Twelve months old nuts are harvested at the interval of 30-45 days for seed as well as copra making and culinary purposes. Gardens should have palms with a high proportion of heavy bearers but it should be kept in mind that this must not be from very favourable conditions Garden should be free from the pest and disease incidence. Crops like banana, pepper, cocoa, nutmeg, vanilla can be tried under multiple cropping systems in suitable areas in the western region. The coconut palm is referred to as ‘Kalpavriksha‘ – the ‘tree of heaven‘ as each and every part of the palm is useful to mankind in one way or other. The Total area of Crossing Centre is 88 Acres and about 2000 Nos. For the production of quality planting materials, it is essential to have good quality mother palms of the desired varieties. Mother Palm Selection I moved to the natural method of farming only because of Pasumai Vikatan. Address: 1967/1 wright town, in front of stadium gate 4 CAB Direct provides Like most websites we use cookies. The beans should meet company's quality specifications. Proper drainage, good water-holding capacity, the presence of water table within 3 m and absence of rock or any hard substratum within 2 m of the surface. Moreover the assured market price, buy back arrangement made by Cadbury India Private Limited would favour cocoa cultivation in future as an intercrop in coconut gardens in the sub basin area. CAB Direct is the most thorough and extensive source of reference in the applied life sciences, From 5th year onwards, adopt the following irrigation schedule based on pan evaporation for drip irrigation and basin irrigation.

60/ kg for a period of five years. This is to ensure that we give you the best experience possible.

With an aim to bring more area under cocoa cultivation and to provide an additional income to the coconut growers, cocoa was introduced as an intercrop in Aliyar sub basin area (100 ha) in three of the blocks. Out of total area under cocoa in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore district contributes more than 90 % of the area. High yielding mother palms giving not less than 100 nuts/palm/annum under irrigated condition (70-80 nuts/annum under rainfed conditions) should be chosen for collecting seednuts. Straight stout trunk with even growth and closely spaced leaf scars. means you agree to our use of cookies. Regular bearer: A good regular bearing mother palm produces on an average one leaf and an inflorescence in its axil every month. Bury husks @ 100 Nos. Trees growing closer to households, cattle shed, compost pits should be avoided. Intercropping varies with age For eg. The area under cocoa prior to 1980 was 22,600 ha with an estimated production of 3200 MT of dry beans. Kerala is the major state holding 18,000 ha with 1500 MT of production. 11, 250 / ha for establishing the cocoa garden. see more details, model IV (coconut+black pepper+banana+elephant foot yam+coriander) was the best intercropping intercropping Subject Category: Techniques, Methodologies and Equipment see more details system in the coconut garden for the east coast region of Tamil Nadu tamil nadu Subject Category: Geographic Entities see more details The farmers shall be eligible for a financial assistance of Rs.

Coir pith compost/vermicompost made from coir pith/ coconut leaves/ other wastes from coconut grove can be applied. In Tamil Nadu planting of cocoa started in 1980s. Its imminent capacity to share the alley spaces of tall growing coconut and arecanut palms and its combining ability with the microclimatic conditions available in such perennial gardens helps its cultivation in utilizing such areas without exacting for an independent growing climate of its own.

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Beside Mahakaushal hospital, Palms are grown under favourable environmental conditions. There prevails a wide gap between demand and supply of cocoa beans. Five rows of nuts may be planted in each bed accommodating 50 nuts per row. All rights reserved. You can now claim your publications on CAB Direct with your ORCID iD! Continuing to use Don’t mix with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

