To give you the easiest possible experience, this site uses cookies. viii | Definitive Guide to Cloud Access Security Brokers. Operationalize your threat intelligence under a single platform to speed the detection of threats and enable proactive defense measures. Learn more about ThreatConnect RQ – and for more on our broader capabilities navigate to our home page, 3865 Wilson Blvd. Definitive Guide to Cyber Threat Intelligence. Arlington, VA 22203 It has my strongest possible endorsement. Gain the tools to pivot quickly from one piece of information to look up other sources of data to get a complete picture of a threat – all one click away. Cyber threat intelligence helps organizations of all sizes optimize defenses and protect what is most important. Identify the risks that matter most. can generate alerts for security teams and how heuristics can To read it visit:, Filed Under: CTO, Cyber Threats, News Tagged With: Recorded Future. Each of our solutions are powerful on their own and even more so when combined together. Companies use Anomali to enhance threat visibility, automate threat processing and detection, and accelerate threat investigation, response, and remediation. Anomali delivers intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions, including ThreatStream®, Match™, and Lens™. Whether organizations have a full threat intelligence team, ingest threat feeds, or simply leverage threat intelligence features found in common security tools, they are now benefiting from threat intelligence in one way or another. Leadership Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Speaking in … Description: 72-page book describing iSight Partners’ solution for cyber threat intelligence. For those organizations that are of the size and scale to use internal “hunt teams” as part of your defenses the book will help you put in place methods to keep those hunt teams up to date on the latest adversary tools and methodologies. Anomali intelligence-driven security products provide unmatched threat visibility and accelerated detection, allowing customers to reduce the risk of security breaches and improve security team productivity. ThreatConnect, Inc. provides cybersecurity software that reduces complexity for everyone, makes decision making easy by turning intelligence into action, and integrates processes and technologies to continually strengthen defenses and drive down risk. Access threat intelligence knowledge at your fingertips, identify new and known threats, and understand if you’ve been impacted – in seconds. Cyber risk analytics provides a data-driven methodology to connect the dots between business applications, IT exposures, vulnerabilities in technical assets, and known-attacker scenarios to quantitatively measure security risk and potential losses in financial terms. ThreatStream® is a registered trademark of Anomali Inc. Anomali Match™ ("Match") and Anomali Lens™ ("Lens") are trademarks of Anomali Inc. Trial and purchase threat intelligence feeds from Anomali partners – find the right intelligence for your organization, industry, geography, threat type, and more. Local: +1.703.229.4240 A minimum of two years’ experience collecting, analysing and documenting threat intelligence is expected. It is a fact of modern life, every organization that uses technology is under attack from cyber criminals. Monitor and manage threats. Client: iSight Partners. Automate the detection of threats in your network by continuously correlating all available threat intelligence against all your event logs. The only decision and operational support platform for cybersecurity, ThreatConnect is the only solution that combines cyber risk quantification, threat intelligence, orchestration and automation, analytics, and templated workflows relevant for all stakeholders – security and business executives, risk, threat intelligence, vulnerability, operations and response teams. By continuing to use this site, you are giving us your consent to do this. The CREST Registered Threat Intelligence Analyst (CRTIA) examination is aimed at individuals who are part of a team delivering threat intelligence services. The book, titled “The Threat Intelligence Handbook A Practical Guide for Security Teams to Unlocking the Power of Intelligence” provides insights and lessons learned from real work cyber intelligence practitioners in a way that can help accelerate the standup of your threat intelligence team or optimize the activities of your existing SOC. Bob Gourley October 11, 2018. United Kingdom, ©2012- 2020 ThreatConnect, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Privacy Policy | Sitemap | Terms of Service. This new fact of life has given rise to the need for actionable cyber threat intelligence. Definitive Guide to Threat Intelligence. Recorded Future has just released a new handbook that I consider the definitive guide to operational cyber threat intelligence. It fulfills two main objectives: (1) detecting in (near) real-time security incidents, and (2) efficiently managing logs. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The acquisition adds Cyber Risk Quantification to ThreatConnect’s existing Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) and Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) capabilities, creating the world’s only cybersecurity platform aligning the entire security lifecycle to the goal of reducing risk. Included in this whitepaper are several points for consideration in regards to sharing threat intelligence, read it now! Commensurate with the increase in the use of threat intelligence has been an … Bob's background is as an all source intelligence analyst and an enterprise CTO. Methodology London, EC4A 2AB We should ask the right questions that will... Collection: After defining the collection requirements, raw pieces of data about current or future threats … Find out more about our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Anomali seamlessly integrates with many Security and IT systems to operationalize threat intelligence. While the book can help raise your defenses we all know that adversaries will continue to seek ways to surprise us and one of the most powerful contributions the book will make is to incident response teams. Careers, Learn More With the acquisition of Nehemiah Security, ThreatConnect stands alone in cybersecurity as the only partner that can deliver a true decision and operational support platform for cyber risk management. Suite 550 6 | Definitive Guide to Cyber Threat Intelligence Which leads to our definition: “Cyber threat intelligence is knowledge about adversaries and their motivations, intentions, and methods that is col- lected, analyzed, and disseminated in ways that help security and business staff at all levels protect the critical assets of the enterprise.”


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