Other prophecies also announced the…, The wise men (Magi) who visited Jesus when He was a child were apparently people of wealth. They understood that Jesus was worthy of their finest gifts and brought him gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Like other characters in the story of Jesus’ birth, John the Baptist was part of God’s great plan of redemption and restoration. God had a plan for dealing with sin and evil. Even though he’d been mistreated by his brothers and by others, Joseph acted with integrity and…, In Genesis 6, God gave Noah some very specific instructions about preparing for a coming flood. God Creates the World. But, Joseph was a good man and didn’t…, God had been orchestrating the events leading up to the birth of Jesus, the Messiah, since Genesis 3:15. The story of Joseph in Genesis is significant both for its message(s) and length. Kids Bible Worksheets Crossword Puzzles are great for the older Elementary kids in your Sunday school who like challenges. Printable templates for children's Bible crafts, songs, and worksheets. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Just click on any image to be taken to a page where you can download the activity. We may…. JGI/Blend Images/Getty Images. The visible presence of God, or His messenger, is…, Centuries before Jesus was born, the prophet Isaiah told of a time when a special child would be born. Fun Ways to Memorize the Books of the Bible, Fun Ways to Teach How the Bible is Organized, Joseph Told About Jesus Large Jigsaw Puzzle, Prophets Told About God’s Son Large Jigsaw Puzzle, An Angel Spoke to Joseph Large Jigsaw Puzzle, Gabriel Spoke to Mary Large Jigsaw Puzzle, Wise Men Worshiped Jesus Large Jigsaw Puzzle. Printable Bible Concentration Memory Game: To play the game, print out up to 12 puzzle cards with a Christian theme, then match the cards to score. It's a great game for younger children and you'll find a variety of themes beyond the Bible, including religious and secular Christmas cards. Purim Word Search: There are 16 words to find in this Bible word search. Often times when a child is bored in class, they need to be challenged. This is a great tool for those kids who need more of a challenge to get them involved and focused during your lessons. Puzzles are a great hands on activity for preschool aged children and provide simple thematic learning tools during free time. This God Guided Noah Large Jigsaw…, In Matthew 1, we find the story of Joseph and how he reacted to the news of Mary’s pregnancy. Free printable Bible puzzles you can use with your students. These prophecies were an important part of what the Jewish people (the Hebrews) believed and how they looked at life and the future. These Bible Story Jigsaw Puzzles depict various Bible events and situations. The story helps us understand how the people of Israel got to Egypt, but also gives us insight into the life of this incredible man. As children work jigsaw puzzles, they are forced to consider the details of the picture they are assembling and the story it conveys. Our Bible Worksheets include Cursive Handwriting Practice, Crossword Puzzles, Word Scrambles, and Seek & Finds. Bible Logic Puzzles, Memory Games, and More . Worksheets don’t just have to be simple fill in the blank type questions. The Bible word searches you'll find below have 16-30 words and are recommended for children with ages 9-11. Print on heavy cardstock and laminate for best results. This makes for a great learning experience! When Mary, the Mother of Jesus, learned that she would be the mother of the…, In Isaiah 9 and Micah 5, we find two of the most important prophesies concerning the coming of Jesus, the Messiah. God said, “Let there … According to Matthew 1:18, “it was discovered before they came together that she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit.” Joseph didn’t know yet that the child was…, The story of the Angel Gabriel’s visit to the young Mary is familiar to many of us and is an endearing part of the larger Christmas story. ; Couples of the Bible Word Search: Find 18 names of famous couples in the Bible. Noah was part of that plan. When Joseph, who was betrothed (similar to an engagement) to Mary, learned that Mary was pregnant, he was bewildered and hurt, believing she had been unfaithful to him. And while Noah didn’t understand everything God wanted him to do, Noah trusted and obeyed God anyway. Isaiah said “the government will be on His shoulders” (Isaiah 9:6). It’s not difficult to imagine the fear Mary felt as a young woman when Gabriel suddenly appeared to her. Printable word search puzzles with Bible themes. Many Jewish scholars of that time had spent their entire lives studying…, Matthew 1 tells us that an angel appeared to Joseph while he was trying to decide what to do about Mary, the woman he was planning to marry. ; Hall of Faith Hebrews 11: Find 16 words to solve this bible word search puzzle. These Bible Story Jigsaw Puzzles depict various Bible events and situations. Somehow God had revealed to them that His Son had been or was about to be born in Bethlehem. In a few instances the puzzle is related to a craft or something other than a Bible story. Worksheets, when used alongside your Bible lessons, can be a great way to explain or review key concepts you want children to learn. In a few instances the puzzle is related to a craft or something other than a Bible story. Micah prophesied about Bethlehem and said, “One will come from you to be ruler over Israel for Me” (Micah 5:2). Perfect for spare time in Sunday School. As children work jigsaw puzzles, they are forced to consider the details of the picture they are assembling and the story it conveys.


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