Post-harvest processing has the biggest impact on cocoa quality and, consequently, on cocoa taste, which includes: Fermentation and drying. Osun, Ondo and Cross River states are reported to contribute approximately 68% of Nigeria’s yearly cocoa output which reached a high of 350,000 MT in 2014 when the Ministry of Trade and Industry also reported that Nigeria made $1.3 billion from cocoa export, according to Center for Public Policy Alternatives. addy79006 = addy79006 + 'icco' + '.' + 'org'; Black pod control 45,000 cedis Fuel mixture 4,570 cedis It may also be used as fertilizer for cocoa, vegetables, and food crops. Thank you po! var addy_text61713 = 'info' + '@' + 'icco' + '.' + 'org'; Cocoa farming in Nigeria now presents one of the best investment opportunities to local investors in agribusiness, as cocoa remains one of the fastest selling agricultural products in the international market. The seeds need to be dried in the sun to be usable and the drying period usually takes two weeks. we do not know – but we can help you find suppliers if interested – we can create post ads as a wanted item similar to this Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) is a small perennial tree crop that primarily comes from three tropical regions; West Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Longman, 4th edition, 1985 I am kazeem Oladeyinde YEKU. Being ready to go the extra mile, continually learning the best practices in order to take advantage of modern scientific breakthroughs and business knowledge to run the business successfully. The husks of cocoa pods and the pulp surrounding the beans and the cocoa bean shells can be used. document.getElementById('cloak61713').innerHTML = ''; Labour F. Pangilinan’s sincerity. Cocoa trees take 3-5 years to yield a crop, with hybrid varieties providing crops earlier. Cocoa Hybrid varieties however can yield crops within two and three years. Once it starts to grow, it is transplanted to the farm. The coconut production plays an important role in the economy of the world and has acquired a place in the agriculture. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. and Lass, R.A., Cocoa. Production of soft drinks and alcohol – In the preparation of soft drinks, fresh cocoa pulp juice (sweetings) is collected, sterilized and bottled. I find time to visit CRIN in I Baran to get the new improve variety of the Cocoa for planting. I hope I’m wrong. It is also the most expensive breed. Maintaining the plantation: The costs involves pruning, weeding, fertilizer and pesticide applications, harvesting and post-harvest processing. Coconuts, the primary derivative of coconut trees are consumed by almost everybody in the world. All rights reserved 2012-2016. (The performance of a model of cocoa centralized processing unit for cooperative use.) HOW TO START A COCOA FARMING BUSINESS IN NIGERIA. According to the Cocoa Association of Nigeria (CAN), HOW TO START YOUR PROFITABLE COCOA FARMING BUSINESS. The same idea could be adopted in the coconut producing areas. To prepare the ash, fresh husks are spread out in the open to dry for one to two weeks. Sometimes, growers put banana trees or taros into the cocoa plantation, to give shade for the young cocoa trees. Farmers collect the pods in baskets. Obtaining the land for cocoa cultivation - this is a cost that will vary widely around the world and within a country. Lekie 50 to 80 It is a very profitable business that can reduce the unemployment scourge in Nigeria but the responsibility rests on the farmer to make a success of his farm. Nigeria was then the biggest exporter of cocoa in Africa and ranked amongst the top exporters in the world. To meet the quality standards, Nestle will have to teach the farmers good agricultural practices in coffee production. While cocoa is a tropical crop, it doesn’t do too well in the sun and is usually cultivated in the shade of other crops such as oil palm, rubber and banana, and/or in the shades of fruit trees such as avocado, breadfruit, guava, mango, orange and coconut. Sri-Mulato, Atamwinata, O., Yusianto, Handaka, Muehlbauer, d. W. Kinerja Model Unit Sentralisasi Pengolahan Kakao Rakyat Skala Kelompok Tani. Meet Mattheus Saueressig – AgroLatestHero of the Month. In January 2000 a Reuters news story reported average Ivorian production costs at between 236 and 296 CFA francs per kg. Mistblower 7,200 cedis With proper care, cocoa trees begin to yield pods at peak production levels by the fifth year, and they can continue at this level for 10 years. I’m planning to start my own cocoa farming in Sierra Leone this farming year, since am new in the business, I need to get advice as to how and what to do. (Average cedi/US$ exchange rate for 1995 = 1200 [source: IMF]). … The condition is that  the Fund will have to be used only for the benefit of the coconut farmers and the coconut industry. A cluster of coconut farmers could produce the raw materials for processing such products as coco coir, coco peat, virgin coconut oil and so on. Labor costs are followed by input costs such as fertilizers and pesticides; however, their use will depend on other factors such as the quality of the soil and the level of pests and diseases. Oh yes, there are benefits not only for the coconut farmers themselves but for the country as a whole if only the coconut farmers are given a chance to increase their farm incomes. In this connection, the PCA will conduct a coconut industry summit sometime in February where businessmen, cooperatives, local government units, NGOs and other groups will participate in coming up with a road map for the industry. Coconut farming is one of the most profitable cash farming venture a farmer can do. To begin cocoa farming, the investor needs to purchase storage and drying space. Wood, G.A.R. //-->, International Cocoa Organization | ICCO Building, II Plateaux ENA - Avenue Boga Doudou, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, Tel: +225 22 51 49 50/51 | Fax: +225 22 51 49 79 | E-mail:, Joomla Security Experts Joomla Hosting- Dean Marshall Consultancy Ltd, ICCO Cocoa Certification Workshops, Douala 2013 and Zurich 2014, World Cocoa Conference 2014 Photo Gallery, Cocoa Market Outlook Conference 2016 Photo Gallery. Coconut farming in Nigeria is done by farmers in the southern belt of the country. There are different ways to breed a cocoa tree. But It destroys all the organic matter in the weeds, the leaves and the branches, making the soil bare to the sun or rain, thereby making it less fertile.


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