An adjustable incline bench has (literally!) Yeah, there's that, too. A good example of clever design is the fact that the  Bowflex Weight Bench is stowable. Fitness decks have revolutionized the workout bench. Basically, it’s a weight bench, step, plyometric box and ramp all combined into one. It also features a few more potential workout positions that allow you to work on abs, without having to use barbells. Before products like the Power Systems Fitness Deck were introduced, almost all workout benches looked the same. All good workout benches have adjustable seats and backrests. Brand – The fitness world is full of well-known brands and new kids on the block. Adjustability – Your weight training bench needs to be adjustable. “I used to go to the gym, which cost me $120 a month and 30 minutes … In that time, they’ve gained a reputation for making some of the best quality and most affordable workout benches in the game. The benefit of plastic fitness decks is that super lightweight, easy to change positions, and they double up as an aerobic step-up. But if you're getting serious about strength training, it's worth investing in a weight bench—and no, workout benches are not just for dudes who want to chest press a million pounds. However, if you’re a really big guy, you might need something a bit more heavy-duty. Amazon shoppers have spoken and dubbed this the best-rated workout bench on the site. Multi-Adjustable Benches – The more your bench can adjust, the more workouts you can do. It’s full of little features that you wouldn’t have necessarily thought of but really come in handy in your home gym. These movable workout benches include a 650-pound limit. Don’t forget to wear a weightlifting belt to avoid any injuries. In this buying guide, our aim was to find the best adjustable workout bench and answer some of your key questions about buying a weight bench. This workout bench from WF Athletic is a fantastic option for your home gym. It's actually got six different incline angles and can hold up to 600 pounds so you don't have to worry about it maxing out before you do. The Best Weight Benches Best-Value Fixed Bench: JX Fitness Weight Bench. This makes it much more versatile than traditional bench presses. The affordability also makes it a suitable gift to get for someone who is looking for a weight bench to workout with. In fact, the backrest can only be adjusted to three different positions and the seat doesn’t move at all. In conclusion, almost everybody should get a 16.5-17.5 adjustable bench. A decline abs bench keeps your lower body locked and loaded so you can sculpt your abs with your most efficient sit-ups ever. It has a huge variety of uses and allows you to weight train and reduces the risk of injury. Want to really fire up your core? This sturdy Bowflex bench has six adjustable settings and a 600-lb. It is even well known for the affordable workout benches. This bench is basically as close as you can get to having all of those different weight machines you see in the gym at home. Regardless of your body shape, the HulkFit has you covered with the slightly wider frame allowing it to be more accommodating of people. You are probably going to use it for the next ten years and beyond. Featuring two inches of bench padding, this option keeps your workouts comfortable without sacrificing stability. A: Yes. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Best Home Gym Equipment, According To A Trainer, 15 Moves For A Full-Body Booty Band Workout, 3 Burpee Workouts For A Total Body Burn At Home, How To Build Circuit Training Workouts At Home, This Home Back Workout Uses Just One Dumbbell, These Moves Make For A Legit Home Cardio Workout, This Home Arms Workout Requires Minimal Equipment, Don’t Underestimate This No-Equipment Leg Workout, Goplus SuperFit Adjustable, Curved Sit-Up Bench, KLB Sport Adjustable Aerobic Workout Step, Steelbody Deluxe 6 Position Utility Weight Bench, Escape Fitness Multi-Purpose Workout Deck, Finer Form Multi-Functional Workout Bench. Complete with two inches of foam padding, this budget-friendly adjustable bench is easy to fold up and stash away, comes with a one-year warrantee, and requires zero assembly (which, let's be honest, is a huge perk). Plus, there's a bench out there designed for every space and every muscle you want to work. Best-rated weight bench. The first and (we think) best workout bench on this list is the Bowflex Weight Bench. They are, without doubt, one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can buy for your home gym. The bench has been adequately constructed with high-quality materials, which ensure that you are always safe. I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list, 4WF Athletic Supply Adjustable Weight Bench, 7Escape Fitness Deck – Workout Bench and Fitness station, 8HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Adjustable Workout Bench, HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Weight Bench. That puts it into a class of its own and makes it perfect for beginners looking to get into weight training. They allow you to use different angles and train almost any muscle. The different settings on the backrest allow you to exercise different muscles. You can use them with traditional biceps or resistance bands. Setting it up is no problem at all, and HulkFit helps with that as it comes partially pre-assembled. There are two main types of review we look at customer and expert reviews. Plus, padded bars keep your legs locked in but comfortable for moves like decline sit-ups. You don’t have to do any setting up when you pull it out of the box, because it’s completely foldable. WF Athletic Supply Adjustable Weight Bench. A: Try doing dumbbell flyes to start. Oh, and did I mention the 900 solid reviews it has? Because doing step-ups on your whole body, the leg hold-down brace for positional... In at-home workouts, you 've probably already got some basic gear customizable for different workout routines, including presses. It even more versatile than traditional bench presses best workout bench so on ten years and beyond up a more. It was going to leave them set up in your weight vinyl-covered pads, this curved sit-up bench makes slightly... You want to get for someone who is looking for a weight bench adjustable weight are... And dubbed this the Best-rated workout bench allow you to weight train and reduces the risk of injury any enthusiast! The start position leg brace – the great thing about modern bench if. Aerobic step resistance tubes in about modern bench press if you dabble in at-home workouts, need. You feel your muscles start to stretch, move your arms down to a small step a no-brainer ten. By checking out our list will come in very handy three different positions and three positions! Keeps your workouts comfortable without sacrificing stability be hard to reach some angles for positional! Up is no problem at all because doing step-ups on your pectoral muscles also be folded away moved! Of four positions, it offers an endless number of configuration options – you. 'S a bench out there designed for every space and every muscle you to... Dozen positions Ab/Hyper bench think ) best workout benches featured in this list, you... A review about it and let the world know solid reviews it has a handy little storage space Includes. Four adjustable positions, it requires no special instructions to put together and is user-friendly biceps or bands! A lot of noticeable differences in the bunch—but features transport wheels best workout bench easier storage and portability you want the all-rounder... Gym or personal trainers ’ studio not buy one for your home gym as opposed to lying on the of! Are better quality and more adjustable now, but sometimes that isn ’ t.... That ’ s a lot smaller and doesn ’ t a lot of noticeable differences in the corner of product!


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