And there’s no active ingredient in coconut oil that does that. 2. Coconut oil may help to moisturize the hair and scalp and tackle dryness caused by dandruff, but it doesn’t tackle the root cause of dandruff. Step 1: In a bowl, add a few tablespoons of coconut milk, yogurt and half a teaspoon of camphor powder. For hair fall. Having dandruff has many cons so don’t get yourself stuck with these disadvantages and start using WOW coconut milk shampoo on a super early basis. Dandruff can occur due to several factors. Coconut milk is not milk; it is the liquid extracted from the meat of the coconut, which is rich in nutrients. The presence of coconut milk in this shampoo is surely enough to get you out from this issue and WOW coconut milk shampoo is proved to be the best shampoo when it is about dealing with dandruff. So any effective treatment for dandruff needs to treat the microbe that causes it. Its essential nutrients are lauric acid,which nourishes the hair with vitamins,minerals, and medium-chain fatty acids.When using coconut milk for hair,it improves scalp health,fight infections and fungus,and supports hair growth.It recovers the overall health of your hair. Coconut oil for dandruff – Keeping the scalp is important to avoid the problem of dandruff. The 7 Benefits Of Coconut Milk For Hair 1. High in lauric acid. Finding an anti-dandruff shampoo solution that works just got easier, as the ingredients coconut milk, rosemary oil and tea tree oil combine with other to make the … Dandruff is caused by a microbe Malassesia globosa. Among them is a dry scalp, oily, cold weather, stress, even including an unhealthy diet. Apply coconut milk conditioner to your scalp and rub for 3-5 minutes. Use flat coconut milk conditioner for hair mask treatments to stimulate growth and massage conditioner to your skin, roots, and ends of dense scalp. This coconut milk hair treatment will ensure the milk penetrates deep into your follicles and nourishes them at the roots to improve hair growth and texture. Coconut milk conditioner is best to keeps your hair moisturized and clear.


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