They show shedding of immature nuts in large numbers and. Add 30 – 40 % of the above quantity of water (135 -165 litres/palm) to meet the conveyance loss. Contact no: 0761-4922877, 7999049991, 7999775252, 7987777677 Pineapple could be successfully raised as an intercrop both under rain fed and irrigated conditions. Banana as intercrop is mostly grown under rain fed conditions. TamilNadu Agriculture University-Agritech portal. Certain centres are well known for good quality seed nuts and seedlings, e.g., in Kerala, Kuttiadi in Kozhikode and Chavakkad in Thrissur districts. The husk can be also buried in the trenches at a distance of 3 m from the palm with a size of 45 cm deep and 150 cm width in between two rows of coconut. Palms showing alternate bearing tendency also should be avoided. Husk burial can be done in coconut basins or in the interspaces to overcome drought and button shedding. Coconut + banana + sirukizhangu + bhendi is a suitable system for the eastern region. Adopt a spacing of 25′ x 25′ (7.5 x 7.5 m) with 175 plants/ha. The age of the palm chosen is middle age i.e., from 25 to 40 years. Trees near manure pits. Find out more about this exciting new development, Using our new visualization tools you can, Using our new highlighting and annotation tool you can, remove selected records that are not saved in My CABI, sign you out of your Intercropping in Coconut Orchard: In Coconut Farming, to maximize the utilization of soil and sunlight in the coconut garden, intercropping can be adopted with a variety of crops like pineapple, banana, elephant foot yam, groundnut, chillies, sweet potato, tapioca, etc. The intercultural operation is essential to keep weed population under check, to enhance the utilisation of the applied plant nutrients by the coconut trees, to facilitate proper aeration to the roots of coconut, to induce fresh root growth. CAB Direct Cocoa was planted at Kanyakumari, Dindugal, Tirunelveli and Coimbatore (Pollachi) districts. or dried coconut leaves (15 Nos) or coir pith up to a height of 10 cm in the basin of 1.8 m radius around the palms as mulch for soil moisture conservation particularly during the summer season. I am able to successfully farm only because of intercropping methods. Husked nuts should weigh not less than 600 g. Mean copra content of 150 g per nut or more, Palms have long, thin and pendulous inflorescence stalks, They produce long, narrow, small sized or barren nuts. In the absence of commercially viable vegetative propagation techniques, only seed propagation is possible. Avoid palms that are above 60 years. or dried coconut leaves (15 Nos) or coir pith up to a height of 10 cm in the basin of 1.8 m radius around the palms as mulch for soil moisture conservation particularly during the summer season.

Avoid palms which have the following characteristics. The canopy size, age and spacing of the coconut are also to be considered. Apply coconut husks with the convex surface facing upwards (100 Nos.) Government of Tamil Nadu and Cadbury India Private Ltd., have planned to bring about 6000 ha per year under cocoa cultivation for the next five years. Central Plantation Crops Research Institute,Kerela. The nuts can be harvested using coconut climbers. Sow sunn hemp @ 50 g/palm in the basin and incorporate before flowering.

So, there will be twelve bunches of varying stages of maturity at any one time with strong bunch stalks. In case of tall the nuts harvested for seed purpose can be stored for 2 to 3 months period before sowing, whereas in case of dwarfs and hybrids, nuts should be sown within a period of 10 –15 days of harvest. To maximise the utilisation of soil and sunlight in the coconut garden, intercropping can be adopted with a variety of crops like pineapple, banana, elephant foot yam, groundnut, chillies, sweet potato, tapioca etc. Market suitability should be taken into consideration before selecting an intercrop. High rate of leaf (more than 30 fully opened leaves) and spathe production (12 inflorescences). Cocoa farming failed at that time because of procurement problem. E.g. Nuts which are 11 months old give fibre of good quality. Select nursery area in a well-drained plot with coarse texture soil near the water source for irrigation. For the broad-leaved weeds, pre-emergence spraying of atrazine @1.0 kg a.i./ ha for the control of grasses and sedges. In mango farms, many plants such as coconut, areca, lemon, guava, papaya, fig, banana, jack, pepper, can be grown as intercrops. Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482001 (India) Burial of coconut husk or coir pith

intercropping in coconut plantation depends on the age of the crop. Pineapple as a Mixed Crop with Coconut. Email: If you would like to, you can learn more about the cookies we use. with a concave surface facing upwards or 25 kg of coir pith /palm in circular trenches, dug 30 cm width and 60 cm depth at 1.5 metres radius. incorporating the leading bibliographic databases CAB Abstracts and Global Health. The four southern states viz ., Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are the major coconuts producing states in India accounting for more than 90 percent of area and production.

Production of cocoa beans is about 10,000 MT, whereas the requirement of confectionary industry alone is about 18,000 MT. 20,000 against Rs.15,000/- per acre as monocrop. Mix 50 g of Azospirillum, 50 g of Phosphobacteria  ( or ) 100 g Azophos and  50 g of VAM in sufficient quantity of compost or FYM and apply near feeding roots once in 6 months/palm starting from planting. of Dwarf Coconut Varieties are maintained in the farm for crossing purpose. Short and stout petiole and wide leaf base firmly attached to the stem, Short and stout inflorescence stalk with bunches, preferably resting on the leaf petioles of the lower whorl and more number of female flowers (25 or more). Under this project, a MoU was signed between Cadbury India Private Ltd., and TN–IAMWARM cocoa beneficiaries. As per 20 04-05 statistics, the annual coconut production in India is 12.83 billion nuts from an area of 1.93 million ha with an average productivity of 6632 nuts/ha. For household use keep the nuts in the vertical direction.

* Quantity of water to be applied in the basin.


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