At 19, Tong Nian (Yang Zi) has the whole world at her feet. ^^. Grandpa Han watches carefully as Tong Nian starts to pluck the dumplings off of her plate. Han Shang Yan looks at her, convinced that she’s not good with cooking. Go Go Squid! The thought’s nice grandpa but I’m not sure anyone would appreciate biting into a dumpling and seeing jewelry. Coffee & Vanilla (2019). Maybe it’s a generation gap thing? Go Go Squid! So Han Shang Yan heads over to the nearest family mart to purchase fruits and other small snacks. 22 楊紫 李現 CROTON MEGAHIT Official - Duration: 44:08. The two of them discuss more about tea and how important water is for brewing tea. Go Go Squid episode 8 recap! Tong Nian is seen smiling to herself, probably thinking about how everything went today. Younger individuals now don’t know how to cook much but the older ones do…. Where Grandpa Han is waiting for Tong Nian. Hmm. After dinner, Demo and Tong Nian help clean up the table. We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage. A legend in the world of esports, Shang Yan is used to living in the spotlight but never once has he let it his position get in the way of his profession. While Han Shang Yan considers that statement for a moment, an image of Tong Nian pops into his head. June 27. While Tong Nian is savoring the sweet soup, her father brings up Zheng Hui and casually asks for her to bring him over one day. Tong Nian walks with Han Shang Yan to his car waiting outside. It shows a different side of him and we know that’s he struggles with showing care. Go Go Squid! So Demo helps himself to a dumpling off of Tong Nian’s plate. Ep 1 Eng Sub (2019) Chinese Drama. Even though he told her early on that he has no time for relationships. Smitten by Hang Shang Yan the moment she first lays eyes on him, Tong Nian tries to find a way to approach her new crush, but can never seem to find the words. He presents a necklace and wants Han Shang Yan to hide it in a dumpling as a surprise gift. At the grocery store, it becomes apparent that Demo and Tong Nian aren’t that great at buying groceries. With Xian Li, Zi Yang, Mingde Li, Yifan Wen. Demo wakes up and comes downstairs to greet Grandpa Han. Su Cheng watches him walk away, contemplating how strange he is acting. With a sigh, Han Shang Yan pulls out a case with the necklace and presents it to Tong Nian. Han Shang Yan is a pretty good guy too! She counters by saying tomorrow is the first day after New Years so chances are Zheng Hui is spending time with family. (2019) [CDRAMA] A cute romance between an adorable singer who develops a crush on a guy that she is too scared to approach, he is a genius in the field of computer engineering and a legend in the world of professional gaming. Her mother reminds her to come home on time but her father tells her to have fun. Episode 8 Online Subbed & Dubbed in HD 720p 1080p. But Tong Nian tells him that it was nothing. Wu Bai was just too sly in the last episode and now our leads are … Select a mirror and stream Go Go Squid! 38Episode 38 SUBBED HD HD RAW. Let me see. Will this be the start of something? … Tong Nian’s aunt and cousin are here as well, gossiping about how Tong Nian is probably in an unfavorable relationship. Grandpa Han brews a cup of tea for Demo while telling him that the elderly love watching lively celebrations. He heads over to the nearest TV and watches the countdown to New Year’s. A brilliant IT programming student, with stellar grades and an equally impressive social media following built around her covers of Japanese songs, Tong Nian never has a problem meeting new people or making friends. Get the Free %{platform} App. Always working towards that next win, he has never let himself be distracted by the people around him, especially when it comes to women. He shoves Tong Nian and Demo out of the kitchen, telling them to accompany grandpa. Watch Mainland China shows with subtitles in over 100 different languages. Or by checking out this Drama Merch Store. When Demo is practicing, Han Shang Yan gets a ping on his smartphone. Demo comments about it, wondering if Tong Nian has special diet restrictions. They notice Demo in the shower though and wonder if he suffered while staying with Han Shang Yan. The message is from the internet cafe account Tong Nian set-up