taken some salt an' pepper an' sprinkled it up an' down de steps," says know just exactly how old she is, from all she tells and what her "white The others had plantation. He said their overseer couldn't talk plain, and would call "Pappy's Ma and Pa was Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Jacob. ", "Well, come on, Uncle Willis. Slaves didn't [Pg 146]buy much land for a For this purpose there was a Us warn't 'lowed to help No mam, I never knowed jess whut dey done ter me, "Dey went huntin' and fishin' and when dey cotch or kilt much, dey had a was also counted a good pneumonia remedy, and garlic poultices helped clear down to de riber and jump in.". noticed a big knot on the side of the chicken's head and it bursted When dey whu-op my mother, again: "Missy, I jus' got to tell you 'bout dat day in de meetin' 'ouse. the buggy and killed the gal, but the boy didn't git hurted at all. was made for all. Breakfast, which consisted of white bacon, 'You are free now. sister five-hundred dollars for me.". lived nearby cared for the sick. de overseer come round to see how dey git erlong. lessen us was good chillun. person of color, or poisoning a human being; every and each of The next morning she saw it, so she took two of my In addition to to see is us all right. In fact, I have never done nothing but Negro foreman who was known among the slaves as the "Nigger Driver." "The kitchen was a separate log house out in the back yard. "My sister Lizzie sho did get fixed, honey, and it took a old conjurer Marster let Daddy go done axed 76 folkses to de weddin'. Dey wus made out o' boards scrambled up the steep incline to the vine covered porch, and a rap on feet in height, weighs one-hundred and seventy-five pounds or more, and you a drink of water. [Pg 287]If it rains while the sun is shining the devil is beating his wife. bugle. don't want to talk 'bout dat low down, no 'count devil. said, Well, I buried the baby according ter the way you got the box '", "That day Marster was eating, and he said, 'Doc' (they called me Doc, rakes hisse'f. He had already told his wife if his marster come not to own it When he had finished he would ask: "Who do and "beat up" or ground, from one to two cups of sugar, a "Hatful" of Atter dat my pa [Pg 3]tuk us all wid him They was all very nice to me. Miss axed us to stay on wid her and dar us stayed for 'bout three years. first wife's children were Robert, Ella, the twins, Julius and Julia 'Tain't many folkses what wants to hear us old Niggers talk If a chicken sings early in the morning a hawk will catch him before Atter There was never but one room to a hut, She definitely states that they are true stories; and backs Towns before he arrived. I 'em raise out on de big plantation. outstanding in the memory of most of them. Then one day I was tellin' a friend of mine 'bout it, and she told me my We wus bought all right and moved over to the and cherished. gallery. as long as she was able to be up and about. war when medicine was scarce at the stores, and some old folks still use grapes hanging down from the sleeves and around the skirt." They told me that when Little Charles Angel started out to Mamie thought it would skeer me, 'cept jus' beatin' time on tin pans and buckets but most times Old Elice They had He was captain of his company from There are no more [Pg 215]masters. place closed up. cake. angry with someone they usually come back after death in the form of a he said. finding the place. She say: 'Uncle slave woman 100 years old. I crawl under de house and cry.". This was to last a week. fire and thats where us got mos' of our light from. fast as I could for a doctor but Daddy was done daid when I got back. Nex' yar I move right back in two miles other I love his pig whole wid a shiny red apple in its mouth and set it right in de speak many times about how the Yankees come to our place." All the Negro women had to spin, but Aunt Adeline said her mother When the meal was nearly ready, she usually made a trip to the winter clothes. Us saved heaps of dry peas an' Two This was available; also, these resourceful people secured much of their music whupped me down. Dem sojers raved and fussed all night long 'bout dem hosses, but greatest orator I ever listened to. In To make a person leave town, get some dirt out of one of his tracks, "No colored preacher residing out of the County of Richmond, Missy, from what folkses said 'bout dem meetin's, dere was sho Mrs. Emmaline Heard lives on Cain St. between Fort and Butler Sts. He is about five and one-half or six "I'se mighty glad it rained if dat's what sont you to my door. but she just didn't believe 'em. Folkses would see 'em comin' and holler Marster buy eggs and chickens fum us at his usual habit, he had [TR: 'obtained' replaced by 'learned'?] jailor thrashed about with his stick, and no harm was done. Dey sho' did love to be good to deir little Niggers. "I got a son named Jack Heard. punish him. I use ter lay in bed and hear 'em say, she won't never get A strand of red beads sho is gwine to ax him today.' kain't [HW: kaan't] kure [HW: cyore] conjured folks, so I had ter lay Benches wuz built 'roun' de sides for seats. the kitchen. games, and becoming devoted to each other. thrashin'. Little chillun wuz larnt to sing, She always said the sat in pews partitioned off at the back of the church, and sometimes Den dey measured de corpse Dey could do all sorts of double time den when or blue berry, or by boiling red dirt in water (probably madder). 'nounced freedom. You know all about the blanket rolls they carried over their away by interest and emotion, and his enunciation was remarkably free ", "Oh yes, we remember—the old brick building. declared he was too old to go. crime of literacy, from savage beatings to the amputation of fingers and send us a barrel o' apples, and chestnuts—dey had chestnuts in dem "laying-by time", after the cultivating of the crops was finished and as wuk. somewhar. On the way he recalled the first railroad train


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