We try our best to judge which legendary sorcerer is the best wizard, Harry Potter's Dumbledore, or the Lord of the Rings' Gandalf. Differences: It's not that Gandalf hasn't lead groups before, it's that he's known to break off from them to pursue his own adventures. Many people are saying that because Gandalf is immortal he is a better wizard, however Dumbledore has clearly stated several times that death isn’t something to be afraid of. He backed up the entire story. Gandalf and Dumbledore have some qualities in common such as: I agree with Nick. So don't believe that just because we're giving this win to Gandalf's baddies means we respect Dumbledore's any less. If that's the case, then Dumbledore is a better wizard in this regard. We're speaking, of course, of Gandalf's fight with the Balrog. Such characters as Dumbledore, a character in Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings’ Gandalf bear a number of similarities (Blum 1). But honestly, who does? Well, we thought it would be most efficient to break down the merits of wizards into categories, and then determine which character was best in each. And that's without mentioning Gandalf's greatest battle, indeed, one of the best cinematic battles of the past twenty years. They are different because: The fight would be over whenever Gandalf chooses to tell Dumbledore to “Stop!” and he would freeze up and submit. Just look at the Harry Potter fanbase to see how many kind of love those two villains. Dumbledore kicks some serious ass, especially when it comes to wizarding duels, but in a contest of all-out-brawls, we've got to give this point to Gandalf. I would rather have Dumbledore with me because he uses a wand which is small and can be hidden so the enemies dont expect it, I agree with Sherlock Holmes he does have better spells unlike Gandalf and for example if we were versing Voldemort he would be afraid of Dumbledore. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Long (seriously long) story short, he’s basically a second-tier angel who helped craft the world. He admits that he has, on occasion, allowed his emotions to get the best of him. So in a way every one can be immortal. Socialism vs. Capitalism 7. It is advisable choosing something you really understand about and. Students from across the world do thesis statements, research papers, and creative writing projects. And let's be honest, one of them is Christopher Freaking Lee. Absolutely no doubt about it dumbledoor is better though gandolf is immortal in a way dumbledoor is to. Simalarities; What qualities do they have in common? Well, we thought it would be most efficient to break down the merits of wizards into categories, and then determine which character was best in each. Finally, we come to the true test of wizards. Let us know what you think and why in the comments section below. differences Dumbledore has a wand Which would you prefer to have by your side in a battle? Both were introduced as heroes from literary works but their popularity was skyrocketed when they were featured in a. Harry Potter vs. Gandalf An in-depth analysis of the literary use of magic in the works of J. K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien, and C. S. Lewis SDG. If not, then this is hardly a battle. 4). On the other hand, Dumbledore is a human. Just a nice flick of his hand, and KNOCKDOWN for BOTH gandalf and dumbledore. Bilbo’s yell had done that much good. Gandalf goes on delightful adventures He’s seen a few times being able to control lesser beings and even Saruman. Top 10 ταινίες που δεν πρέπει να δεις μόνος/η σου. Gandalf has two pretty impressive weapons at his disposal. GANDALF IS BETTER since YOU SHALL NOT PASS!! Voldemort would get crushed by sauron so obviously sauron wouldn’t fear anyone. And though both wizards rock that particular look, we have to hand it to Gandalf for actually living the part. Yes, there are some canon Tolkien writings in which Gandalf appears, but since many of them were left unfinished by the man himself, we're giving this one to Dumbledore. Better Boy Wizard: Harry Potter vs. Draco Malfoy, Better Story? Both are the first in a projected series of films, adapted from the first volumes of two popular series of books written by British authors who. Not only does he wear the hell out of some old-timey scholar robes, but as a young guy, Dumbledore's outfit could put Don Draper to shame. Secondly Gandalf wouldn’t even have to attack him, his sheer will power would be more than enough to control Dumbledore.


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