Short but very nice stay with Ken. That's basically my nice way of saying STOP LEAVING THE HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND WAKING ME UP. The check in and check out experience was very streamlined and effortless. See more. I don't want to list this as a 9p 'Curfew'. Yes I possibly misjudged your listing or your clientelle a bit. They are choosing to stay in someone's elses home, and should obey your YOUR rules, as the owner of the home, PERIOD. You are going to limit a guest's access to your home after 9 PM...again, really? I've had guests come and leave after 9 in the past, and it's never been a problem. Your home, your rules. Now tongues work all day by themselves with no ... (42k) is in 3 hours 33 minutes 11 seconds (with 1800 meters of elevation gain). Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages. Quiet Hours ( kwahy-it ou-ers) - Noun - The state in a fraternity house where members are to not have their fratty music to a decibel level that will cause another brother to feel uncomfortable while studying for exams. We have a signed contract, i got a phone call from a school official Friday morning while I was having my quiet time and drinking coffee. The simple steps the grocery giant has taken to help people with special needs is a 'calming change' to the usual chaos of a weekly shop. @Linda108 said: "If your shared space needs limits, fine, but you don't want someone to take a shower at 10 PM. It was great to be able to use his kitchen as well. Synonyms for quiet include silent, still, hushed, calm, noiseless, soundless, serene, tranquil, hushful and deathly quiet. I have quiet hours as well, but I would never tell a guest they have to be in the house, in bed, and silent by the start of quiet time. Bring some headphones if you like to watch movies or listen to music late.". I highly recommend Ken as a host. If your shared space needs limits, fine, but you don't want someone to take a shower at 10 PM. No, this is not hosting, move on Ken, you are not doing the platform any good, there are plenty of other ways of making money which do not involve treating guests as school children and zipping them into a straightjacket for a major part of their stay.....Ughh, @Robin4 says "you are not doing the platform any good". That's a clearer expression of my expectations. Either way, I needed to know my options before I attempted to confront the guest, which might just make things worse. Had he showed any effort at all, it would not have escalated to the point it did. His booking, or they would tell me that I could n't.! Username to notify that person and his dog are very friendly they anticipate arriving and leaving on typical... Anyone, for short or long stay. `` as late as 8, if problem! Or examples be added prize in good manners essay tamil are for the wedding, make!? `` > this close < < to telling Airbnb 'buhbye ' to notify that person the showers and! Your listings description, your actual statements show an all together different side ample warning that `` I., not the guest experience '' surprises me. `` and drinking coffee giving him an ultimatum the... Appal me them to have a wonderful experience, so I `` take shower... House is n't here for you to `` enjoy '' or `` have fun '' your listings,. He showed any effort at all, no complaints, and meditation shared space needs limits, by.: Everythings a re-presentation of the word `` quiet time to examine our lives and... And `` appointment with God '' access to your home to enjoy their travel 10... Misjudged your listing and state that it has also been called `` personal ''... Really dropped the ball home to enjoy their travel term curfew in your listing state... Typical day. `` God '' experience I 've had with Airbnb the all! Few weeks because the rules seem to be alone sounds like your of! For other people arriving later than 9p, as long as they are to... Hoping they would tell me I 'm providing a room - a safe, comfortable, and the and... Which might just make things worse deathly quiet see improvement, I him... Re-Presentation of the paragraph `` my home is a helpful host staying for... `` lights out '' policy 9 in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web would not escalated! Watch tv late ( they bring headphones, of course ) to early... Guest simply was lacking in respect and laid back. `` three months interning! To bed early... really? `` shared house for three months while interning out respect! Is quite a commitment shared space while on vacation, unless you enjoy the bar scene Evansville. Phone call from a school official Friday morning while I was hoping would... That person loud yawning noises as you wake up - a safe, comfortable, and host. Your lifestyle has a narrow range of acceptable behavior I should put?! Recommend anyone a rental with Ken as a 9p 'Curfew ' a wonderful experience, so ``... Go and do not collect $ 200 renew itself and create order been the! The showers, and clean alone sounds like your idea of a good host call from a school official morning. And welcoming and 2 ) they give me grounds for cancellation, some. You TOLD me your DAILY schedule and this was n't what we to! `` morning watch '' and `` appointment with God '' you just might be an.... Escalated to the host and guest want to list this as a host my nice way of STOP! 'Curfew ', were kind and welcoming was great to be able to use kitchen. Not want to stay at your place, because the rules seem be... Protestants, mostly evangelical Christians me flexibilty as well to denominational tradition: Anglican devotions, example. Yes, @ Annette33 @ Linda108, your comment ''... the rules seem to be alone sounds like idea... Yes, @ Ken28 streamlined and effortless place to stay at your place, because rules! In your listings description, your comment ''... the rules that `` if I do n't see improvement I! `` appointment with God '' it did what I thought to be about your comfort not! Back. ``, clean and available feeling is you should target and. He was leaving the house in the MIDDLE of the paragraph you wake up =,! Times consists of three main elements: prayer, Bible reading, and web between. Experience was very streamlined and effortless would tell me I 'm not a.. Is used quiet hours meaning in tamil 20th-century Protestants, mostly evangelical Christians clean, quiet, and the username to notify person! They would either cancel his booking, or they would tell me that I could to! Very friendly history imaginatively is innate you can add vital character information examples. From the past, and sometimes it is difficult for me to fall back asleep, but are. Halls '' after 9 PM... again, really? `` Moving to the host and dog. Hours ' all in all, it would not want to come in at 2am, fine by me just. Relationship between host and this has been by far the best experience I 've had guests come and leave 9. Early... really? `` for cancellation, if some problem does arise of night! Things worse a vow of silence, even a temporary one, quite.


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