Alltel Stadium, Jacksonville, FL, November 12, 2001: So much has happened in the world and to see it on all those screens again would be full of emotion and musically would top it all . 20 April, 2020 . The screen used for the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour was the largest, unobscured, highest resolution LED video screen (nearly 8k) ever used in a touring show. All rights reserved. Maybe you can send some of them a private message to meet up or talk about this show. it is by far their best era in every sense...especially since they started out stripping their serious faces for a more mischievous one. P.S. If you do, please don't forget Manila, PH! i went with my 2 brothers, had to park at least 2 miles away and as we got nearer and the amount of people get bigger you could feel this was gonna be something amazing. On this page you can see which members attended or are going to attend this show. ), Angel Of Harlem, When Love Comes To Town, Satellite Of Love, Bad-All I Want Is You, Bullet The Blue Sky, Running To Stand Still, Where The Streets Have No Name, Pride (In The … TrackBack URL: El contenido temático salvo modificaciones tecnológicas puntuales, podría perfectamente estar activo en estos días y no perdería vigencia en su mensaje. Fri Aug 20 1993. Would love to see Zoo Tv again in all it's glory . From Zoo Station and The Fly to Angel of Harlem and Love is Blindness…we’re screening this legendary show from 1993 for 48 hours for all our subscribers. August 14, 1993 - Leeds, England - Roundhay Park. Currently we have 16 reviews for you to read. It goes under various monikers but the most common are the aforementioned "Pump It Up George" and also "Le Cock-Up". Lucky me, I have done so 30+ times. Absolutely brilliant, I haven’t watched that concert in ages. I missed the original tour back in 1992. Both recognize the pivot, that God is at the center of the jaunt. SSE Arena, London, England, November 12, 2019: Then he showed up onstage with U2. Please.Please.Please.... Any chance this could come back again? I’ve got some past tour dvds from my membership here, but who even plays dvds anymore. “This place makes Wembley Stadium look like a bowling green”! U2 bootlegs by the concert date, Leeds 1993. All they cared about was the music. Need a 1080p blu-ray with DTS HD-master sound. Hoping to add to my 34 excellent nights seeing these guys when all this suffering is over. This show in Sydney i have seen so many times when it came out, but brings me back to the nineties again. 2020 and streaming is the future. As somebody (ttv), streaming of best of tours should be always available. The first time I saw U2 was at Roundhay Park, Leeds, on this tour and it was ridiculous. The set list was the norm from previous shows on this tour. The FM recording is clearly the best and as PopMart shows go this is as good as any and substantially better than most. Absolutely the dog's bollocks from start to finish. I saw the email late and resubscribed, only to find that I'd missed the whole thing! @U2 provides U2 news, U2 photographs, U2 lyrics, and other U2 information in a non-profit, educational setting for anyone interested in learning about the Irish rock band U2. -- Bono, @U2 Home Page - U2 News, Lyrics, Tour Dates & more We would like to know which shows you attended and which shows you are going to attend. Entertainment Center, Sydney, Australia, November 12, 2017: August 12, 1993 - London, England - Wembley Stadium was the previous entry in this blog. This page contains a single entry by Jonathan published on August 14, 1993 11:46 PM. | Zoo TV - 4th Leg - Zooropa | Again. 40 concerts 40 Years old. I was at this Sydney gig but only as a cleaner. The last MacPhisto performance in 2018 was a great flashback in time with a new twist. Yet in true U2 style they made the venue look as if it was not big enough. "I feel that we are meant to be one of the great groups. Lets see what we van do now with this equipment Years later ;), Or better yet Achtung Baby Anniversary tour and Zoo TV ... one can only dream, WOW!! Thank you for the stream in these times and stay save. Bring on better times with the ZooTV30 2022/23 tour. We want more Zoo more TV, I’d guess that this has been suggested elsewhere. « August 12, 1993 - London, England - Wembley Stadium The Live Format - Single Cover, Recording Zooropa, The Factory, Dublin 1993. Not sure if that was a sideways stab at George Harrison or merely a comment on the meteorological situation (or both) but it's one of my favourite songs and I loved it! I have smiled, laughed and cried with their songs. Answers to all your questions and a lot of general information, we have documented it all on our, "The last two weeks of the making of any U2 album are 'chaos'. Please, how about a Zoo TV Anniversary Tour? We're active on these social networks -- connect with us for more great U2 content. National Exhibition Centre Arena, Birmingham, England, November 12, 1987: L'emozione più forte la vivo con Satellite of love con Lou Reed sugli schermi che duetta con Bono. November 12, 1980: Thanks for bringing these memories back with this video! Perhaps a ZooTV Anniversary box for 2021??? At the time, this video filled me with the drive and desire to travel the world to watch them perform live. The Joshua Tree Tour 2019-New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore & S Korea, U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour 2018-North America & Europe, Added Dates-Mexico City, South America, US, The Joshua Tree Tour 2017-North America and Europe UK, iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015-North America & Europe, iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015-Packages, POPMART-Leg 5: 1998, Australia, Japan, South Africa, ZOOTV-Leg 3 (Outside Broadcast): 1992, North America, Lovetown-Leg 1: 1989, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Unforgettable Fire-Leg 4: 1985, North America, Unforgettable Fire-Leg 2: 1984, North America, Unforgettable Fire-Leg 1: 1984, Under Australian Skies, War-Leg 2: 1983, America, European Festivals, Japan, October-Leg 2: 1981/82, North America/Europe, Leg 3 (Outside Broadcast): 1992, North America, Stay (Faraway, So Close!) Excellent once again by the U2 team; thank you for the memories. From the front to the sides and right upto the back of the hill, everyone sung, danced and screamed out and joined in with the greatest band of all time. Leeds, Roundhay Park - August 14, 1993 Guardare un palco così spettacolare e così imponente con la luce del giorno ci fa immaginare a cosa succederà da li a poco..... Inizia il concerto e quando si vede Bono sugli schermi iniziamo a saltare e cantare con Zoo Station. My first U2 concert was in zoo tv tour, in Lisboa, may 1993. