Do you remember the first friend you made? You'll get your name out, interact with a lot of people, and hopefully make some extra cash in the process. To mix things up, look for a job off campus. At the end of the day, the best advice I can give for making friends is to make it a priority. Relax; don’t rush meeting anyone.

If you want to meet some new people, applying to be involved with orientation is a smart place to start. Excitement at the insane number of opportunities you have to make new friends while in college. You might be struggling to meet people on campus because you're stuck in a routine, where you see and interact with the same people day after day. It’s way better to find out sooner than later right? First things first, when you are starting a new school, or anything in life for that matter, the most important tip is to just be yourself. Classes that have labs or group projects, annoying as they may be, tend to work better since they give you more time to talk than a class that’s just straight up lecture.

Students often assume—and erroneously so—that clubs and organizations need to be outwardly producing. But being alone in your room is the worst possible way to make friends. Bonus Tip: Many events (especially those with guest speakers) have a reception before or after.

This is a tricky one, and it depends on your circumstances. The answer, it turns out, is simple. I lived in a dorm with maybe 200 other students, and I ran into a lot of the same people while cooking dinner or doing laundry. Either way, you’re about to encounter a ton of new faces and dive into a completely new social scene, so you may be asking yourself: How will I make new friends? To make this easier, I suggest that you focus on cultivating one or two relationships at a time. You too? If you think of other places I missed, please share them in the comments. Since you’re new, you can also ask for some general advice about the college or any questions you may have. This is perhaps the simplest, easiest, and most basic way of all to make friends during your time in school. How about learning languages? Making friends in college can sometimes feel overwhelming, whether you're getting ready to start classes for the first time or you're enrolled in a new semester of classes and don't know any of your classmates. You probably spend around 12-15 hours in class each week, which works out to 10.71% – 13.39% of the time you’re awake. Wherever you go, you’ll find that introducing yourself and striking up a conversation with others is easier than you might expect. This is an even better strategy if it’s a job with a lot of downtime such as working reception. Show up to your next semester ready for anything. Not a full-blown party. The first person I consciously remember calling my “friend” (and later, “best friend”) was someone I met in preschool. Traditional colleges campuses are not for everyone.

Tip: Pick an activity where you can actually talk to each other. Grab a few of your girls and check out the DJ competition or to your state club’s mixer. What’s great about informal hangouts is that they allow for lots of time to actually talk and get to know people. Branch out by visiting as many campus locations as possible, including dining halls, libraries, coffee shops, quads, and other popular gathering places. There are a lot of benefits to study groups—most notedly, of course, academic ones.

And while it can be hard to duplicate the experiences you had back home, even on a largely secular campus you should be able to find a similar religious community to fulfill your spiritual and friendship needs. Fortunately, your time in college is like no other. “A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere.”.


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