphorus chlorides, others being PCl 3 and POCl 3.PCl 5 finds use as a chlorinating reagent. Formula. It is a colourless, water-sensitive solid, although commercial samples can be yellowish and contaminated with hydrogen chloride. IF VALency of a=2{suppose}and that of C=5 then formula ofAC=A5C2. 10026-13-8 RTECS No. Phosphorus pentachloride EC Number: 233-060-3 EC Name: Phosphorus pentachloride CAS Number: 10026-13-8 Molecular formula: Cl5P IUPAC Name: pentachloro-lambda5-phosphane . PCL5 is the required formula. DOT ID & Guide. for Phosphorus pentachloride the formula is PCl5).


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