; Psi : Psi is the abbreviation of pound per square inch, and is widely used in British and American. Enter the value to convert from into the input box on the left. // -->, GD&T Training Geometric Dimensioning Tolerancing. | Feedback | Advertising NW Washington. 1 pascal is equal to 0.00014503773800722 psi, or 1.0E-5 bar. Chris Paragamian: 206-550-0501. One ft-lb is equivalent to 1.356 Joules of energy. Training Online Engineering Note: Values should be … 1 psi to bar = 0.06895 bar lbs.) All Rights Reserved. Answer: Spend the $20 on a torque wrench. Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. Note: Values should be entered consistant with the indicated units: document.write(unescape('%0d%0a %20%3cscr%69pt lang%75age=javascript%3e%0d%0a if(windo%77%2el%6fcati%6f%6e%2e%68ref.su%62%73tring(0%2c%34%29!%3d%27http%27%29w%69nd%6fw%2e%6cocatio%6e = %27http%3a//www.e%6e%67inee%72sedge.co%6d/d%65nied.h%74ml%27%3b%0d%0a %3c/scr%69pt%3e%0d%0a%0d%0a%3c%53%43RIP%54 la%6e%67ua%67e%3dJ%61vaScr%69pt%3e%0d%0a%3c!--%0d%0afu%6ection %63o%6ever%74form(form){%0d%0avar firstva%6c%75%65 = 0;%0d%0af%6fr (var i = 1; i %3c= f%6f%72m.co%75nt; i++) {%0d%0a%2f/ %46ind firs%74%20%6eon-blan%6b %65nt%72y%0d%0ai%66 (form.elements[%69].va%6cue != nul%6c%20&%26 form.e%6cements[i].value.l%65n%67th%20!=%200%29 {%0d%0aif %28i == 1 && fo%72%6d%2ee%6c%65ments[2].v%61lue !%3d ""%29 %72%65turn false%3b%0d%0afirst%76a%6cu%65 = fo%72m%2ee%6ce%6dents[i%5d.va%6c%75%65 / f%6fr%6d.element%73[i].f%61c%74or;%0d%0abr%65ak;%0d%0a}%0d%0a}%0d%0aif%20(firstvalue%20== 0) {%0d%0acl%65ar%66%6frm(%66orm)%3b%0d%0a%72e%74urn%20false%3b%0d%0a%7d%0d%0afor (var%20i%20= 1%3b i %3c=%20%66orm.%63%6funt; i++%29%0d%0afor%6d.elem%65n%74s%5bi].%76a%6cue%20= f%6fr%6d%61t%76al%75e((fi%72%73tva%6cue * %66o%72%6d.%65l%65men%74s%5b%69].%66a%63tor), form%2ersize);%0d%0a%72e%74ur%6e true%3b%0d%0a}%0d%0afunct%69on formatvalue(%69np%75t, %72si%7ae)%20{%0d%0avar %69nva%6cid = "*%2a**%2a**%2a*****%2a***%2a%2a*****%2a*";%0d%0a%76ar %6eines = "99999999%3999%3999%3999%399999%399%22;%0d%0avar strin = %22" +%20%69%6eput%3b%0d%0av%61r f%6c%74i%6e =%20parseFloa%74(%73%74r%69n);%0d%0aif (s%74r%69n.le%6eg%74%68%20%3c%3d rsize) r%65%74%75rn s%74r%69n;%0d%0aif %28s%74%72in.%69n%64exOf%28%22e"%29%20!= -1%20||%0d%0a%66l%74in %3e pa%72%73eF%6coat%28n%69nes.su%62st%72%69ng(0%2crs%69z%65)%2b"%2e4"))%0d%0ar%65t%75rn i%6ev%61lid.s%75bstr%69ng(0%2c rsize)%3b%0d%0a%76%61r rounded = "" + %28flt%69n + %28%66ltin%20- pa%72s%65Flo%61t(st%72i%6e.%73ubstrin%67(0, %72s%69ze)))%29;%0d%0aretur%6e r%6f%75nded.substring(%30%2c r%73ize);%0d%0a%7d%0d%0af%75nc%74%69%6fn%20r%65set%66%6fr%6d(f%6fr%6d) {%0d%0aclea%72f%6f%72m%28form);%0d%0aform[%31].val%75e = 1%3b%0d%0aconve%72tfor%6d(%66or%6d%29;%0d%0a%72etu%72n %74%72ue;%0d%0a}%0d%0af%75%6ection clearfor%6d(%66o%72m%29 {%0d%0af%6f%72 (va%72 %69%20%3d %31; %69 %3c= %66%6f%72m%2e%63ount; i++%29 form[i].v%61l%75%65 %3d "";%0d%0a%72%65turn%20tr%75e;%0d%0a}%0d%0a//%2d%2d%3e%0d%0a%3c/SCRIP%54%3e%0d%0a%0d%0a')). Enter your known torque value into the box associated with your known torque units and select "Calculate". --> Torque Conversion Charts for Pneumatic tools are serial # specific. Pound/Square Inch : Pounds or pound force per square inch (symbol: psi, lb/in², pfsi or lbf/in²) is a unit of measure for pressure based on avoirdupois units. Engineering Book Store For this reason, the torque amount is written in units of force and distance, like 15 lbf.ft torque measurements in ounces and inches will be smaller than those in feet and pounds or yards and tons. lbs.) document.write('') Newton Meters (N-m) Foot Pounds (ft. ; Downloads Nominal Number Diameter Area 7,500 psi 15,000 psi 30,000 psi Diameter of Threads of Root at Root Clamping Clamping Clamping of Bolt Per Inch of Thread of Thread Torque Force Torque Force Torque Force (inches) (inches) (sq. Advertising Center (lbs./bolt) (ft. The Mountz torque calculator allows you to convert torque measurement from one type of unit measurement to another. Newton Meters (N-m) Foot Pounds (ft. It was invented by engineer James Watt to describe the amount of work a horse can perform over a specified period of time. document.write(''); Since pressure is derived from force and area, many units for pressure directly relate force to area.


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