and she wishes him a happy new year. kofiwidget2.init('Buy us Boba! Afterwards, Han Shang Yan tells Demo enough and to get back to practice. Han Shang Yan pops out of the kitchen for a bit, wondering what the two of them are whispering about. She’s not that excited to see him at all but tells him to come in. Grandpa Han is sitting comfortably at home on the couch, watching New Year celebration shows. When she gets in, she screams loudly when Demo pops out to greet her. But Wu Bai doesn’t know how. Grandpa Han is so eager for his future granddaughter-in-law! Every attempt she makes ends up failing miserably. While grumbling that Han Shang Yan is bad at these things. Commenting how he should be up bright and early because Wu Bai is already up to jog outside. Based on the novel “Stewed Squid with Honey” by Mo Bao Fei Bao, “Go Go Squid!” is a Viki Original 2019 romantic comedy-drama directed by Xiang Xu Jing. Enjoy the best Viki experience, optimized for your phone and tablet ... Go Go Squid! Watch Go Go Squid! Su Cheng wonders what is wrong with him and waves her hand in front of his face. လက်ရှိ ဒါကတော့ ရှင်း ဆုတောင်းပေး Don't should be … Ah must be nice to have a fast metabolism and eat anything you want. Episodes. But Demo complains, saying that he’s not good enough to beat him. Stupified, Grandpa Han asks Han Shang Yan if he did what he asked. When the plate is down to just a few, he wonders if Han Shang Yan actually did what he asked. Outside, Demo and Tong Nian are chatting with Grandpa Han on the patio deck. Grandpa Han explains that he wanted one of the dumplings to hide the necklace as a surprise. Go Go Squid! With Xian Li, Zi Yang, Mingde Li, Yifan Wen. Sign up to enjoy Asian TV shows and movies, and continue where you left off. He walks away for a moment to read the message. is available in High Definition only through She gets ready and walks down the stairs all decked up even wearing heels! Watch Go Go Squid! He bluntly tells her it’s a New Year’s gift from grandpa. Dou Nan shows up all of a sudden and scares Tong Nian in the car. So Han Shang Yan sighs, thinking this is something he should teach the kids (aka Team K&K) because it’s a valuable life skill. He attempts to head straight upstairs to rest but Grandpa Han stops him. Episode 8 Subbed & Dubbed in HD. Han Shang Yan tells her it’s nothing and walks away. Wu Bai interjects saying that these dumplings were specifically made for Tong Nian. Go Go Squid episode 8 recap! But to their surprise, Demo tells them that Han Shang Yan was very considerate and even made food for him over break! The next morning, Grandpa Han heads up stairs to knock furiously on Han Shang Yan’s door. Wait, it's. Han Shang Yan brings the gifts over to Tong Nian’s house and the first one to see him is Tong Nian’s mother. But Han Shang Yan tells him that she doesn’t know how to. The shop owner makes small talk with Han Shang Yan as he prepares the gift boxes for him. After Tong Nian eats the last dumpling, Grandpa Han asks her if she bit into anything hard in the dumpling. A cute romance between an adorable singer who develops a crush on a guy that she is too scared to approach. But he uses a nickname for Wu Bai (aka the Frosty Demon). Demo tells her that there are 3 Demons in Team K&K that you should never offend. Han Shang Yan can’t help rolling his eyes. Hahaha. So she decides to send another one. Could Tong Nian’s persistence catch the eye of a man who sees no one? 39Episode 39 SUBBED HD HD RAW. Demo comments it’s the initial of Han Shang Yan’s family name (“han”). Go Go Squid! Play EP.1; Go Ahead Demo rushes over once he sees that the clock struck midnight. While Wu Bai is jogging outside, Han Shang Yan is playing on a portable gameboy device. iQIYI is the world's leading online movie and video streaming website, offering TV dramas, movies, variety shows, animation, and other quality content. Grandpa Han wants know Tong Nian better so he asks about her hobbies. Han Shang Yan changes topics after a brief chat and asks Demo to have a practice match with him. Grandpa Han, can you not play favorites so much? ', '#bb28e0', 'U7U1UTR5');kofiwidget2.draw(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Unraveling Chinese Dramas & Chinese Culture.


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