We are reminded in the Joy of God that there is a ‘raw bitterness and cruelty’ in the depths of an authentic Catholic spirituality…. In 1948, a major "Pilgrimage of Prayer and Penance" was made by Catholics around England to Walsingham, in response to Pope Pius XII's call for repentance after the evils of World War II and for prayers for peace in Britain around the world. The Holy House itself is contained within the highly-decorated Shrine Church. In the Shrine grounds can be found everything a pilgrim, tourist or visitor needs – residential accommodation, meeting rooms, the refectory, a cafe-bar and beautiful gardens. But it was under King Henry VIII that the shrine was suppressed in 1538, as part of the English Reformation. Since its revival in the early 20th century, the shrine and pilgrimage of Walsingham has had a strong ecumenical tradition. The first king to visit was Henry III in 1226. And it is the Catholic shrine, naturally, to which we direct our attention. In 1347, a Franciscan friary was established in Little Walsingham by Elizabeth de Burgh, Countess of Clare. It was founded in the 11th century after a local noblewoman had a vision of the Virgin Mary and became a very popular medieval pilgrimage destination. The Virgin Mary is therefore venerated at the site with the title of Our Lady of Walsingham. In the mid-11th century, Little Walsingham was a thriving village located halfway between the major city of Norwich and the wealthy town of King's Lynn. Following the Prime Minister’s recent announcement, from Thursday 5th November there will be no public worship in the Shrine Church. Finally, on Sunday afternoons, the Procession of the Blessed Sacrament carries a monstrance with the consecrated host, accompanied by pilgrims singing the Lauda Sion hymn. The Anglican Shrine Church, built by Friar Patten in the early 1930s, is located near the center of Little Walsingham. The lady of the manor in this village was Lady Richeldis de Faverches, a Saxon noblewomen. Our Lady of Walsingham, England Hidden among the gentle hills in the soft light of Norfolk lies the ancient village of Walsingham where there is a shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary; actually there are two, for the Anglicans have one next to the Catholic shrine. Get directions. Helped by widespread enthusiasm for the Holy Land and devotion to Mary in medieval England, the shrine and priory at Little Walsingham steadily grew in popularity among pilgrims and monarchs alike. Voted the nation’s favourite spiritual place by Radio 4 listeners, the Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham is a place of Christian worship, hospitality and recreation for all – pilgrims, tourists, the casual passer-by and the curious historian. At noon, a Mass is held in the Abbey Grounds. The statue of Our Lady of Walsingham, re-created in the early 1900’s and placed in the slipper chapel, played a significant role during the visit of Pope John Paul II to England in 1982. Dr Sonia Dore, a regular pilgrim to Walsingham and Churchwarden of S. Luke’s, Uxbridge Road... Join us virtually for a special weekend of worship and prayer, led by The Venerable Luke Irvine-Capel, Archdeacon of Chichester. The Catholic National Pilgrimage begins at the Slipper Chapel in the village of Houghton St Giles, then proceeds along the scenic "Holy Mile" to the Catholic church in Little Walsingham. The Guardians can be identified by the insignia they wear at the Shrine Church and during the National Pilgrimage: a star suspended on black and white ribbon and a blue mantle. A Catholic statue of Our Lady of Walsingham was made in 1957 and crowned by the papal legate before a crowd of over 10,000 people on August 15. The main Catholic site in the village of Walsingham is the Church of the Annunciation (a.k.a. As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, organised pilgrimages have been cancelled and visitor numbers to Walsingham have been massively reduced. In April 2005, construction began on a new Catholic parish church in Little Walsingham village.


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