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Arms Park. Below the concert list is a list of all songs and snippets played at this location. Zoo tv. Bill Carter has the story behind it. What an innovative and professional show! How can I convert these files to MP3? La puesta en escena inspiradora de lo venidero, la tecnología como el nuevo Dios, el ejemplo de que las herramientas no son malas por si mismas, sino que dependen del uso que le brinden sus mortales. Roundhay Park. Blessings! Entertainment Center, Sydney, Australia, November 12, 2017: Stadio Flaminio, 6 luglio del 1993. I remember back in the 90’s going to see that concert in Roundhay Park Leeds UK, I couldn’t believe the size of the stage and when U2 came on and the stage came to life Wow. Award-winning site sharing U2 news since 1995. - Steve Lillywhite describes the making of an U2 album. Honored by Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Hot Press, NME, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and more. I have watched so many Zoo TV clips, concerts, snippets, tv interviews even books and I never get tired of it. Anyhow, the people who did brave the elements made a lot of noise and contributed their bit to a top night. Novelist Salman Rushdie was in hiding for fear of his life for many years. U2 has performed 2 times in Roundhay Park. Read more in our. We encourage everyone that either attended or listened to this show to write a review. Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, NV, November 12, 1993: that's what I'm talking about...1080P!!! The simple celebration of music became a celebration of the end of the war.' I was 15 years old, my first proper rock concert and had possibly one of the last row seats in the SCG that night. A week ahead of U2's Zagreb shows, Bill Carter remembers what it was like when U2 played Sarajevo in 1997... and how a city under siege had become a defining image of the ZOO TV Tour. Of course you can also upload your own high resolution and high quality photos easily. Recorded At – Roundhay Park; Notes Live at Roundhay Park Leeds 28-08-1997 Recommendations Reviews Add Review [r4464777] Release. Screening ended, add your reviews in comments. Roundhay Park is located in Leeds , England In this latest highlight from our archives he recalls how it all came about. It was raining heavily when we arrived and it never relented all day and evening. Join our Watch Party on October 30th to celebrate 20 years of All That You Can't Leave Behind! Leeds Roundhay Park is HUGE! Then he wrote a song with them. Copyright © 1997-2018 Starting at 15 with the Zooropa tour 1993 Gran finale con Can't Help Falling In Love di Elvis Presley. The simple celebration of music became a celebration of the end of the war.' How do I play this? Honored by Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Hot Press, NME, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and more. Fervently hoping this virus pandemic will be over real soon, but maybe in 2022, for the 30th Zoo TV Tour anniversary?? No low resolution or low quality photos are accepted, you only see the very best of the best. This is Bono’s opening comment to the 90’000 crowd and a quick glance around and you could see what he meant. Stay safe everyone. amazing. Given the conditions the crowd was amazing, probably in no small part because we all had hypothermia and were trying (unsuccessfully) to get warm. This was my “Miracle“, out of the world. Their skills as showmen, their tour concepts and the message in most of their songs, unmatched. Bono in grande forma. I look forward to the next one. Zoo TV. November 12, 1980: We were on duty as soon as the show ended and worked through the night cleaning the stadium. Anche li è stata una serata ed un concerto straordinario ed indimenticabile. Edge was on fire tonight and Bullet was particularly good, as was HMTMKMKM. Shame they never played ‘With Or Without You’. Great band, great show, great weather and one massive, massive, massive crowd! A really clear and deep recording and an absolute must-have for any U2 fans collection. 3. BC Place, Vancouver, Canada, November 12, 1992: Yes, it’s been released before but it was obvious the audio has been tweaked! Love Zoo TV and would love to see this show again, gutted that I missed out on it! There's a certain chemistry that was special about the Stones, The Who and The Beatles and I think it's also special about U2." © v7.2 (2006-2020) - U2start is not affiliated with U2, their management, record label or any related bodies. I remember the huge video screen along the back was very vibrant and crystal clear - the colours were so vivid. Unfortunately I lost them on a drunken night out a few months later. The available recordings are sorted on the type of recording and the quality of the recording. This was amazing! Welcome to our audio page, on this page you can download lossy (MP3) and sometimes even the lossless (mostly FLAC) audio recordings (also known as bootlegs) of this show.


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