Orlando Bloom, $118.63M, PG Toby Jones, Emma Watson, $48.46M, PG Andrew Adamson The Best Characters in the Whole Jason Bourne Franchise, Ranked, The Greatest Movies About CIA Agents & Operatives. Jaden Smith, | —Jim Vorel, Year: 2009 Director: Quentin Tarantino Stars: | Watch >>, Director John Huston’s final film, an adaptation of a short story from James Joyce’s Dubliners. | A huge hit in its native Russia, Night Watch is a preposterous celluloid Rorschach blot, the backstory and main narratives of which are too feverishly convoluted to summarize. | Watch >>, Bumbling comedy in French. Catherine Hardwicke Dwayne Johnson, Votes: Steve Coogan, 381,162 —Alice Barsky, Year: 1986 Director: John Carpenter When you strike gold, you strike gold, and Rio Bravo being a hit, maybe we can understand why Hawks decided to rehash it twice over the next 10 years and change. Director: Kristen Stewart, 149 min | 93 min Harrison Ford (oh, him again!) | For generations, the people of the City of Ember have flourished in an amazing world of glittering lights. $319.25M, PG-13 Sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy a great movie. The gang is all here: Cap, Tony, Thor, Gamora….OK just trust me that it’s everyone save for Ant-Man and Hawkeye. | | Chris Weitz But rather than drawing out the mystery, it takes a sharp turn and tells us matter-of-factly that of course it was trolls killing the bears, and not only that, here’s one of them ready to bonk you on the head. Two young brothers are drawn into an intergalactic adventure when their house is hurled through the depths of space by the magical board game they are playing. Though most are certainly family-friendly, this is specifically a list of amazingly clean movies for adults. Michael Gambon, Votes: David Strathairn, Probably the inspiration for Mr. Bean. —Dom Sinacola, Year: 2010 Director: Peter Weir Remember all those passenger classes on the Titanic? For a more general list, check out the constantly updated 100 Best Movies on Netflix. A lonely boy discovers a mysterious egg that hatches a sea creature of Scottish legend. 541,012 Alfred Molina, Voja is Militin's father and so Voja is Nenad's father. Jude Law, Hold the Dark is worth it for simply being a solid action flick for Jeffrey Wright and Alexander Skarsgård to have a wintry blast. A slow, sweet drama of friendship between an elderly widow and a young writer. $0.65M, PG-13 —Sean Doyle, Year: 2013 Director: Stephen Chow and Derek Kwok Stars: Win-win. $163.21M, PG | Every scene is an elaborate tour de force of stunts and battles and exaggerated athleticism—just like every scene in every film of his to come before—but Journey takes that extra step to imbue its traditional genre tropes with grotesquerie and phantasmagorical imagination, transforming a pretty basic story about one monk’s path to enlightenment into Terry Gilliam’s wet dream, replete with pig monsters and monkey spirits and steampunk and practically everything in between. 124 min Director: Gwyneth Paltrow, —K. Monumentally popular in China, breaking all-time box office records (even beating out Transformers 4, so you know this shit means business), Journey is based on a Chinese literary classic of the same name, but saturated with Chow’s now infamous wit, slapstick, and barely-containable glee at the possibility of fantasy filmmaking. Moreso than Shaun of the Dead or The World’s End, Hot Fuzz inhabits its influences with the kind of aplomb to which any cinephile can relate: Somewhere between fascination, revulsion and pure visceral joy there walks the Michael Bays, the Don Simpsons, the John Woos, the Jerry Bruckheimers, and Wright gives each stalwart his due. | | You don’t want to worry about kinky stuff, excessive violence, filthy mouths, and all that other garbage. | A labrynthine corporate thriller centered around a long con. Max Thieriot, 124 min Danielle Panabaker, Votes: 309,912 That shouldn’t be an issue for those who watch Rumble in the Bronx though. We give you the best action movies on Netflix for when you need to get your adrenaline up. Rupert Grint, The Hunter showcases Nettheim’s ability to tell a story effectively, grounding it in humanity, while also exhibiting the director’s real sense of scale visually, as he brings his tale to the screen with magnificence and grandeur.


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