Continue further to reach a lookout point with SCRAP #4 dangerously resting at the edge of a plank. There's a Red Barrel next to the car body by the wall. This fight should get you started with at least two Challenges: After they have been defeated you will get access to the LEGEND tab in the menus. In a shed on the left side is SCRAP #1. Continue forward and you'll come to place where you can either climb or turn right. Take out the two Molotov Slings with drive-by tactics attaching the Harpoon at full speed.

The camp we skipped earlierEnemies: 3 Scrotus.Loot: 2 Scraps, Ammo, PROJECT PART: Cleanup Crew (2/3), Scavenging Location [AT 48] (10/18): East South EastEnemies: 4 Roadkills.Loot: 1 Scrap, Ammo. ". 3. Chumbucket manages to get the engine running again and Max tells him to get off, intending to crash into the Land Mover to force it off the edge. You'll be attacked by 7 Scrotus (8 if you didn't dispatch the yellow one). THRALL RUSTLER'S CAVEFollow the path and you'll soon encounter 2 Roadkills. Immediately turn back in and talk to Hope once more to get the mission "In the Buzzard's Belly". On the left side of the tent is a ladder. There are places to pick clean, threat levels to lower and it's been awhile since you last visited Griffa.

But first enter a small shed to find the History Relic [3:16] (11/15). Return slightly and climb down to the ground level. During your GREAT WATCHER playthrough you should've completed a few challenges like: Scavenging Location [AT 42] (5/18): Next to you: keep going up all the way to the huge statueEnemies: none.Loot: 2 Scraps, History Relic [1:9] (7/15).

Pink Eyes territory is made up of ruined highway overpasses and a complete freeway that connects to the bay bridge to the east in the Dry Gustie region which is a collapsed bridge that spans across The Great White and to the west end of the freeway a collapsed tunnel leads to a Top Dog boss named Cock Locka, as well as old pre-fall dinners and industrial buildings. The third and final Scrap is just past the wheel you're supposed to turn. SCROTUS INSIGNIA #3 (2/15) is on the wall just around the corner. You'll find SCRAP #1 under a canopy. Pummeling Stank Gum, he demands to know what Chumbucket told Scrotus. There has been notable controversy surrounding Max's accent. Look for a car wreck half buried by sand. The wing man of the convoy is an armored vehicle with grinders that can be tough to knock out. Completed 0 time(s), Fill the canteen fully, 30 times (30000 drops), Kill 60 enemies from the Scrotus faction, either on foot or in a vehicle, Without using a Wasteland Jump, achieve 2 seconds of air time while driving the Buggy, 3 times, Kill 60 enemies from the Roadkill faction, either on foot or in a vehicle, Kill 30 enemies from the Buzzard faction, either on foot or in a vehicle, Destroy 15 vehicle mounted fuel tanks with the Shotgun, Shoot 20 fuel tanks on moving vehicles. Jeet though is unconvinced and talks with Max. Scavenging Location [AK 46] (15/18): The left path takes you into the camp.Enemies: 4 RoadkillLoot: 3 Scraps, CANNED FOOD, Red Barrel.
Turn your gaze (and sniper barrel) towards the Oil Pump Camp. Climb up a ladder near the gate to reach SCRAP #2 and SCRAP #3 and possibly some AMMO left by one of the snipers. There's a Jimmy Bar door here (5/5)Enemies: 4 Roadkill.Loot: 4 Scraps, Scrap Pallet, 2 Fuel Cans, 3 Ammo, GOLDEN TUSKA vehicle.
The receding seas have also unearthed a volcano.[2]. Snipe or tear down, WASTELAND MISSION OBJECTIVE [E 46] (1/3): This site is guarded by two scrotus snipers (9 and 10/30), Scavenging Location [D 48] (13/191): A jimmy bar box next to a rowing boatEnemies: NoneLoot: 1 Scrap, Scavenging Location [C 51] (14/191): On the ground beneath a cliffEnemies: NoneLoot: 1 Scrap, MAGGOTS, Scavenging Location [D 49] (15/191): Through a crevice in a cave near a burning car.Enemies: NoneLoot: 1 Scrap, History Relic [2:5] (4/85), Scavenging Location [G 52] (16/191)Enemies: 4 RoadkillLoot: 2 Scraps, CANNED FOOD, Fuel Can, Wasteland Sniper [H 51] (11/30): Weak Tower. In this area you'll find a Scrapulance car (it takes 5 fuel cans to destroy it if you want the scrap) and in a room next to it: SCRAP #2. Now: Make sure your health is full before you grab a Fuel Can and blows up the nearby Transfer Tank (3/5) - because you're about to be joined by no less than 10 Scrotus War Pups. This is quite a long trek which includes ladder climbing. There, he notices that the V8 engine that is being offered as a prize, is the engine from the Interceptor. Max is initially reluctant to fight, however Tenderloin savagely attacks him, and he is forced to defeat her in self defense. In this upper area you will find SCRAP #1 and SCRAP #2 in the compartment with the secret entrance. Ammo Inventory - Increases maximum ammo capacity for all weapons. 1. I'm trying to figure out which ones I still have left to do. Before you enter the camp you should climb down a ladder to reach SCRAP #1. Help us fix it by posting in its. You can do so by either driving through them at high speed or by tearing them down with the Harpoon (press to select it). There's also a lot of Fuel Barrels to work on the challenge Set Us Up The Bomb. Meet up with the mysterious wastelander. The rest of the defense will have to be taken down with the Harpoon in quick succession.


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