In May 2009, Bristol Aerospace received a contract from MDA for the preliminary design upgrade of the MAC-200 bus. What is new about the RADARSAT Constellation Mission? One way to maximize ship signal level is to image with cell size resolution comparable to the size of ship to be detected, as clearly coarser resolution leads to lower signal level in a σο image, and finer resolution eventually leads to the ship RCS (Radar Cross Section) being spread over multiple pixels. To provide the desired coverage of Canada's maritime areas requires that the system provides an imaging swath of about 1000 km. Components and technical specifications; comparison between RADARSAT-1, RADARSAT-2 and the RCM. [7] The RCM will provide the world's most advanced, comprehensive method of maintaining Arctic sovereignty, conducting coastal surveillance, and ensuring maritime security. RCM will primarily collect wide-area data with an average daily revisit of Canada and daily access to 95% of the world. Foresterie, agriculture, aires protégées, habitat faunique, terres humides et côtes. As an alternative, the waveform samples can be generated at a lower rate that also meets the Nyquist requirements and eases the storage and memory bus bandwidth requirements. The transmit pulse is generated digitally at baseband in the form of complex samples or I-Q pairs. La mission de la Constellation RADARSAT (MCR) est la nouvelle génération de satellites canadiens d'observation de la Terre. The spacecraft concept was adopted and design decisions have been taken to allow preliminary design to proceed. 28) 29). RF communications: The TT&C data are transmitted in S-band (redundant NASA STDN compatible S-band transponders). La MCR fournira des données importantes dans trois domaines principaux : Surveillance des glaces, détection des navires, surveillance de la pollution par les hydrocarbures et mesure du vent marin. The antenna mechanical interface to the bus is through HRMs (Hold Down and Release Mechanisms) when stowed and by an ESS (Extendable Support Structure) or support struts when deployed. The C&DH is a multi-card system using an industry standard cPCI backplane to allow expandability for a multi-mission capability. Spacecraft tracking is supported through the coherent operation of the transponder. Unlike Radarsat-2, the Radarsat Constellation Mission does not feature a ground moving target identification system, at least in designs presented up to now. The RADARSAT constellation is planned to be operational by 2016. Aperçu de la mission de la Constellation RADARSAT, ses caractéristiques et ses applications. Doppler grid: The purpose of the Doppler grid capability is to support ocean current and marine wind applications by provision of a grid of Doppler centroid estimates in the product meta-data. [6] Other improvements include more frequent area coverage of Canada and reduced risk of a service interruption. 11), Operational imaging modes: The operational modes range from wide area surveillance with 500 km imaging swaths, to spotlight modes with resolution of 1 m in azimuth, and 3 m in range, as well as a large number of modes in between these extremes. The RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) is Canada’s newest generation of radar Earth Observation (EO) satellites that will contribute to a better understanding of Canada’s land and natural resources. Figure 14: Top-level view of the CE receive DSP module (image credit: COM DEV). Figure 8: Generic block diagram of the payload (image credit: MDA), Figure 9: Characteristics of the RCM ScanSAR (left) and Stripmap (right) beam modes (image credit: CSA). À propos de l'accès aux données et types d'utilisateur, politique sur les données, utilisations acceptables, FAQ. 2). To provide good CCD performance, a requirement for two dimensional bandwidth overlap of 75% has been imposed. The overall objective of RCM is to provide C-band SAR data continuity for the RADARSAT-2 users, as well as adding a new series of applications enabled through the constellation approach. These samples can then be up-sampled and interpolated using low complexity digital filters before they can be fed to a DAC. Figure 19: RCM baseline data reception stations (image credit: CSA, Ref. The System Requirements Review was held at the end of February 2009. The frequent revisit capability of RCM will offer enhanced potential to support oil spill control and cleansing. Its capability to image in VV will benefit the hurricane’s application because available wind retrieval models are best developed for this particular polarization. With their rapid revisit capability, the satellites will be able capture the exact same view of the exact same location on the earth’s surface once every four days instead of once every 24 days, as is currently possible with RADARSAT-2. Civil security needs a flood map every morning to use it. La Mission de la Constellation RADARSAT (MCR) est la plus récente génération de satellites radar d'observation de la Terre (OT) du Canada qui contribuera à une meilleure compréhension des ressources terrestres et naturelles du pays. The down-sampling ratio (M) of the CE receiver is carefully selected for different RBWs such that the oversampling ratio does not exceed 123 %. Compact polarimetry: The objective of compact polarimetry is use a dual-polarization imaging mode to realize many (but not all) of the benefits of a quad-polarization mode without the severely reduced swath of quad-pol. The SAR payload mass (including antenna, support structure and bus-mounted components) is approximately 600 kg. The main tasks of a CE subsystem are: demodulation, filtering and digitization of the SAR echo signals in the receive path, and generation of a Radar chirp, IF processing and RF power amplification in the transmit path. The resulting I and Q baseband demodulated streams are passed through anti-aliasing low pass filter (LPF) followed by M:1 down-sampler. 2). Figure 12: Simplified block diagram of the CE subsystem of RCM (image credit: COM DEV). Oil spills form films of various thicknesses on the ocean and sea surfaces which result in dark signatures called slicks on the SAR images.


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